Friday, 1 May 2015

Hotels in Khon Kaen, Chaiyaphum, Nakon Sawan

Hotels in Khon Kaen, Chaiyaphum, Nakon Sawan
Arrive in Khon Kaen by train. Bus station and train station are kilometers apart, I wanted to get hotel near bus station, but rain forces me to seek shelter shortly after arrival by train. Check into SF Biz hotel เอสเอฟ บิส โฮเต็ล for 699 Baht per night including breakfast. Decorated in “Chicken and Egg” style. I think I asked for a double bed (in case someone joins me), but got a room with two single beds.

Sun 15.03.2015 Khon Kaen
After breakfast (included in room price), I can’t open room door with key card. Staff comes: cannot open with general key card. There is a hole for a mechanical lock, but it’s not installed (just the hole in my door, but there is a mechanical lock next door). Finally, staff goes into empty neighboring room and around the balcony to enter my room (I didn’t lock balcony door). All this took over an hour. I ask for a free night as compensation: cannot. 

Everything new and nicely decorated, but above my budget. 

Search for cheaper hotel closer to bus station. Saen Samran Hotel โรงแรม แสนสำราญ in Klang Mueang Road gets my business at 220 Baht per night. Hallway floor and walls are in wood (note the antique fire extinguisher), so are room floors.

Will probably stay there again.

Monday 16.03.2015
Arrive in Chaiyaphum by bus. Lertnimitra Hotel เลิศนิมิตร is near the bus station, 300 Baht per night. Excellent value for money, in addition I like the Art Deco style. Will stay there again when in Chaiyaphum.

Friday 27.03.2015
Train to Nakhon Sawan. I selected Wachira Hotel วชิระ from guidebooks because it’s cheap and close to bus station. The part of the hotel on Phahonyothin road is closed for renovation, but people point me to back entrance with reception. 350 per night for room with aircon, fridge and hot shower, one of the best deals I ever had.

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  2. Some notes on bathrooms in cheap hotels. Often, shower head, spray hose (bum gun) and tap are partially blocked by limescale. On shower head, I can use a toothpick to open the holes, but for spray hose and tap I have to live with low flow and water splashing in all directions.

    I wonder how expensive hotels deal with this. When visiting friends, I never encountered this problem. Hotels buy from different manufacturers (expensive brands), some shower heads have nozzles of rubber where limescale easily breaks off. Or do they know the secret of removing limescale with vinegar?

    Connections from hose to shower head are made of plastic (sometimes metal plated) and conical to fit in the holder. The plastic often cracks (not just in hotel room, in my previous and current room I have this problem too).

    ChristianPFC has a not politically correct joke for every occasion:

    Why do shower heads in concentration camps have 11 holes?
    Because Jews only have 10 fingers!

    A group of Jews are lead into a bathroom in a concentration camp, and to their surprise they find water coming out of the shower heads. All are happy except for one who is crying. "Why are you crying?" - "There is no drain!".

  3. Why don't you drink alcohol, Christian?

    1. I like water, fruit juice or tea more than beer. I just had my probably 5th beer this year. I don't drink spirits or wine at all.

      Addendum to my previous comment: Often water tap is not fixed on wash basin. You have to hold the body when you open or close the valve, otherwise the whole tap will turn.


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