Friday, 20 February 2015

Classic Boys Feb2015

Classic Boys February 2015

Friday, 13.02.2015

A friend from Germany is in Bangkok and invites me and his Thai boyfriend to Classic Boys.

Arrive 21:12. Official drink price 350 Baht. Negotiate a bit (some of the staff don’t have the authority to give a discount?) and get in for 300 Baht per drink. (250 seems possible: 3 other customers, 17 boys on stage, of which 7 are fully clothed (I would not have gone in if it hadn’t been an invitation). The other boys are in underwear (briefs or trunk, mainly white), all boys wear shoes. Music too loud (but no need for earplugs and can talk with your neighbor), aircon and light ok. Some customers smoke during our stay, but not a big problem.

From 22:15 on, it fills up and during show, all good seats are occupied. 22:40 show starts, singing and dancing in traditional costumes. 22:51 big cock and candle, then roaming audience for tips. 22:57 Indian dance. 23:04 underwater show (one boy nude erect), then roaming audience for tips. 23:10 big cock, dancing with mask, then roaming audience for tips. 23:19 comedy. 23:25 boys back on stage.

There were several cute boys, most notably nr 83 (whom I contacted days before on hornet), another boy name Ran whom I know from online but who was with customer throughout the time, another boy who stayed fully dressed without number all the time (if he had been in underwear he would probably have been my favorite), nr 54 so-so, nr 25 worked elsewhere before and I contacted him on gayromeo over a year ago but nothing ensued due to poor communication from his side (I tipped him 100 Baht on our first contact in a beer bar, and then messaged him on gayromeo, if he doesn't seize this opportunity, his loss), nr 06 great body.

They have about 30 boys, of which up to 20 on stage. There is a turnover, the best bodies from my last visit nr 45 and 49 were not there any more, but two new cute boys.

About 1/3 of the boys on stage fully dressed without numbers is not what I pay 300 Baht for. I ask three staff members “When do the boys take off their shirt and trousers?” When they hear “off” they only think of one thing, but when they realize that I don’t want to off a boy, two of them just walk away and the third one tells me to shut up and fuck off, albeit in more and different words.

Verdict: several offable boys (like in all visits before), but prices (350 drink, 600 off fee) and attitude (one waiter is a greedy arrogant asshole – old story - and the three today weren’t much better) and boys fully clothed make this bar “maybe visit again next year”.

I’m currently in contact online with nr 83 (he was sitting with customer when I left, interaction looked promising, if he had been on stage I would have tipped him 100 Baht).

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  1. Thanks for the report.

    I like cute slim boys too. I thought Classic Boys had the best selection in Bangkok as recently as December.
    No idea why they allow a third of their boys to remain clothed. Most of the 300 baht drink price is to pay for the entertainment, so in a gogo bar they should be in underwear only. I can see clothed boys for free anywhere.

    The waiters in this bar have become pests. The bar owner needs to fire them and get some in with a better attitude.

  2. While I agree that clothed boys can be seen for free everywhere I must say that I found partially clothed boys on stages during recent moral campaign at end of 2014 quite sexy

  3. I cannot imagine visiting a bkk gogo in the near future. To what end? prices are so ridiculously inflated and boys not what they used to be. Classic boys used to be the place for me. But back then drinks/offs were more reasonable but more importantly, there would be at least 10 absolute stunners on stage. Now, I'm happy to find 1 or 2 in there and that's just not worth it.

    Pattaya, is a bit better but mostly because of prices.

    I'm going to try my luck up north. Maybe a quick visit to Loas while I'm near.

    Great post again Christian.


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