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Pattaya 29-31 Jan 2015 (part 1)

Pattaya 29-31 Jan 2015 (part 1)

Changes in Sunee Plaza: Yaya bar is now The One, Le Bouchon Thai closed last year and a new sign “Ting Tong Blue” has been on the place since December but it hasn’t opened yet. Ting Tong Red official opening on Jan 31 (the day I departed, missed the party). Krazy Dragon new owner, drinks 150 Baht. 20:00 catch a look through open door at Nice boys: red briefs with white seams. “Wan” has been sold and is now “Jojo”. Part of Sunee is Walking Street from 18 to 2. 

Thursday 29.01.2015

Visit Sunny boys, orange juice 100 Baht, stay 20:16 (I am first customer) to 21:35. 17 boys when I enter, about 20 when I leave. Slit shorts, some nudity, boys wear socks, few tattoos, poor light, music and aircon ok. I would consider offing number 2; the superstar (slim and brown, see seems not to be in today (later confirmed by a friend; if any of my readers has a picture or profile name I would be grateful). The menu has apart from drink prices the following information: salary boy 300, waiter captain doorman 600 per day. During my stay, the owner comes in and hugs all boys. The bar is quite full when I leave.

Cheap drinks, large number of boys, good atmosphere, recommended.

I have in mind offing a boy from Wild West Boys whom I had before. I arrive 10:05, the  the 9:30 show is still going, so I do not enter. But the boy I had in mind (Dew, cute slim brown skinned twink who can bottom) is sitting outside, so I off him directly.

He comes back with a drink. Was that a misunderstanding or deliberately (to make me pay for a drink in addition to off fee)? Now that a drink is ordered, I can as well go inside and have a look at the boys (show just over, poor timing on my part): 7 boys on stage, number 8 is cute. In all visits within the last year there were 2 or more cute boys.

In hindsight, at 250 for a drink and 500 off-fee, I can as well stay in Bangkok, the slight sawing doesn’t justify the trip. Dew fits my specifications, but we do not click, sex is so-so. The same as last time (about a year ago), but I give second chances. 1000 Baht short time tip. Move on to someone else next time.

During my pre-sleep stroll through Sunee, a cute boy F from a beer bar stops me and wants to go with me, stating that money is not important. We exchange contact details and make appointment for midday tomorrow.

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  1. poor Dew is getting some very negative reviews in his guestbook on GR...
    Its a pity as he was very good performance wise when he first arrived in Pattaya... Was even up for a 3some!


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