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Wat Wang Wiwekaram วัดวังก์วิเวการาม in Sangkhlaburi

Wat Wang Wiwekaram วัดวังก์วิเวการาม in Sangkhlaburi

15°07'59.8"N 98°26'41.0"E 15.133268, 98.444730
2.1 km by road from the northern end of Mon Bridge,
800 m north-west of Putthakhaya Chedi

Nine-spired castle:

Ubosot (roof is visible from 2 km distance):

surrounded by a moat (dry at the moment, construction work), note the stainless steel clad colums:

Different building, white jade Buddha:

Bell tower with double outer spiral stairway:

Shrine to Luang Po Uttama หลวงพ่อนอุตตมะ (the monk who founded the temple):

The bank notes are tacked together, it's like this on most money trees I have seen. But never saw a bangknote with holes. What happens to them?

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  1. those 2 most upper foto's with the rectangular are what one calls Burmese style
    Banknotes with holes or ripped etc can-just like in Europe, be exchanged (sometimes with small discount for missing area) at the national bank. In TH take extra care not to punch the picture of whom is on all of them.


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