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Oh my god! (18) Tree in the middle of the road

Oh my god! (18) Tree in the middle of the road

I learnt of this place from Bangkok Post Friday, December 19, 2014, page 12 Opinion: Bodhi tree won't budge.

Search on the internet in Thai gave further information:

ต้นโพธิ์กลางถนน Bodhi tree in the middle of the road

13°54'40.4"N 99°45'59.9"E 13.911220, 99.766649
Tambon Tha Maka, Amphoe Tha Maka, Chang Wat Kanchanaburi 71120 ต.ท่ามะกา อ.ท่ามะกา จ.กาญจนบุรี
420 m by air or 550 m by road from 
Saengchooto แสงชูโต = hwy 323. 

Buses from Bangkok to Kanchanaburi stop in Tha Maka, leave in front of Tha Maka Shopping Mall, take Thesaban 7 road ถนนเทศบาล 7.

Similar: road around a large stone in Udon Thani province, Baan Phue district, Phu Phra Bat historical park (I drove around as passenger on a mocy weeks before, should have asked him to stop to take a picture):

17°43'18.7"N 102°21'42.0"E 17.721857, 102.361675 

Border crossing Lao-Thailand at Chiang Khong, friendship bridge, change side of the road with an X in the road (passed in a bus):
20°12'55.0"N 100°26'37.9"E 20.215287, 100.443860

Update: there are several sidewalks in Bangkok that have a tree in the middle: Sathorn Soi 1 (near Q House Lumpini); Ratchadamnoen Nok near boxing stadium; where Sathorn Soi 10 turns into Silom Soi 9 near Mahanakon construction site.

And a tree in a public toilet in Chachoengsao province (only picture, no location detail): http://www.thailandphotomap.com/2015/09/07/exploring-chachoengsao-province/

Update Apr2016:
Pillar in the middle of Ramkhamhaeng Soi 21 near Yaek 3 
(150 m from Pradit Manutham road)
13.7629736,100.6008338 = 13°45'46.7"N 100°36'03.0"E    

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