Saturday, 21 February 2015

Free entertainment on Walking street

Free entertainment on Walking street

There are many entertainers who ply their trade on walking street, watching is free although donations are welcome. To ask for donations at the end of the show is the quickest way to disperse a crowd.

These two street magicians have been around for many years (in different costumes as far as I remember):

Boxing shows in bars as long as I can remember:

Contortionist girl first appeared last year:

The B-Boys (breakdancing boys) or similar groups can often be seen practicing:

Turkish Ice Cream Show started around 2013 and is spreading. They look decidedly un-Thai, I wonder how they got a work permit.

I noticed this lady (?) in front of Upstairs gogo club several times:

People in strange costumes seem to be a world wide phenomenon:

Painters have been near Bali Hai pier for years:

I saw these boys doing tricks on miniature motorbikes only once (good riddance: I don't like the sound of combustion engines and they blocked the way).

I saw this boy doing tricks with a football only once (he managed to take of his shirt while balancing the ball on his head), what a pity he didn't come more often, the only case I tipped:

As far as I know, "Funny Air" (laughing gas, Dinitrogen monoxide) outlawed quickly after it appeared in Thailand:

Finally, it's a great spot for people watching.

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