Friday, 6 February 2015

X-Boys January 2015

X-Boys January 2015

General Soi Twilight update January 2015:
Drink prices Hot Male 350 Baht (22:30 boys in black or white briefs), Fresh boys 350 (boys in new underwear style: blue and white trunks), X-Boys 350 (boys in black and white striped briefs), Classic boys 350 (but waiter tried to entice me in with unspecified discount), Dream boys 450, Zeus closed permanently in December.

Monday 26.01.2015
Have a drink with a Farang friend RonanTheBarbarian at Hotmale beer bar (too loud to talk to each other, and your neighbor might light a cigarette, will not be back soon). From their toilet (2nd floor, shared with Hotmale gogo), you can look down into the soi, and you can take a detour through the gogo bar for a free look.

Afterwards, we decide to go to X-Boys. (Actually R insisted in inviting me, I would not have gone because timing was poor and they still have these hideous black and white striped briefs, but I haven’t been for about 2 years and it’s an invitation.) Arrive 22:40, show is in progress. Music too loud (can’t talk with your neighbor), aircon too cold. Good occupancy, I estimate 80% of seats are occupied, if you deduct boys and waiters still 70% occupied by customers. Staff not pushy. Smoking in the bar allowed, and in the course of the night it became a nuisance. Poor light during show.

The show consists of the usual acts: ladyboys, singing and dancing, big cock, full nudity, boys lathering each other with suds, boys with fluorescent paint (later pouring fluorescent liquid over their body), the dreaded acrobatic fuck show with subsequent touring of the audience (and people give money, I estimate 10x100 Baht, I'm aghast to see R tipping them). Show ends 23:53. Everything back to normal (after a short time with no nudity, not even underwear, all boys in jeans, end of 2014). The show was not bad, it’s just that I’m not interested in show.

There were two cute boys: 9 and 48, and one cute waiter and one cute customer. I would have sex for free with each of these 4, but there was nobody I would pay for.

During the show, there were about 10 boys sitting around, during circulation about 15 on stage, total number estimated 20 to 25. Among them about 5 coyote boys (up to 3 dancing at the same time) in individual underwear. Off fee 500 and expected short time tip 1500.

00:20 Boys leave stage and next show is going to start, time to leave!

It will be a long time until I visit X-Boys again. It boils down to walking through the soi every week, but visiting a particular bar every two years (X-Boys, Fresh boys, Classic, X-Size, Hotmale).

Say goodbye to R (who took a boy) and walk through the soi. When I reach the end (Rama 4), a local approaches me and asks me if I am free now, his friend would like to talk to me. He leads me to Maxi’s where his ladyboy friend is sitting. Nice conversation, we might meet again.

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  1. Nice to hear that everything is back to normal in the soi.

    What's wrong with tipping fuck show participants? after all they are making some effort to earn it most people wouldn't even entertain a thought about doing in the open.

    I must admit I always tip them 100 for that reason , not being fan of fuck shows either

  2. I don't like fuck shows, hence I do not tip.


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