Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Ratchada gay discos update (2)

Ratchada gay discos update (2) 

Previous visit to App Arena was Aug 2014 http://christianpfc.blogspot.com/2014/08/app-arena-ratchada-soi-8.html

App Arena Sunday 15.02.2015 
Invite Burmese Woman who arrives on time, a friend will join 2 am. But first I want to eat dinner. Not easy, there is no foodcourt around. There is McDonalds across the road (Ratchadapisek) in Esplanade, but I don't eat at McDonald's and it's not easy to cross the road. After some minutes walk, we find an Esan restaurant north of App Arena. Not my favorite food and not cheap, a poor start for the night. 

Arrive in App Arena 00:50. Band is playing. Estimated 300 to 400 customers. Full, but can easily move around, just as I like it. No other farang, spot 5 cute boys in the course of the night. 

I should have discussed drink option before with Burmese Woman, inside it's too loud. I asked waiter for a drink menu (but it would need to have pictures, Burmese Woman can read neither English nor Thai). Through a series of misunderstanding, Burmese Woman first orders two beers for us (Singha 330 ml 150 Baht each), then 1 L Johnny Walker Red Label and mixers (6 bottles of coke, ice) for total 2359 Baht (should have taken a closer look at the receipt to know what exactly cost so much).

About 1:30, band stops and customers go on the stages. Laser show starts (multiple colors and moving). Several trips to toilet with some interaction, helas none of the cute boys shows an interest.

Soft closing 2:55 (white light on, music off), empties quickly. Hang around outside ogling at the cute boys. No food available, inconvenient to hang around (groups on both sides of Ratchadapisek, depending on which direction they want to go, at that time still a lot of traffic).

Selfie time throughout in the entrance hall. These selfies are quite popular on dating apps and facebook, you can easily recognize in which of the discos they were taken (astute readers will observe that there is ChristianPFC in the mirror right corner with camera in front of his face).

I offer Burmese Woman money for taxi, she refuses to take it (compare this with usual behavior of my Thai acquaintances!). Taxi back to Sathorn 80 Baht, 7 km, 3:35-48. 2659 Baht spent on drinks in the bar, and even less to show for than G-Star Pavilion, except for a bottle Johnny Walker Red Label that I now have in my room.   

Comparison (based on one visit each this year) between Fake Club, G-Star Pavilion and App Arena. Fake Club and App Arena are easily reached by MRT, G-Star Pavilion is half an hour walk. However if you come by taxi or after midnight or don't live close to an MRT station, this is of little use. G-Star Pavilion has a foodcourt opposite that operates all night (an important factor for me), getting food near Fake Club or App Arena is difficult. Coyote boys in G-Star Pavilion were good, no coyote boys in Fake Club or App Arena. Best laser show was in G-Star Pavilion. Overall, G-Star Pavilion clearly wins.

General observation for all Thai gay discos: They do not cater to the single teetotal customer, but can accommodate. See comment on Thai drinking behaviour in a previous post.

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  1. Time to update your outfit! and than those socks and shoes.......

  2. Lol, second that.. Shirt with indiscriminate (?) bold writing cross the chest; tucked into (!) cargo shorts (!).. Interesting, how this compares to the Thai selfie kids?
    Nevertheless: Thanks for sharing this with us readers and a big shout out cheers for your overall utterly entertaining and informing blog, Dr. Christian!

  3. Over 2300 baht on drinks for a woman, that's splashing the cash......why?

    As for the outfit, well I'm not exactly an expert or a smart dresser myself. However, if you're out to charm some Thai boys, it might be an idea to evolve your fashion towards what goes in Thailand?

  4. My readers suggest inappropriate attire is the cause for my lack of success with Thai boys? I will ask Thai friends what they think.

    1. Have ur friends commented on that?

    2. Well, your attire might be just one reason for that, but mainly it is because you have a lack of socialisation and empathy for thai guys. You could live in Thilnd for centuries, your limited social competence will never allow you to get friend with thais - they can smell your socialincompetence


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