Thursday, 30 April 2015

Adolf Hitler in Paris

Adolf Hitler in Paris

To commemorate the 70th anniversary of Adolf Hitler's death and the upcoming 70th anniversary of the end of Second World War in Europe, a picture from happier times:

(middle: Adolf Hitler, left: Albert Speer, right: Arno Breker, background: Eiffel Tower)

The picture is detailed enough to allow me to find the very spot where Adolf Hitler was standing.

The handrail is new, and there is a note, however it doesn't say "Adolf Hitler was here" is says "Don't climb on the wall" (or similar).

This area was closed off (for nearby firework for La Fête Nationale) when I took the picture (through fence), usually it's full of tourists. Not for taking a selfie where Adolf Hitler was standing, but for the view of Paris.

On the subject of Adolf Hitler, two German sayings:

"Da träumt der Führer von!" (the fuhrer dreams of it) means something is so wonderful, so magnificent, that even Adolf Hitler can only dream of it, but not have it.

"Wenn das der Führer wüßte!" (if the fuhrer knew... implied: then he would change it) to express disapprovement with a situation, and implying that the fuhrer would disapprove as well and change it.
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Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Wat Pa Nong Lup วัดป่าหนองหลุบ in Khon Kaen

Wat Pa Nong Lup วัดป่าหนองหลุบ in Khon Kaen

I saw a picture of this place on the internet while I was looking for something else and was intrigued, so I went during my last trip to Khon Kaen.

16°28'37.6"N 102°46'00.2"E 16.477105, 102.766734
8.4 km north-west of Khon Kaen railway station. 3.9 km by road north of intersection of hwy 12 = Maliwan road มะลิวัลย์ with hwy 230 = Khon Kaen ring road. Songtheo line 5 (to Baan Tum บ้านทุ่ม) passes the intersection in east-west direction, walk from there. About 800 m west of hwy 230, nearest kilometer marker is km 12 of hwy 230 (33 km to Nam Pong น้ำพอง, 89 km to Kalasin กาฬสินทธุ์). Visible from highway.

I was wondering if the brown color is from tiles, from near you can see it's from laterite stone:

These buildings are actually the first you pass when coming from highway, modeled after a temple in India (which?):

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Thursday, 16 April 2015

City Walk Karaoke near Royal Palace

City Walk Karaoke near Royal Palace
Lesser known gay venues (2)

13°44'53.4"N 100°29'48.0"E 13.748158, 100.496660
Atsadang Road ถนนอัษฎางค์ corner to Soi Phraya Sri ซอยพระยาศรี. Across Khlong Lot คลองหลอfrom Saranrom Park สวนสราณรมย์

No website that I know of, but some pictures on google if you search in Thai: ซิตี้ วอล์ค คาราโอเกะ

Daytime view:

Nighttime view:

They advertised a few times in gay magazines. I ate/drank there several times on way to/from Saranrom. Staff is all male, some cute, high turnover. There was one cute Thai boy in 2013 who seemed interested, gone before I could take further steps. One cute Vietnamese boy in 2014, gone before I could take further steps.

I vaguely remember several issues with food (slow, one dish with chicken with bone splinters and tendons, another dish with chicken - fried chicken wings? - mainly bones with little meat), but I had vegetable tempura (120 Baht) several times and was happy. Sprite 25 Baht.

Music (karaoke) is loud, and other customers (mainly male, gay as far as I can tell) will sing.

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Wednesday, 15 April 2015

House overgrown by trees on Sri Phraya

House overgrown by trees on Sri Phraya

Walking along Sri Phraya road, I spotted a derelict house overgrown by trees. View from  Sri Phraya (about 100 m north of elevated tollway crossing):

Enter the premises (At the begin of April, I already have my monthly dose of urban decay and trespassing!):

Upper floors stairway of adjacent building give better view:

Cut branches indicate that there was much more growth before. Adjacent buildings (still inhabited) are threatened:

About 100 m south of elevated tollway crossing, another building with a tree growing next to / on it:


(Roof garden of Fab sauna - former Bangkok Ten / Bangkok 10 - gives aerial view.)

There are temples overgrown by trees in Thailand (will post separately) and Cambodia (Angkor Thom) and Anping tree house in Taiwan that are tourist attractions, but I guess the buildings in the first part of this post will be demolished. 

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Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Collective nouns and majestonyms

Collective nouns and majestonyms

But first:


noun Pol·ly·an·na \ˌpä-lē-ˈa-nə\ :
someone who thinks good things will always happen and finds something good in everything
After a character in a novel:  

That aptly describes several posters on the gay forums. Give them any cock, at any price, and they will be happy as a pig in mud.


Tantalus (Ancient Greek: Τάνταλος, Tántalos) was a Greek mythological figure, most famous for his eternal punishment in Tartarus. He was made to stand in a pool of water beneath a fruit tree with low branches, with the fruit ever eluding his grasp, and the water always receding before he could take a drink.

That describes my situation in Thailand. Cute boys are everywhere, in crowded areas I would just have to bend forward to kiss their neck, but as soon as I invite one to my room: cannot! So close that I could touch them, but as soon as I reach out they recede.

Collective nouns for freelancers and ladyboys

Quotes from stickman weekly column.

The Future of Nana Plaza (Stickman Weekly 28/9/2014)
What is the collective noun for freelancers, you know, the word used to describe a group of something, like a pride of lions.  How about a phalanx of freelancers, perhaps?  And for those of you who have ventured to the dark side, what would the collective noun be for a group of ladyboys?

Gogo Bars, There Is An Alternative (Stickman Weekly 5/10/2014)
In last week's column I asked what the collective noun was for freelancers, and also for ladyboys. There were a lot of funny responses and here are some of the best:
*  A gobble of katoeys.
*  A cuckold of ladyboys.
*  A clique of dick.
*  A fleece of freelancers, a danger, a risk, a temptation or an attraction even? And, of course, a scrotum of ladyboys!
*  If it's a pride of lions, how about a prance or a preen of ladyboys? Or, how about a buffet of ladyboys?
*  Given that a phalanx was a Macedonian army section with long stabbing spears, it really would be better as a phalanx of ladyboys.
*  I normally call a group of ladyboys a giggle or if they are of the more dishonest type, a dip. The only word to describe a collection of freelancers has to be a temptation of.
*  A head of ladyboys? A gaggle of ladyboys? A swallow of ladyboys?
*  Uncharitably, how about an importunment of freelancers? A desperation of freelancers? It is obviously a scrum of ladyboys. Or maybe a surprise of ladyboys?

Sloppy Service (Stickman Weekly 12/10/2014)
One more collective noun. I think I'd call them a plague of ladyboys!


I learnt of the word “Majestonym” in the book “Der Dativ ist dem Genitiv sein Tod” by Bastian Sick. The article is available online (in German):
ZWIEBELFISCH Von Modezaren und anderen Majestonymen Von SICK, BASTIAN 31.10.2005

There is nothing in English on the internet, here definition in German:

Majestonym, das
Eine moderne Wortfigur, bei der ein Wortbestandteil durch ein Wort aus dem Bedeutungsbereich des Adels 'veredelt' wird. Der gewöhnliche Wortbestandteil wird dabei verstärkt.
Beispiele: Schönheitskönigin, Modezar, Literaturpapst, Erklärkönig, Medienmogul, Denkerfürst.

my translation:

majestonym, noun
A modern figure of speech which is composed of a common noun and a royal title (from all over the world). The common noun is thereby enhanced. Examples: 
beauty queen, drug lord, king of pop, media mogul.

Majestonyms are wide spread in German, but less so in English. Recently, I have been called “prince of parsimony” (by Jellybean in which raises the question: what do you call someone whose fame is to suck cock in public toilets (LMTU) or someone who spends a lot of time in gay saunas or gogo bars?

Alliteration in preferred, e.g. gaybutton could be the Pope of Pattaya (bangkokbois already calls him the mayor of Pattaya); LMTU the Toilet Tzar, or the Bathroom Baron, or the Cottage King. And which title is left for me?

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Monday, 13 April 2015

Architecture: neogothic island in Suan Plu

Architecture: neogothic island in Suan Plu

There is an island of neogothic architecture in Suan Plu สวนพลู = Sathorn Soi 3 สาทร ซอย3, Suan Plu Garden สวนพลูการ์เดน.

13°43'16.4"N 100°32'18.0"E 13.721217, 100.538323

View from a friend's place, thanks:

View from Suan Plu (Somerset in background):

View from inside the island (dead end road, Somerset in background):

Was mentioned before, now finally full post.

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Sunday, 12 April 2015

Oh my god! ChristianPFC in the Sunday Funnies

Oh my god! ChristianPFC in the Sunday Funnies

Statistical analysis of appearance of posters on the gay Thailand forums in the Sunday Funnies on bangkokbois.

Songkran '14 Special Report has comics as well, mainly about gaybutton, not included in the count.

Name of poster followed by numbers of Sunday Funnies they appeared in, inverse chronological order:

BaoBao 87, 48, 41, 39, 35, 20, 15, 13, 10
Neal 86, 78, 63, 41, 30, 21, 18, 17, 16
Out in Thailand 84, 83
gaybutton 80, 55, 45, 42, 30
fountainhall 79, 78, 54, 30, 26, 22
scottish-guy 78, 38, 29, 18, 5
timmberty 74, 65, 56, 51, 50, 45, 43
beachlover 73, 70, 69, 69 (two funnies), 51, 49, The Beach Lover Diaries, 47, 43, 41, 40, 37, 36, 34, 33, 29, 25, 25 (two funnies), 22, 22 (two funnies), 21, 21 (two funnies), 17, 16, 15, 14, 12, 11, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 1, 1 (two funnies)
bucknaway 71, 58, 53, 29
jinks 69 
Monty 63   
lonely wombat 60
latintopxxx 59  
NIrishguy 50 
ChristianPFC 48, 45, 14
Smiles 48, 21, 14, 5
surfcrest 46
cdnmatt 44
dab69 43
LMTU 29, 22, 21
YeSiam 24  
combat 8 

Most of these Sunday Funnies are based on things posters said on the forums, it would be a Herculean task to find these posts and link them to the Funnies. I will leave it to someone else.

But wait! My fame has spread elsewhere:

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Saturday, 11 April 2015

Gay activities in Khon Kaen and Chaiyaphum

Gay activities in Khon Kaen and Chaiyaphum

Short story: There were no gay activities.

Full story: Originally I wanted to meet Burmese Woman in Mae Sot, but she postponed her trip. Second choice was going to Sangkhlaburi, but can’t reach Sanghklaburi boy. So it will be Khon Kaen (sightseeing) and Chaiyaphum (meeting a friend).

Sat 14.03.2015 Bangkok to Khon Kaen

Train to Khon Kaen (daytime trip over Pa Sak Chonlasit dam). Last trip to Khon Kaen (details about gay life in Khon Kaen there, here only updates) I went to The Beach Khon Kaen sauna, but it’s too far out and I didn’t like what I saw, so I won’t go again. Information about Mun-day sauna on the internet is out of date, I tried to call them (no answer), it’s safe to assume they are closed. Secret Spa still operating (drive past on songtheo).

Check hornet: a boy is nearby (400 m) and seems interested. But then communication gets slow on hornet, and no reply on Line. Later I even walk past the hotel he is staying in. Following day same problem (slow communication). Now he is in Bangkok, but too far away and still slow communication.

G-Star Palace disco changed name to The Club (don’t know if it’s still gay) and currently closed for renovation.

At night check Ratchadanuson Garden (19:15 nothing), Thanarak Anuson Park (21:30 nothing). But many cute boys at night market (Na Soon Ratchagarn road from Lang Muang to Theparak).

At the railway station one gay encounter, he is fishing for invitation to my room, but not my type. Doesn’t know of Mun-day sauna.

Sun 15.03.2015 Khon Kaen

At night check parks and gardens again, no activity. 

But an elephant is walking past in mid town. While they are banned from Bangkok, elephants (with mahout selling food for the elephant) can still be seen elsewhere: Khon Kaen, Udon Thani, Mahachai (and one more, I forgot the name, all personal experience).

Mon 16.03.2015 Khon Kaen to Chaiyaphum

A Thai friend N (met in Sunee plaza beer bar, originally from Buriram, but now touring Esan as singer/dancer in Mor Lam concerts) called or messaged me several times over the last months to come and see him in Buriram or Chaiyaphum. Now that I have time and am going to see him, he is not sure if and when he will have time (but I go anyway, all my trips are planned considering Thai friends I am going to meet are not available).

At the bus station, waiting for departure, I message him that I’m going to Chaiyaphum now. He messages back that he is on the bus to Pattaya, for holiday. That means it’s not work, which he has to take as it comes; but some days off (?) which he chooses to spend in Pattaya instead of with me, who came all the way from Bangkok to meet him.

Shows once again what devious, lying, cunning bastards some of these Thai boys are. (Sound a bit harsh, but I am not angry, I might even meet him again if circumstances are favorable. I’m not angry any more when such things happen, on the contrary I take it as confirmation of my world view.)

But I will take heavy revenge, next time our paths cross in Pattaya I will tell him: “I’m so sorry, but I have many friends in Pattaya, I’m not free now. When I came to Chaiyaphum I was free all day and night for you only. Maybe see you next time in Chaiyaphum.”

Update: he called me again, if and when I can come to Buriram to meet him.

Sightseeing all day. Walk around town at night. At a food stall, a man (?) J who seems to be gay says hello to me. I sit down for a chat with him and friends. J offers several times to take me back by mocy, I decline, not my type. All communication in English. Their English is poor, but sufficient. Anyway, I can follow most of what they talk in Thai (a lot of foul language). Nowadays, I more often deny understanding Thai then I admit speaking Thai.

To test the waters, I point to a nearby group of boys estimated age 15 to 18 and say that they are cute. “Oh, Farang like baby boy!”. There is no stigma, J tells other customers and staff as well (using the English “baby boy”), as matter-of-factly as if I like dogs or oranges. Finally, J says that I can have baby boy for 4000 Baht. I tell him that I had boys (over 18) for 500 in Bangkok. He lowers to 2900. This will lead nowhere, say goodbye.

Language note: They called me บักสีดา bàk sĕe daa, บัก bàk meaning „guy“ and สีดา sĕe daa „guava“ in Esan language (information by a friend in Bangkok).

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Friday, 10 April 2015

Khao Man Gai price comparison in Bangkok

Khao Man Gai price comparison in Bangkok

Khao Man Gai ข้าวมันไก่ is one of my favorite dishes. Sometimes called Hainanese chicken rice. Often you have the choice between boiled chicken ไก่ตอม and fried chicken ไก่ทอด, or mixed ผสม, the boiled chicken with our without skin, normal ธรรมดา and special พิเศษ (larger portion, usually 5 Baht more expensive). Prices are given standard/special.

Prices vary a bit according to comfort: street food (open sky) should be cheaper than half-open (roof, but open to at least one side) should be cheaper than restaurant or food court with aircon.

ข้าวมันไก่ is literally "rice oil chicken" meaning oily rice ข้าวมัน with chicken. It is sold in dedicated shops, easily recognized by boiled chicken hanging in the window:

Sorted by decreasing price:

In front of Silom Soi 2 streetfood late at night 60 Baht  

Food court (more like a restaurant) at Government center (Immigration Chaeng Wattana) 55

Open foodcourt on Surawong road ถนนสุรวงศ์ in front of Montien hotel โรงแรมมณเฑียร 50 Baht
The Mall Bangkapi food hall 50 Baht

Empire tower (south-east corner of Chong Nonsi intersection)
oasis food court 45

Queen Sirikit Center food plaza 45

Silom street food under BTS 40/50

"Kho Khao Man Gai" โก๊ะ ข้าวมันไก่ near Sam Yan MRT station สามย่าน on ground floor of "Too fast to sleep" (half open, this shop is open 24/7 and 5 to 10 minutes walk from Surawong or Silom) 40

Hua Lampong railway station half open 40
Century the movie plaza food court south of Victory Monument 40 
Pradipat (street food near Soi 20) 40 
Victory Monument (half open Phaya Thai island) 40/50 
Ramintra near Soi 109 (half open) 40/50

Rama 4 near Soi Ngam Duplee half-open 35/45 
Soi Sribampen near Yenagat street food 35/40
Ramkhamhaeng Soi 53 half-open 35

Sukhumvit Soi 71 (Klongtan) street food 30
Suan Plu near Soi 7 street food 30/35 
Pracha Uthit (Ratburana) Soi 33 Yeak 6 street food 30/35 

update 9oct2017: 
the mixed boiled and fried goes by various names:
two-in-one ทูอินวัน, mixed ผสม, two kinds สองอย่าง 

update 1feb2018:
Cheapest ever in Lang Suan, boiled chicken and chicken liver for 30 THB on 24 and 25jan2018. Usually liver costs extra.

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