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Phutthakhaya Chedi เจดีย์พุทธคยา in Sangkhlaburi

Phutthakhaya Chedi เจดีย์พุทธคยา in Sangkhlaburi

15°07'40.0"N 98°27'01.7"E 15.127767, 98.450484
2.1 km by road from the northern end of Mon Bridge, 
800 m south-east of Wat Wang Wiwekaram

Geometrical shapes and Buddha statues cover the chedi (in scaffolding during my visit for painting?):

Perimeter of the chedi still under construction:

Nearby is a bell tower which gives a view from a higher level:

Pictures were taken around midday. The main entrance (two lions) is north, that means you never have the sun at the entrance. Position of the sun and shadows is a major problem during all my trips. I rarely get up before 9, thus I have the sun in the south or west. Covered days in rainy season allow for pictures without shadows.

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