Tuesday, 30 April 2019

Quiz: Where were these pictures taken?

Quiz: Where were these pictures taken?

My readers are invited to submit educated guesses in the comments. There is no prize. Solution in a week.

Location A:

Location B:

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Thursday, 25 April 2019

Malaeng Mao flying termites

Malaeng Mao flying termites

Some time of the year, large numbers of winged insects fly to bright lights at night. My most recent encounter (22feb2019 in Mahasarakham) was not related to rainy season or to rain. Two other encounters were in Bangkok (Ladprao Soi 130 and Soi Sribampen), so it's not restricted to rural areas. 

Number of insects attracted varies greatly from one lamp to another. An hour later, it can be over and nothing left.

When they touch ground or other surface, they shed their wings and crawl. I made the mistake of walking underneath a swarm, and then then many on my clothes. The last I got rid of an hour later.
Video (5 s, 21.7 MB):
Language note: 
แมลงเม่า má-laeng mâo  translates as "insect [with the name] mao" and has nothing to do with 
เมา mao [to be] drunk; inebriated or 
เหมา măo [to] hire; rent; charter
(from https://www.thai2english.com/search?q=mao)

Further reading:
After the Rainfall – Thailand’s Mang Mao Insects
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Saturday, 20 April 2019

Gay activities Mar 2019

Gay activities Mar 2019

Addendum to February report
Almost gay encounter in MRT. I was going towards trains, and a boy was leaving station. We were walking in opposite directions, and after passing looked back at each other at least three times, and I assessed him a as bordercase. Then we were standing on different sides of the paying gate in about 10 meter distance, but I couldn’t make up my mind and continued down the escalator. Then I made up my mind and took the escalator up, to find him gone. In 2014 I had a similar encounter, that time exchanged Line and met later.

Almost gay encounter in QSNCC. I was there for travel fair, and chat with an interesting profile in hornet, and he is there as well. So we meet and he is a bordercase, but would have come to my room now. However, then I would have to return to travel fair later, incurring loss of time and money, so I tell him we can meet at night. But then, when I’m free to meet at my room, he cannot come for traffic jam.

Chat with an Indonesian P on hornet and he comes to my room. Good English, no money or other problems, interesting conversation. Studies in Bangkok. A bordercase, and I don’t like his clothes (meaning, I don’t find him attractive in the clothes he wears, which can easily mended by taking them off, which he does, but then I find him too fat). We go to bed and play around, but I can’t get hard as he is not my type.

Disco hopping with Farang friend. Sake 00:28-01:11, entry 160 (for mixer). Rather poor, move on to Hi Sis Bitchy Club, which is closed (permanently?). Move on to Fake which has a 250 THB entry fee for special event, which none of our groups wants to pay, and would close 3 am. Time to go home.

A low point of gay discos. Anyway most visits were below expectation (see 2018 summary). I started the evening with Blend 285 (that’s what my friend had on the table when I arrived), which is awful when sober. Just like gay sauna, I will phase out gay disco (regularly->occasionally->rarely).

Sat2mar2019 no luck
I have been chatting in Thai with a boy Art from Nonthaburi for a while on facebook. He wanted online sex, which I don’t do, and is very eager to meet. 10:14 Agree to go to see him in Central Plaza Westgate (34 km, 40 min, 265 THB by taxi). Keep him updated about progress of my journey, 10:48 “I will arrive in 15 minutes” (message read, no reply). 11:02 “I’m here” (not read).

Have lunch in Central Plaza Westgate and send a few more messages. Across the road is abandoned King Plaza Shopping Center, which I wanted to see anyway. The map he sent me expired after one hour, and I didn’t take a screenshot, else I would have gone to that place and asked around.

But after two hours without message, I have to admit defeat and take MRT back.

Then 14:07 reply: he fell asleep. Profusely apologetic, still wants to meet me, but it doesn’t help: I’m on the way back and anyway, when I write I will be there in 15 minutes, he should be getting ready to meet me (in Central Plaza Westgate across the road) or at least be excited and not fall asleep.

Update: we are still in contact, and he wants to meet me, but I’m very reluctant to go again and he has never been on the MRT and doesn’t know how to get from there to Lumpini. That level of stupidity is a turn off, he will have to wait some weeks. At least it’s clear that we will go to a room, however he was not specific where this room will be and all hotels nearby are expensive.

Now that I’m passing Chatuchak and Saphan Kwai, I can as well have a look at massage and sauna.

My intention was to go to “The Bridge”, but while I’m standing outside and count three pairs of shoes and wonder if it’s worth going in, a cute boy from a massage shop Kline Zen opposite beckons me to come in. One hour oil massage 350. Good massage, boy fully dressed. He saw me in Silom/Surawong where he used to work (but is not specific about place of work, maybe just a lie to see if customer is gay?).

Then after turning around, I put my hand between his legs and under his shirt, we agree on 800 tip, and things progress as expected. Alas, it’s the usual “shirt up, pants down, cock out” which is not my style. In addition, cold sweaty which I don’t like, medium to small cock which did not get hard. But body and character is something I can work with, exchange Line and might see him again under different circumstances (my room).

39 underground sauna, entry 180 THB. Stay 16:30 (91 locker free, 128 occupied) to 17:53 (can’t read occupancy). Some bordercases. They had an interesting announcement on their Line, in English and Thai, here the English:

In Seed Happyland, there was a note in Thai in the sauna (in the original sense of the word, i.e. the hot room), from memory: "We ask our customers not to urinate in the sauna".

Overall, boy-wise an entire Saturday lost: no show, massage happy ending so-so, sauna no luck.

Sun3mar2019 Sauna Mania
Time to visit Sauna Mania again, after enjoying their show on Sat15dec2018. Arrive 19:06, leave 20:55. 

They have four entry prices:
60 THB for under 22 year olds,
220 (written as สองร้อยยี่สิบ=two hundred twenty) for Thai,
300 for Foreigners
1500 (sic!) for over 50 years olds (Thai or foreigner).

This show is the O-Party, Fri and Sun in Mania, Sat in R3, at 19:30.
Nude night, but before show all customers in towel, during show nude enforced. Show starts delayed about 20:00, on highest floor. The performers wear chemiluminescent wristbands. They skip the show and go directly to orgy. Two great body straight boys and one cute gay boy (judging by him kissing and sucking another customer). All of them I would consider offing if it were a Pattaya gogo bar.

I had a good time fondling the straight boy’s balls and crotch (no hairs) while he was fucking another customer. The orgy lasts about 30 minutes, then it’s assembly-line wanking. I had the two cute straight boys playing on my nipples (and I playing with his cock and balls) and another (performer or customer?) wanking me. Once you cum, you have to go. As finale, for everyone to watch in front of the steam room, one of their performers doing a facial on another.

The show/orgy is the best I have ever seen/attended (well, there are three performers who are my type, whereas all other shows in sauna there was one or none who is my type). However, this entire sauna business is not my style. I rather have someone in a bed, with good light, and without others around (unless I can choose them). 

And I disapprove of their racist and ageist pricing. If I go again, I will hand the cashier 220 THB, and should he insist I pay 300, leave and follow an alternative plan.

Mon4mar2019 Bangkok no luck
The boy Joe from nearby whom I had a good time with, and the feeling was mutual, on 18jan, has his day off today but my messages on Line are not read. But two others who are not so much my type (after meeting once in my room) message me. It’s cursed!

Wed6mar2019 Sri Ratcha no luck
Time to see the boy from 22nov2018 in Bang Phra near Sri Ratcha again. Ask him to come to a hotel in Sri Ratcha, which he will with a car borrowed from family member. In Sri Ratcha, accommodation, food and travel is easier for me than in Bang Phra.

Arrive in Sri Ratcha, but before going to hotel, have dinner and wait for confirmation. That was a wise move (not to check into hotel immediately), because the car is not available and he cannot come to meet me in Sri Ratcha. Now I could continue to Pattaya, but decide to go to Bang Phra where he can come to see me by walking. 

Check into the place in Bang Phra and message him: he lost his wallet and cannot come to meet me.

You could argue that he is the one with bad luck for losing his wallet on the night we were going to meet. You could even argue that I bring bad luck to my prospective sexual partners (like the one in Pattaya in Feb who got sick on the day we were going to meet), but the one in Central Plaza Westgate who fell asleep and didn’t have any disadvantage other than losing out on sex with me disproves this theory.

There is another nearby, just 800 m from me and online. We have a chat that protracts over 3 hours, but it’s agonizingly slow (sometimes I wait for reply for 15 minutes, and then send another message), and neither confirming nor refusing to meet. 

An entire evening/night/following morning, and money for traveling and hotel lost. 

Thu7mar2019 Pattaya
Arrive around noon. Wit NK is free and we meet in Tuk-Com for lunch, he invites me and doesn’t accept any money. Then to my room, where we have a nice 3 hours in bed (not as good and not as long as last time, but clearly worth a repeat).

Eros beer Leo 120 THB, 21:15-40. From 8b1c to 7b2c. Nothing to write home about.

There is one boy Oil whom I like. Invite him for a drink and have a closer look at his goods. There is a cut in his foreskin, maybe to relieve phimosis without circumcision? He says it's ดอก dòk flower. Others observed similar on other boys:

I was expecting to inspect closely a lad who had his prepuce split in three making his cock look like a stalk with three petals. Alas he wasn't there.
During a previous visit, I came across a clove-like specimen with the foreskin split by three incisions causing the penis to hang like a flower bud with three sepals on a calyx, and the unopened petals representing the globe of the glans penis. By looking at the dried flowers of cloves one could easily imagine the anatomy of the subject matter. Some colourful tattoos on the lad gave it a fitting botanical air.

Nice Boys hot tea 170 THB, 21:45-22:43. Bar full of boys and customers, didn’t count. As usually, did not disappoint. The only gogo bar that I visit every time I’m in Pattaya, and as far as I can think back, every time felt well entertained and good value for money.

There is one particularly cute new boy who is shirtless in jeans. After leaving the bar, wait outside and chat him up (positive) and exchange Line (other staff admonishes him not to do so and say something about 5000 THB fine, but I have his Line now and hope to see him next time in Pattaya).

(Tattoos on both arms and left hand, but not on torso. Left earring.)

Good Boys moved across the road and changed name to 789 Dragon Bar. I liked some of the boys at Good Boys, but not the mode of operation. Let’s see if 789 Dragon Bar is different, and as it’s a new place I have to visit to form an opinion. I think I have been to all gay gogo bars in Thailand, although some (Dream Boys Bangkok, Tawan) more than 5 years ago.
Orange juice 160 THB, stay 22:59-23:13. There were 6 boys outside, 3 followed me inside (and upstairs where the bar is), one sat down for a chat and one took out his dick for a grope. I tipped both 40 THB and left soon. As I said earlier, “shirt up, pants down, cock out” is not my style, and none was my type.

There is a jaccuzzy (that was dry) and a shower, so they could do a wet show. Just when I paid and left, another customer came in. So if I ever go again, it would be when no boys are outside (which means they are inside), then I will go up and enjoy show organized and paid for by other customer.

BusL comes to my room. Originally wanted to meet midnight, but it drags until finally 2:35, a time I would usually be sleeping. And he would have to work 3 to 4 am (sic!), but decides not to go to work but stay with me until 5 am. No sex, just hugging.

I had plans to stay two nights, but as Baan Dok Mai had just one room yesterday and no room today, and I had done all my business, return to Bangkok.

Public transport Pattaya to Bangkok (1)
Arrive 12:20 at the van station on S Pattaya road and ask for next van to Bangkok: 13:30 140 THB. That’s too long to wait, and was it 120 THB only a few years ago? The higher price might be because it goes to Mor Chit, and even if you get out before have to pay full fare.
Massage at Relax@Me
But one of the boys Bank at Relax@Me (opposite back entrance of Tuk-Com) has shown interest in me, so have massage with him. One hour oil massage 400 THB. Massage is good. I have a grope, but don’t get horny. However he pulls shirt up and trousers down and has a wank and cums on my body. I tip him 300 for massage. I was not horny with him, but you have to try (one in Yangon went from “not my type” to “repeat”).

There is a malfunction at their water heater. Before massage it was switched off at the main switch, so I had cold shower. After massage I turned on the main switch and had hot shower. However once you turn off the water, the heater still heats and heats the water to boiling (judging by sound) and then switches off. When you turn water on again, there will be some very hot water coming out. So I turned off the main switch to prevent others from getting burned.

Public transport Pattaya to Bangkok (2)
Hail a songtheo opposite Tuk-Com. While the songtheo would have stopped, there is police who wave it to continue and tell me to go to bus stop. But I can’t see any, so I go about 100 m towards Sukhumvit from police. Songtheo to Sukhumvit road 10 THB, 13:54-14:02. There is a small van office, at 150 THB even more expensive, next van 14:45. But soon a passing van stops, and it is only 130 THB and goes to Ekkamai! Total 14:11-17:09, with some rather long stops for no apparent reason. Much more convenient than Mor Chit (where you could get out at ARL Ladkrabang, but that would add more cost and one more change of mode of transport). Then bus 149.

Sukhumvit South Pattaya 14:02 was a bit late for the train 14:14, and train would arrive in Hua Lampong 18:15, whereas with van I was home 18:15.

Sat9mar2019 Bangkok
I had given up hope to get someone today, but Nat Yaso messages me at night and comes to my room. Activities okay, and while he didn’t ask for money first time, he does now. Unspecified amount, so I give him 100.

Sun10mar2019 Bangkok
I had no plans for sex today, but an old money boy acquaintance Rit the Muslim messages me and needs money for rent. I haven’t seen him for a while, so invite him. As before, interesting chat and great body, but a bit boring in bed.

That encounter somehow cheered me up, so I message a boy I have been writing with on hornet to meet him. Meet at MBK, then taxi to my room, everything fine, repeat.

Mon11mar2019 Bangkok
The boy Art at Central Plaza Westgate is free today and wants to meet me. However I will not go there, and he would in principle come to meet me, but has never taken MRT. If we were on the same MRT line, I might be able to convince him, but changing lines is too complicated. That’s what he told me! Monday morning already enough stupidity or bullshit to last for a week.
I know two boys who work in 7-Eleven, and both are on schooling 12-15mar. One Ball (I give him 1000 every time we meet) from Kanchanaburi province to Petchaburi town, the other Kim (free sex) from Nakon Sawan to Bangkok.

Last week I wrote ball I would meet him in Petchaburi. I have never been to Petchaburi over night in hotel, and there is enough sightseeing to occupy me for days, plan to stay two nights for sightseeing and to meet Ball.

But how to organize two boys at the same time (12-15mar), in different locations? In addition, Kim has priority as he does not ask for sex and will be in Bangkok, so meet him first. And then, Ball will know where in Petchaburi he stays and what his schedule is.

Wait all Tue for message from Kim, and see him online on hornet only few km away, and then at night reply: tired, sleep in Lad Krabang.

No message from Ball, and I leave it at that. I was thinking of telling that I changed my mind and will not go to Petchaburi, but he either forgot or was busy.

With Kim same as yesterday: too busy, too far, cannot meet.

Thu 14mar2019
Kim is going back earlier. 

Instead of meeting 2 boys in 3 days, none!

Chat with Boy near Rama 9 park on facebook. First contact 9:32, he is free today and wants to meet for sex in his room. After some dithering (see no-show in Central Plaza Westgate), I decide to go. Taxi 200 THB +70 tollway, 25 km, 12:43-13:23 to his place. 85 lunch for 2. 60 taxi to nearby resort / short time hotel. 400 short time room where we would spend 14:12-17:09 and have a good time.

I took 50 mg Sidegra during lunch (when it was clear we would go to a room to have sex, and I had assessed that he is my type) which would not have been necessary: when we showered, he washed my back and played with my balls from behind which got me hard. But the Sidegra surely helped to fuck him a second time after rest.

Then after sex, he whines about money problems, so I give him 300.

Taxi first to send him back, then to Sukhumvit road. Then bus home, back around 19:00.

The cost of free sex:
200 taxi, 70 tolls, 45 lunch for him, 400 room, 300 for Boy, 110 taxi, 9 bus = 1114 THB.
Chat started 9:32, leave room 12:43, back 19:00. That’s 7 hours out of my room, 3 of which spent in room with Boy, which is a good ratio.

But if you consider the failure rate (see Art Central Plaza Westgate), going to Pattaya would be a better use of my time and money, and there repeats are easier. In this case, we are still chatting and want to meet again, but I had cases where I want to meet again, but the boy is not interested or has no time is out of Bangkok.

I was preparing for trip to Taiwan and not particularly looking for someone, but got a hit on hornet, R from Cambodia, now in Silom. Taxi 22:03-10 to Silom Soi 10, where he is waiting with a friend. I’m waiting for money request every second (we didn’t write about money, but something about them says “money boy”), but there is none!

Walk along Silom road (I quickly made up my mind: I wouldn’t pay for sex, and I would not invite them to food or drink, there are only two options: we can either go to my room together or I go home alone).

From Saladaeng take taxi home (all three of us) and both boys come to my room, leaving me wondering what R has in mind. R’s friend would go to my bathroom and stay there, and after 10 minutes I assume he wants to wait in the bathroom while R and I are having sex, but I want to take a shower first! So send R’s friend out to wait in the hallway, and R and I have a good time. Worth a repeat!

Fly to Taipei. Visa run and anyway, I hope change of place breaks my strain of bad luck. 

Summary 1-17mar2019:
6 Free sex: P Indo, Wit NK, Nat Yaso 100, MBK boy, Boy Rama 9 300, R Cambodia = 400.
2 Paid sex: Kline Zen massage 800, Rit 1000 = 1800.
3 No show: Art CPW, Sri Ratcha, Kim NS. (For Kim NS you could argue that we had no time and place of meeting specified; and for the Ball in Petchaburi I’m the one who no show.)
2 No sex: Bus L, Relax@Me massage.

3 Gogo bars: Eros, Nice Boys, 789 Dragon (former Good Boys). (789 Dragon not clearly a gogo as there are no boys in underwear on stage, and not a host bar either, filed here as gogo.)
3 Disco: Sake, Hi Sis Bitchy Club (was closed), Fake (didn't go in).
2 Sauna: 39 underground, Mania.
2 Massage: Kline Zen (800 sex), Relax@Me (300 no sex).

3 Old: Wit NK, Nat Yaso, Rit.
5 New: P Indo, MBK, Boys Rama 9, R Cambodia, Kline Zen massage.

6 Repeat: Wit NK, Nat Yaso, Rit, MBK, Boy Rama 9, R Cambodia.
2 No repeat: P Indo, Kline Zen massage.
(I wrote Kline Zen "might see him again" , but here filed as "no reapeat" meaning the sex we had was poor, but I see potential and will give him a second chance.)

(Repeat + Free)/(No repeat + paid) = 12/4 = 3.
(Repeat + Free)/(No repeat + paid + no show + refused) = 12/7 = 1.7.

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Friday, 5 April 2019

Quiz: What is this?

Quiz: What is this?

My readers are invited to submit educated guesses in the comments. Solution in a week.

Update = solution 17apr2019 

Congratulations everyone! 
Changeable rechargeable batteries for electric motorbikes.

In rechargeable battery design, there are various properties to optimize, in no particular order:

1 Non-dangerous materials (not flammable, explosive, corrosive, toxic),

2 High temperature range the battery can be used,
3 Low self-discharge,
4 High number of cycles,
5 High energy density (kWh/kg or kWh/l),
6 Low price,
7 High charging and discharging speed (e.g. a Lithium battery for a drone will be discharged in 20 minutes, try that with a lead-acid starter battery for a car and it will start boiling and deteriorate),
8 Good resistance to over- and undercharging (nowadays not a problem with microprocessor controlled charging and discharging).

It’s like squeezing a balloon, you optimize one, but lose another.

I always wondered why electric cars have batteries built in. Before cars, there were changing stations for horses, why not change the entire battery? Charging and discharging is controlled by microprocessor, so unlike used cars, all batteries are the same. Or the user does not own the battery, rather rents it.

And here in Taipei, finally, I see a charging station for replaceable batteries for electric motorbikes! That takes charging speed out of the properties to optimize (it doesn’t matter if it takes 2 or 10 hours).

All of my mobile devices (laptop, camera, mobile phone) used to have removable batteries. That allows me to take out the battery to reset the device (and all three had such severe software failures that only taking out the battery helped). And batteries are the most fail-prone part of a mobile device, not just losing capacity, but danger of leaking and destroying the rest.

Recent case: a hook-up in Bangkok brought his scientific calculator to my room and asked me for new batteries. I took a close look and beside AAAA cells to power it, I saw that there is a button cell that has leaked and was surrounded by a crust of salt, and probably corroded the printed circuit.

My previous mobile phone (Asus Zenphone) has a minor battery failure where after two years the battery lost capacity (now at about 1/3rd of original capacity) and started bulging. The bulging became so bad that you could see the screen bend. In the end, I had to cut off part of the back cover to give the battery space to bulge.

Removable battery is one of my major requirements for mobile phone. I think the higher complexity/weight/size (customer can open the case) more than compensates the inconvenience of having to go to a shop to replace the battery, or even worse lose the phone due to leaking battery. A friend used to have two batteries, and kept one fully charged at home, and swapped them when he went out so he always left home with a full battery. Alas current phones all seem to have battery built in, and so has my new phone. 

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