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Train ride over Pa Sak Chonlasit Dam

Train ride over Pa Sak Chonlasit Dam

Actually the train does not go over Pa Sak Chonlasit Dam เขื่อนป่าสักชลสิทธิ์ (other spellings:  Pa Sak Jolasid Dam or Pasak Cholasit Dam), but over the reservoir formed by impounding the river. There are several bridges for the railway track, the train goes over water for several kilometer. This made it on the cover page of "Unseen Thailand":

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Details about the railway line on water: 

My visit to the dam by bus and on foot:  
On weekends and holidays in December, there are special trains for tourists to sunflower fields in Lopburi and Saraburi and to the dam. But going by special train for tourists is like going to a brothel. For me, only regular train counts in my endeavor to ride the train on every railway line in Thailand. 

Beside 3 local trains and 2 overnight trains to Nong Khai, there is one daytime train Hua Lampong 8:20 to Udon Thani 18:05. This train does not stop at the Pa Sak Jolasid Dam station (it passes around 11:07), but the local trains do.

Here pictures taken out of the train during my trip. 

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  1. But going by special train for tourists is like going to a brothel. But then it should be attractive to you....

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