Saturday, 28 February 2015

Cannonball tree

Cannonball tree

Cannonball tree (scientific name Couroupita guianensis or
Shorea robusta (?), Thai name สาละลังกา or just สาละ, or ลูกปืนใหญ่ "big cannonball tree"). The fruit are hard and heavy, if it falls on your head this will lead to injury or even death.

Shorea robusta in Phom Penh royal palace grounds:

Couroupita guianensis in Singapore near Cenotaph:

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Friday, 27 February 2015

Cruising sauna Ratchayothin

Cruising sauna Ratchayothin (still advert for Christmas event on website) Update Nov 2015: now this website has current and upcoming events for Deja Vu and Cruising sauna
Line: cruisingsauna (slow in replying) (last entry Dec2014) (forum in Thai language for Dejavu Ladprao 122 and Cruising Ratchayothin)


Directions for public transport:
Take MRT to Phahonyothin, exit 3 (Central Ladprao), walk northwards, escalator up and down and on Phahonyothin road in front of Central Ladprao take any bus or van that goes northwards. Get off at the first stop after passing Elephant building and Ratchayothin intersection แยกรัชโยธิน, in front of Major Ratchayothin. (Edit: Most buses/vans pass the sauna, if bus or van turns right or left at Elephant building, get off at next stop and walk back.) Take the pedestrian overpass (the second one north of the intersection) to get to the east side of Phahonyotin and walk about 50 m north to get to the dead end soi with Cruising sauna.

View from the other side of Phahonyothin road, the sauna is the dark facade in the middle of the soi:

No signs or illumination:

On the western side of Phahonyothin road, there is Michelin and Goodyear opposite the soi with Cruising sauna. On the eastern side, there is Phahon Yothin Soi 30 = Soi Aladin พหลโยธิน 30 = ซอยอาลาดิน and 7/11 (branch 0876, ซอยอาลาดิน) about 50 m south of the sauna.

Mon and Thu underwear, all other days naked. Entry 129 Baht, after 4 visits get one free.

1st floor (ground floor) reception, locker room,
2nd floor bar (overlooking reception), free drinks (coke, water, ice, fanta orange; plastic cups multiple use), karaoke room, porn room (different floor level!) with labyrinth and glory holes
3rd floor sauna (for about 10, well lit), steam room (for about 10, light ok), group shower (towels in front of it)
4th floor gym, rooms, darkroom
5th rooftop garden, smoking area

I am too late for the party (which was 9-10 according to receptionist) when I arrive at 22:50. About 15 customers. Leave 23:25, get a voucher for free entry on my next visit.

Stay 19:55-21:10. About 25 customers at any given time. Two border cases, the rest too fat and too old.

Sun 01.02.2015
Go there for ว่าวหมู่+S (group masturbation + sex ?), only to find the place closed with a note on the door (no explanation given, two days later I get reply on Line: renovation).

Sun 22.02.2015
Go again for ว่าวหมู่+S (this time call first to check if the sauna is open and ask for starting time: 20:30). Arrive 20:33. No activity yet. About 50 customers, very average. Nude day observed by all customers. I am the only White. Around 20:45, karaoke room is prepared for group masturbation. Around 21:00, MC invites everyone to go in, nothing happens (i.e. everyone waits in the bar area or is elsewhere in the sauna). Then finally around 21:15, about 30 customers in karaoke room and about 20 elsewhere.

It starts very poor: dark and fan and aircon (I don’t like air draughts) and the MC is talking on the microphone and wields his flash light. 

But then it gets better: light is dimmed to a level I am comfortable with, the MC stops talking and I switch of the fan (but aircon still blowing cold). Everyone is playing with his or his neighbor’s dick, then some couples start sucking or fucking (up to three couples fucking at the same time). There is one boy who is a bordercase, I can touch while someone else is fucking him, but doesn’t seem interested and skin too cold (if only I could switch off the aircon!).

Altogether quite promising: light ok and people stand around in a circle so you can see very well what’s going on (unlike Dejavu which is too dark and too crowded during group fucking). Customers who participate get a stamp on their arm and later receive a voucher for free entry at the reception. I decide it’s better to save my cum for more favorable circumstances and leave 22:00 (party still in progress).

Saturday 28.11.2015 
Stay 22:30-23:50 for their Coyote Boy show (schedule 23:00). Entry 130 Baht. Nude night, but customers cover genitals with hands. 49 mm condom and sachet of lube provided with each locker. Total over 50 customers (no other Farang) during my stay, one of them slim and warm skin, can't see face clearly due to low light, anyway he is not interested. One cute staff.

Coyote boy show lasts 23:15-27, on second floor, about 25 spectators. 4 coyote boys in white briefs, first erotic dancing, then soda show, then take off underwear but cover genitals with hands. Two of the coyote boys look promising (but can't tell more due to poor light; music too loud). When the show is over, the coyotes take shower, then dress and linger around at reception for a bit and leave. (Compare recent visit to Muffil sauna where performers were available after show for groping for everyone for a limited time.) 

opening times Sun-Thu 16-2, Fri-Sat 16-5
entry 130 Baht; before 18 100, after 22 100, except activities

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Thursday, 26 February 2015

Religious places on Ratchadapisek road

Religious places on Ratchadapisek road

Ganesh shrine พระพิฆเนษ

13°46'42.7"N 100°34'24.0"E 13.778537, 100.573342
In the north-western corner of Huai Khwang Junction แยกห้วยควาง (where Ratchadaphisek รัชดาภิเษก and Pracha Songkhro ประชาสงเคราะห็ cross), take exit 4 from MRT Huai Khwang, turn 180 degree and walk 50 meter.

Outside view blocked by umbrellas during daytime:

but free view and illuminated at night:

At night the place is busy with worshippers, lottery ticket sellers and fortune tellers, and there is street food around. 

More inside:

He looks scary, the sign reads: บรมครูผู้เรืองเวช อธิษฐรนขอพรตามที่ท่านปรารถนา (The big teacher who has many magic words/spells, make meditation/attention in mind and when you are ready, ask for the best/good thing/health/goodness as you wish). Thanks to a Thai friend for translation/explanation.

Zebras at Bodhi tree on Ratchada curve
(Don't know if that place has an official name)

13°49'16.6"N 100°34'29.1"E 13.821272, 100.574748
In the median at the entrance of Ratchadaphisek Soi 36 รัชดาภิเษก ซอย 36, at the northern end of Chandrakasem Rajabhat University มหาวิทยาลัยราชภัฏจันทรเกษม.

I drove past in a bus or taxis several times and noticed large numbers of zebras around the tree on the median of Ratchadaphisek road (excuse poor quality of picture:

but when I went recently they were all gone:

Officials to clean-up '100-death Ratchada Curve' shrine  
BKK Authorities Undeterred By 'Curse' of Ratchapisek Road
Zebras, Questions, and the Chao Mae Tiger Shrine

Here pictures of the place after clean-up (nearby mocy taxi drivers don't know where the zebras were taken):

The signs translates: Do not deposit zebras in this area. (Ratchadaphisek is busy all time, even at night it is dangerous to cross.)

View from pedestrian overpass:

There are similar places (animal statue offerings spilling over on the sidewalk) elsewhere (Ramintra Leopard shrine, see "Bangkok off the grid" page 102).
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Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Ratchada gay discos update (1)

Ratchada gay discos update (1)

(My visits were deliberately on nights before working days, I don't like it when it's crowded on Fri and Sat night.)

Soi 8 Red Beat in Mansion 7 is gone. There is a place called "Perfect" in its location. Tue 10.02.2015 23:45 have a look: very loud music, few customers, leave immediately.

Fake club moved from Chatuchak/OToKo area to Ratchada. I learnt of this months ago through a friend's post on facebook and it's on the internet as well

13°46'59.4"N 100°34'32.7"E 13.783168, 100.575740
Dead end soi between Ratchadapisek Soi 14 and 16, 700 m walk from MRT Huai Khwang (take exit 1, turn 180 degree and walk north, past Mansion 7)

Take MRT, arrive at Fake Club Tue 10.02.2015 23:55. There are two other customers. Beer Singha 330 ml bottle 150 Baht. A band is playing, put earplugs in. No chairs, but an area with seating. Sit there and read on my phone, until one of the band comes over and invites me to the table of the two other customers. They leave before me; when I leave 00:35 there is no other customer left. 

View from median of Ratchadaphisek road:

Entrance hall:

Two customers and two fake spiral stairways (end at the ceiling):

Walk to G-Star Pavilion. My last visit was July 2014 Arrive Wed 11.02.2015 01:20.  


Soda water 40 Baht. Coyote boy and soda show in progress: 13 good looking coyote boys in nice underwear with big bulges. Coyotes wear numbers and later roam audience (fully dressed). I hope this is a regular event, I will be back soon! Show ends 01:38, then customers dance on stage.

There are about 150 customers, among them about 10 cute boys. The place can accommodate up to 500 customers, but I don't like it when it's crowded. Little interaction with other customers in the disco. Impressive laser light show.

Soft closing 3:05 (lights on, music volume down), disco slowly empties, I leave 3:15. Suddenly, people start to smoke inside (general observation for discos). Hang around outside. Many boys standing in group chatting, eating at food court opposite, waiting for taxi. 

Several boys approach me, I miss the first cute boy (friend of a boy who approached me, but leaves in taxi before I can take any action), but chat with the second cute boy P. He speaks little English, a friend imposes himself for translation (not necessary as I speak Thai, maybe he is just nosey or wants to control the situation?). P almost gets into the taxi with me, but the other boy says he starts studying 8 am and has go to go home to sleep. The boy who translated asks me for 100 Baht for taxi (?) I decline.

I exchanged Line with P, but once this occasion (being at the same place at the same time, boy slightly drunk) is missed, we will face the usual problems of online dating (find a time both of us are free, P lives in Rangsit with his parents, that would be about 2 hours travel by public transport, or about 200 Baht by taxi in each way). Basically I am back at square zero, it will be as much effort going to the disco again and finding someone else who will come with me as getting this boy into my room.

Elsewhere on the internet it says Thai boys don't want to be seen by their friends leaving disco with a Farang, better exchange Line or Facebook and meet another time.

Taxi back to Sathorn 120 Baht 4:15-40. Total 5:40 hours and 338 Baht spent and not much to show.

Sunday 22.02.2015
G-Star Pavilion again. Arrive 00:20. Band is playing, no coyote boys, estimated 150 customers, about 10 cute boys. Water 40 Bath. Coyote boy (12 boys) and soda show 01:14-34. Chat with a few boys in the toilet and in the disco. Leave 2:54 and linger around outside. Disco closes 3:00. Taxi back 3:16-35, 100 Baht.

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Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Ratchada gay discos update (2)

Ratchada gay discos update (2) 

Previous visit to App Arena was Aug 2014

App Arena Sunday 15.02.2015 
Invite Burmese Woman who arrives on time, a friend will join 2 am. But first I want to eat dinner. Not easy, there is no foodcourt around. There is McDonalds across the road (Ratchadapisek) in Esplanade, but I don't eat at McDonald's and it's not easy to cross the road. After some minutes walk, we find an Esan restaurant north of App Arena. Not my favorite food and not cheap, a poor start for the night. 

Arrive in App Arena 00:50. Band is playing. Estimated 300 to 400 customers. Full, but can easily move around, just as I like it. No other farang, spot 5 cute boys in the course of the night. 

I should have discussed drink option before with Burmese Woman, inside it's too loud. I asked waiter for a drink menu (but it would need to have pictures, Burmese Woman can read neither English nor Thai). Through a series of misunderstanding, Burmese Woman first orders two beers for us (Singha 330 ml 150 Baht each), then 1 L Johnny Walker Red Label and mixers (6 bottles of coke, ice) for total 2359 Baht (should have taken a closer look at the receipt to know what exactly cost so much).

About 1:30, band stops and customers go on the stages. Laser show starts (multiple colors and moving). Several trips to toilet with some interaction, helas none of the cute boys shows an interest.

Soft closing 2:55 (white light on, music off), empties quickly. Hang around outside ogling at the cute boys. No food available, inconvenient to hang around (groups on both sides of Ratchadapisek, depending on which direction they want to go, at that time still a lot of traffic).

Selfie time throughout in the entrance hall. These selfies are quite popular on dating apps and facebook, you can easily recognize in which of the discos they were taken (astute readers will observe that there is ChristianPFC in the mirror right corner with camera in front of his face).

I offer Burmese Woman money for taxi, she refuses to take it (compare this with usual behavior of my Thai acquaintances!). Taxi back to Sathorn 80 Baht, 7 km, 3:35-48. 2659 Baht spent on drinks in the bar, and even less to show for than G-Star Pavilion, except for a bottle Johnny Walker Red Label that I now have in my room.   

Comparison (based on one visit each this year) between Fake Club, G-Star Pavilion and App Arena. Fake Club and App Arena are easily reached by MRT, G-Star Pavilion is half an hour walk. However if you come by taxi or after midnight or don't live close to an MRT station, this is of little use. G-Star Pavilion has a foodcourt opposite that operates all night (an important factor for me), getting food near Fake Club or App Arena is difficult. Coyote boys in G-Star Pavilion were good, no coyote boys in Fake Club or App Arena. Best laser show was in G-Star Pavilion. Overall, G-Star Pavilion clearly wins.

General observation for all Thai gay discos: They do not cater to the single teetotal customer, but can accommodate. See comment on Thai drinking behaviour in a previous post.

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Monday, 23 February 2015

Gay Thailand forums, blogs, guides, encounters and magazines

Gay Thailand forums, blogs, guides, encounters and magazines

Mainly about Thailand unless otherwise indicated. With indication of activity (posts per day). Websites I know of, read regularly or occasionally. If you know more, let me know.

This post is to describe what is (websites I read myself, starting with gayboythailand in Summer 2009), for a little history lesson of sawatdee gay thailand forum see here:

Forums (in alphabetical order): (high activity) (medium activity, in German) (little activity) (high activity) (sometime before March 2016 forum became replaced by a website for encounters with pornographic pictures as advertisement, I get a virus warning)

Forums no longer online: (closed March 2014) (opend July 2012, closed 2013 ?) (in German, last entry 22Feb2009, last saved on archive Dec2014, now offline) (opened May 2013, closed April ? 2014) see here as well: (founded by Bruce_NYC, short lived, medium activity, end of 2015, check 12apr2016: gone) 

The various bitchboards 2012-2013 had little to do with Thailand or homosexuality, linking to them feels like passing a sexually transmitted disease to my readers, open at your own risk (anyway most links are not active any more). My memory is vague, the following data is mainly reconstructed from emails confirming my registration. When the bitchboards started, I had no idea what a mess it would create, otherwise I would have kept better track. Good riddance! 
(opened May 2013, closed April ? 2014) 
(opened Dec 2012, closed) 
(opened Aug 2013, closed April 2014) 

(no activity)

Blogs (not available 1mar2017, but still on archive) 
(little activity, Dec 2014 error message, Feb 2016 back online)
closed 9jun2018, closing notice here:
and website offline (couldn't even read the closing article: The requested URL /closing-notice-to-our-readers/ was not found on this server. when I tried on 2jul2018) (medium activity) Bangkok M4M Massage Shops (about from end of 2017, author posts as divinemadman on forum) (Bangjack, since 1nov2016) then moved to
(high activity, then sudden stop 12 April 2015, 
it seems the owner died, details on 
(invited readers only) (low activity, then offline 2017) (last post June 2013) owner as Riverqueen Cambodia Siem Reap guesthouse) (gay saunas in Hong Kong, discontinued 10 Nov 2014; resumed 01 Apr 2015) (Dec 2014 - ) (last entry Dec2013) 
(happenenings at the Malaysia hotel, recommended reading) (last entry Jun2014) (medium activity)
(low activity) (medium activity) (medium activity, goodbye message June 15, 2016, then 2018 offline) (low activity) (active 2000-2014) (medium activity)
(added 16jan2018, seems to be rather recent, from Dec 2017) (Malaysia, low activity)

Blogs no longer online: (last post 14 Oct 2009, went offline end of 2009) (checked Feb 2015: gone) last entry (goodbye) 06.08.2009, then offline, but on archive: (last post 12 Aug 2010, went offline end of 2012, details here: (went offline June 2011, details here:
shamelessmack's map is still available: (in German) (in German, many years no update) 24feb2017: domain for sale (same owner as gayinchiangmai?) 

Encounters: (online chat after downloading the program)
various apps, of which I use Grindr and Hornet and Gayromeo

I have written about gay magazines here:

Update Nov 2015: Out in Thailand ceased publication on paper in April, Desire and Thai Puan merged. 

Update: Old magazines digitised:  

A general problem is that websites can go offline (sometimes the owner closes them, sometimes fees for hosting are not paid any more). Every owner of a website has to ask himself: what happens with his website when he suddenly dies and can't pay hosting fees any more? This can't happen to this (my blog), as it is hosted for free on blogspot.

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