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Government House on National Children's Day

Government House on National Children's Day

National Children's Day (2nd Saturday of January) is the only day when Government House (Tuek Thai Khufa ตึกไทยคู่ฟ้า ทำเนียบรัฐบาล) is open to general public. I missed it in 2013, was there in 2014 but is was closed for fear of occupation, missed the occupation during political unrest by a week (that would have been far more exciting than National Children's Day). 

Picture I took in the afternoon, in the morning it was much busier:

To enter, you first have to queue to get a ticket, then queue again to be let in. Photography not permitted inside, but I had already taken two picture when I learned of this:

In the Prime Minister's office, photography is allowed. Picture sitting on his desk (children only, about 5 seconds time, there is a queue on the right and attendants make sure eveything goes quick):


While you can see the building from main road every day, you have to get close to admire details or get a rear view:

Ant there is Tuek Narisamoson and Tuek Saeng Athit ตึกนารีสโมสร ตึกแสงอาทิตย์ as well, you cannot see them from main road, have to enter the premises.

Pictures from other buildings and outdoor activities:

Spinning toy, like a horizontal yoyo:

Scary make-up:

There was a special show at Don Muang airport (judging by picture on a friend's facebook), leading to delays in passenger flights:

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