Friday, 13 February 2015

Gay activities January 2015

Gay activities January 2015

Looking back to 2014, I realize I don't know how many gay saunas, discos and bars I visited, how many free and money boys I had. The only thing I can remember or easily reconstruct is my online dating attempts (I posted). I could spend some hours going through my records to get all this data. But a better idea is to keep a separate diary for gay activities, which I present to my readers here. As brief as possible, details in other posts.

Fri 02.01.2015 wank to straight porn (Blacks with big dicks) in my room from DVD on TV

Hat Yai
Sat 03.01.2015 GL sauna entry 150 Baht, stay 19:35-20:45, no cute boys
Sat 03.01.2015 host bar Top Man in Hat Yai, drink 140 Baht, stay 20:53-21:16, no cute boys
Sat 03.01.2015 cute boy Ton near Zeus sauna Hat Yai, I realize he is too fat when I sit behind him on mocy, in my room wanking, I don't get hard, he cums
Sun 04.01.2015 wank to gay porn on my mobile in my hotel room in Penang
Wed 07.01.2015 Korn from Zeus sauna Hat Yai, wank in room in sauna (he doesn't get hard enough to fuck me, same for me), a bit too fat and too cold, worth a repeat under better circumstances

Fri 09.01.2015 Take boy from Saranrom to short time hotel (slim and brown and no body hair, likes girls; not much activity in bed, still worth a repeat), boy 500, room 200.

The weird thing is that his penis is drop shaped, diameter at the glans is twice that of base, that means the cross section is fourfold. I looks like a condom filled with water:

How do I know what a water filled condom looks like? When I was a teenager, we had sexual education during biology class. There each of us received one condom. The condom was useful for wanking (you don't have to worry where the cum goes), but I had only and didn't know where to get more, anyway I am a thrifty person, so I would rinse and dry it after use. It served me about 10 years (really!) before it finally ripped, let's assume one wank per month with condom, that's 100 fold re-use! 

You can inflate a condom to considerable size before it rips, or pull it over your head. We did so (pull over head) with latex gloves (will look like cockscomb) in the laboratory.

Sun 11.01.2015 DJ station entry 150 Bath, stay 1:10-2:40 maybe 3 cute boys, go home alone

Bangkok, Boyfriend candidate 1 (2015) name M
Mon 12.01.2015 boy M from hornet comes (first contact yesterday, efficient communication in Thai and on time), everything fine but still soft phases, we both wank
Tue 13.01.2015 orange juice in Nature Boy 150 Baht, stay 23:20-35, no cute boys
Wed 14.01.2015 I fuck M, he stays over night
Sat 17.01.2015 M wanks me
Mon 19.01.2015 7 am M wanks to gay porn on his mobile, midday I wank and he licks my nipple, doesn't want to suck my dick
Tue 20.01.2015 M leaves in the morning, stayed 6 nights in a row, a new record (previous was 5 nights in Feb 2011). He is cute and well-mannered, but does not seem to have sexual interest in me, and my sexual interest in him is decreasing as well.

I told him about my trip to Udon Thani and asked him if he has another place to stay. I was considering taking him with me, and he seemed interested. But I would not have been able to go to gay saunas, bars, cruising areas with the intention to pick someone up.

Wed 21.01.2015 I had a loose arrangement with a boy in Playboy massage, while I am on the way around 11 pm he messages me he is not free (out drinking with a customer, at least he messaged me, otherwise I would have learnt upon arriving at the massage parlor), postpone to tomorrow.

Thu 22.01.2015 can't reach the boy at Playboy in the until late afternoon, but then 3 hours before my train leaves we get into contact, perfect place and time before trip to Udon Thani, 1 hour oil massage 450 Baht plus 1000 Baht tip.

Udon Thani trip
Fri 23.01.2015 UD Sauna entry 129 Baht, stay 20:10-21:15, no cute boys, railway station no boys

Sat 24.01.2015 wank in the morning, evening UD sauna 100 Baht 21:00-22:10, spend the rest of the night with new Farang friend H from sauna, railway station, Welcome UD disco drink 120 Baht 00:15-01:30

During my stay in Udon Thani, I had about 50 contacts on hornet. Of these, about 40 messaged me and I marked about 10 as favorite (leaving it to them to message me) or messaged them. Didn't meet any of them, but will keep one in mind for my next trip to Udon.

Mon 26.01.2015 X-Boys 22:40-00:20 so-so, drink 350 Baht (invitation, full post separately).

Tue 27.01.2015 A boy T from Ubon Ratchathani wanted to come to Bangkok today (and stay several days) to meet his sister and me, we discussed this extensively on Line the day before, I haven't heard of him since (a border case, so I wait for him to contact me).

Boyfriend candidate 1 (2015) M comes to collect 300 Baht.

I go to Cruising Sauna, free entry with voucher from visit in December, stay 19:55-21:10

Take bus to Saranrom, find a cute boy, everything fine, worth a repeat (I said that about the last boy as well, but in general it’s easier to go and find a new boy than to arrange a meeting with a boy I had before), 600 Baht for the boy (gorgeous twinky body) and 200 hotel.

Wed 28.01.2015 First time I meet ex-boyfriend candidate 3 (2014) = headache boy again (last meeting 13.12.2014 here:). Arrives 9:30 am, plays on the computer some hours, then sleeps the entire afternoon and evening. He often wraps himself completely into the duvet and occupies the whole double bed:

I left my room at 5 pm to meet a friend, and let the boy sleep. He wanted to stay over night, but knowing that he can change his mind any time, I left a note where I am and when I will be back and 500 Baht. He messages me 9 pm that he will go home. I am back in my room 10 pm, the boy and the 500 Baht I left for him are gone. And so are 600 Baht I put in my wardrobe! Now I can confirm without doubt that he is a thief. The first time he saw the money by chance and stole it (1500 Baht), this time it must have been on purpose.

Thu 29.01.2015
A boy T from gayromeo wanted to meet me at 12 (we chatted extensively on Line the day before). Another border case, so I wait for him to message me instead of messaging him. When he messages me again it's already 3 pm and I am on the way to Pattaya.

Thu 29.01.2015
Visit Sunny boys, drink 100 Baht, stay 20:16-21:35, one boy I consider offing but leave alone. Take a boy from Wild West Boys (250 drink, 500 off fee, 1000 short time). I fuck him, so-so, no repeat.

Fri 30.01.2015
Boy from hornet comes to my room, 1000 Baht well deserved and high on my list to meet again.

Than at 1 pm a boy F who works at Diamond messages me (we met around 1 am the night before and he wanted to meet me at 12), and finally arrives at 3 pm. Very affectionate, the longest (1 hour) foreplay I had for a long time. He is versatile, I fuck him. His affection seems genuine. He said (the night we first met) he doesn’t care if I give him money, but I give him 1000 Baht nonetheless.

Sat 31.01.2015
F comes again and we spend extended time in bed and he sucks me. No money changes hands (and I wrote so before to test the waters).

5 sauna visits (GL, Zeus, 2 x UD, Cruising) and sex once,
4 bar visits (Top Man, Nature boy, Sunny boys, Wild West boys) with one off,
3 times wanking alone,
3 disco visits (DJ station, Welcome Sukhumvit 71, Welcome Udon Thani) leave without company,
2 money boys from Saranrom,
2 boys online (hornet and gayromeo) who want to meet me but do not come,
1 money boy from gogo bar (Wild West boys),
1 money boy from hornet
1 boy for free in Pattaya (works in Diamond bar, but we met twice out of working times)
1 massage (oil 1 h 450 Baht and happy ending 1000 Baht)
1 hook up in real life (on the way to Zeus sauna)
1 theft (600 Baht, in addition to 500 Baht I gave him anyway)

3 times free sex, 6 times paid sex (total 4x1000+600+500=5100 Baht for the boys and estimated 2000 collateral expenses).

This shows as well that my standards are completely fucked up. I ponder how to make sure the boy who stole a total of 2100 Baht from me doesn’t steal again (i.e. I consider letting him into my room, despite theft and chaotic behavior), at the same time losing interest in M who stayed with me for 6 nights without complaints from my side but got boring.

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  1. Thats a sad/betruebter overview this time, dear. I wont make you envious, but myself so glad I refound someone I knew from before and who really delivers every time-and most times it even gets better/hotter. No, of course we do not stay together. He lives even further out as you did before-SapanMai/LamLukKa.
    Stick with someone with whom you go along well-it usually gets better and better. And do not get into depression.

  2. I'm kind of perplexed that person so careful with money like you lets suspected thief to stay alone in your place. Wrong kind of indulgence !

    1. My thoughts exactly.

      Firstly, there is the principle. It's better not to associate with thieves.

      Secondly, there is the security risk. I guess it's not just a small amount of cash, but potentially cameras, laptops and passports that could be stolen. Even if you have a safe, is it a good quality one and is it bolted to solid concrete?

  3. Great post :-)


  4. This post has it all: sex, friends, life in the DDR, travel, education, etc.
    Always very entertaining

  5. Man, I've got to try Saranrom on my next visit. How do you actually go about picking up boys there? Must you have a decent command of Thai language?

    1. Speaking Thai is helpful, but most boys are in groups and someone will speak English and can help translate. I walk around, most customers go by car (I tried, not my style).

  6. I'm into all of those things and I travel to Thailand a fair bit. Do you have line or anything could meet up next time I'm over and explore with you

    1. If I'm free, we can meet. I have Line. Email me at


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