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Pattaya 29-31 Jan 2015 (part 2)

Pattaya 29-31 Jan 2015 (part 2)

Massage places around Tuk Com ตึกคอม "Computer Building": there are currently 7 massage places with boys.
"Apple" changed name to Relaxing Massage (sign only in Thai รีแลคซิงมาสซาจ); Enjoy Massage (under sign "Maya Spa & Thai Massage"); Royal House Massage by Men; Relax @ Me 1 Massage; Blue House; Relax @ Me 3 (next so Sitalanna); Somjit.

Changes in Boystown
Wild West Boys has new outdoor seating:

The white board says: Looking for employees in large numbers, dancer 4000-6000 Baht per month, participate in show 5000-8000, bartender 4000-9000, doorman 3000-6500, free accommodation, one free holiday trip per year (?), call (phone number)

X-Boys left their original place (there were rumors on the forums last year), which is now for rent:

and moved across the soi, where X-Boys Land used to be (and David bar, what looks like the head of a Greek or Roman statue is still left from David bar?):

Beware of smoking: Smokers back in X Boys

Scandic Massage has new boys, two of them cute by my standards. 

Friday 30.01.2015

A boy N whom I spotted yesterday and exchanged looks with messages me on hornet. He comes to my room around 10 am and looks as good as on the pictures. He fucks me (he cannot bottom, a pity, such a cute ass!). 1000 Baht well deserved and high on my list to meet again. Details here:

Then at 1 pm F messages me, and finally arrives at 3 pm. Very affectionate, the longest (1 hour) foreplay I had for a long time. He is versatile, I fuck him. His affection seems genuine. We stay in bed (sleeping/resting) until evening, have dinner together and separate. He said (the night we first met) he doesn’t care if I give him money, but I give him 1000 Baht nonetheless.

F has been in Sunee less than a month and seems to have genuine interest in me. That puts some restraints on my further activities. I don’t want him to see me with another boy.

No gogo bars for tonight (I had Krazy Dragon – haven’t been since it opened under new ownership - and Eros in mind), go to Jomtien Complex instead (positive reports on the bords). Many boys and customers, but not boy I would off. In a restaurant, a boy I offed from Classic Boys Bangkok greets me, he works there as a waiter now. When I walk past again, there is another waiter whom I offed from Screwboys! Have dinner there.

I was looking for a boy Kit from Cambodia who used to work in Wild West Boys in 2013, then moved to Sun Bar in Jomtien Complex in 2014, and only some days ago I learnt that he now is in Krazy Dragon show.

Chat with friends from Germany, go to bed alone.
(there is a problem with blank lines)

Saturday 31.01.2015

F comes again and we spend extended time in bed. No money changes hands (and I wrote so before to test the waters). Then I leave to Bangkok. Overall, I had 5 times free sex in Sunee Plaza over 5 years. F still runs as boyfriend candidate 2 (2015). 

Now I don’t know what to do when I return to Pattaya. I don’t want to hurt F, but don’t want to forgo whoring around (especially N; and Kit is moving to the top of my list as well).

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  1. whore around Boyztown so F will not see you although chances are he will be alerted by the boys telegraph about your presence.

    Don't forget part 1 of your recent Pattaya adventures, thank you for part 2

  2. Boystown is more expensive, and I usually stay in Sunee.

    Part 1 is scheduled for tomorrow. I trust today's readers to be able to invert them in their mind, from tomorrow on they will be in the right order (if reading from top to bottom).

  3. if you want all fun to stop & jealousy to set in, then go for bf!

  4. Strange that N does not bottom any more... Is he playing games with you? As i know he has bottomed (very well) for several farang friends...

    A few years ago when e worked in MicMy he had long hair (Practically a Ladyboy) and was definately bottoming then!

    1. After he fucked me, I asked if he can bottom, but didn't push the issue. It might well be that he still bottoms if you arrange it the right way.

      I don't remember seeing him before in a bar (but with long hair, I wouldn't have paid attention).

  5. Holiday money most likely simple means a paid busticket (3d cl, I guess) PTY-homeprovince, maybe (more important for the bar) also to come back. To prevent them from stealing it, the bar can simply pay the bus comp. directly.

    1. After several visits to the clubs/bars, finally I offed a guy from Boyz. The garçon said the off fee is 500B and give 1000B to the boy. After a rushed and non-exciting 30 minute session, I gave 1000B to the guy. Immediately he said "no no no, 2000". Explaining the situation to him was futile, so I paid him the 2000B.

      Of course I am unhappy, in more ways than one. Any suggestions on how to off a guy without so much hassle and bullshit?

      Please email me at: fwichita4

      Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated. THANKS

    2. Clearly you were taken for a ride, either boy sensed your are shy or newbie to the scene or soft spot and exploited situation to his advantage. 2000 for short time even in BKK would be generous , specially for such a rushed session.

      I don't know about others but I like to set terms both monetary and time wise before I decide on the off. Not completely fool proof but seems to be working most time.

      Chalk it off to experience , no need to get upset about 30$ or even non satisfactory performance


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