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Gay activities March 2015

Gay activities March 2015

Mon 02.03.2015
A boy M (the one who puked in my bathroom and didn’t clean it up) is at Wat Sri Bun Ruang (Ramkhamhaeng Soi 107, end of Saen Saep canal boat line) with and invites me join him there (I am in the area). Afterwards, we go to G-Star Pavilion and split at 1 am. He and his friends go to Welcome Pub (Sukhumvit 71), but I don’t join because I found it too crowded and too loud on previous visits. Anyway, I thought he would go with me after G-Star!

He told me G-Star will close at 1 am, however when he left there were no signs of closing. Even when I ask staff at 1:20 am (party inside in full swing), they say it closes at 1!

Next time he wants to meet, I have to make clear what I have in mind and ask what he is looking for.

I had a case in the end of 2013 with a boy P, we had sex the first time we met and I was looking for a repeat. But all subsequent meetings (lunch or dinner, just us two or with friends) did not lead to my room or his room. As far as I remember, we met four times more, every time on average 800 Baht and 4 hours spent (total 2400 Bath, 16 hours), until I realized that he is not looking to have sex with me again, he meets me because I pay for everything!

Tue 03.03.2015
Message a boy Pong whom I know from massage, order him to my room (appointment 20:00, comes 20:25), I fuck him, everything fine, 1000+100 Baht, will meet again some time. Another boy Z comes later and stays over night.

Wed 04.03.2015
Free sex with Z so-so.

Fri 06.03.2015
GG sauna first visit (details separately). On return (to Hua Lampong railway station) meet M (the boy from Monday G-Star Pavilion) at the railway station, he is waiting for his train to Uttaradit. He says he has no money to come back to Bangkok, I don’t bite (miraculously, he would be back a week later, without money from me!).

Sat 07.03.2015
Meet a boy S whom I know from Hua Lampong in Ekkachai Soi 106 (about 15 km south-west from central Bangkok). He is not my type, but was in company of two cute boys when we met at Hua Lampong last year. We have been writing on Line a lot (usually he messaging me). After this meeting in person, I still don’t know what he wants. Spent about 300 Baht and 2 hours.

Continue to Male box sauna near Central Rama 2. One bordercase, name Gan. He shows interest and speaks good English. He is 33 years old, but still looks good. There is even a 50 year old around who still looks good and would have a chance with me. Gan offers me a ride to my room (35 minutes on his mocy), and after chatting we have sex. I never had sex with someone that old before, (warning: pedophile joke ahead) actually 33 is twice the average age of my sexual partners! Meet again some time.

Sun 08.03.2015
GG sauna second visit (details separately).

Just when I’m about to leave my room for Saranrom, a boy I messaged days ago replies on Line. About 10-11 pm chat with boy on hornet, then line, wants camsex, I offer to go to his place (near BTS Surasak), but he stays with his family. Then it seems like he will come to my place, then a gap in communication, then goodnight. Now it’s too late to go out!

I tried to contact Sangkhlaburi gay boy on Line, hornet, facebook*, messages not read. Finally call him, poor connection, then interrupted, then line occupied. Without efficient communication, it’s not worth going (I had planned 3 days 2 nights trip). Suddenly I have a full week free in Bangkok, no plans, I can do what I want! Time to go to some places I wanted to see long time.

*Actually he deleted his facebook profile. I was looking in my messages and friends and couldn’t find him. But I keep the notification emails of important contacts, and it led to a page that doesn’t exist any more.

Tue 10.03.2015
An old acquaintance O from Lopburi is in Bangkok, arrives 1 am, cuddle, then sleep; after waking up wank together, give him 1000 Baht.

Wed 11.03.2015
Z comes to my room and seduces me; Seed internet, 5 to 12 customers, spend most of the time on the internet (3 hours internet included in 100 Baht entry), with occasional strolls, and surprise: a boy (cute, slim, nice underwear) I remember from before is there and gets fucked by two others, I didn’t have condom on me (it’s in the locker), so I just have a wank. The first time I missed a fuck due to lack of condom! Their facebook site says: Ramkhamhaeng branch. Ask reception: there is no second branch.

Thu 12.03.2015
Meet boy from gayromeo at his place (Minburi) in the evening, not so much my type; boy from hornet comes to my place at night and has a wank, not so much my type.

I had planned a trip to Nakhon Sawan and Mae Sot (Tak province) for tomorrow, to meet Burmese Woman and her family (refugee camp in Mae Sot). One last message to confirm, 12 hours before departure; reply: postponed! Call Sangklaburi boy: no connection. (Update: still no contact.) The whole tragedy (I'm close to tears as I write this) is summarized in one screenshot:(The Thai translates as: I will go to Sangkhlaburi again. What day are you free?)

Fri 13.03.2015
Message three boys on Line in the morning, one reply in the afternoon;

Around 16:00 check two toilets in Tesco Lotus On Nut: no crusing. Around 16:30 check three toilets in Big C On Nut: no cruising.

Foot massage near On Nut in Kon Thong Massage (between Soi 75/2 and Soi 77; count 10 massage places in Soi 77/1). A Thai friend told me they have cute Burmese and Cambodian boys. This place is mixed (man and woman masseurs). With foot massage you can have a look at all of their boys and see customer traffic. Unfortunately, there were not many boys (4 boys and one woman as far as I remember), and the boys were not outside or downstairs. After massage, I went to bathroom and didn’t see any boys, or even rest area, on 1st (ground), 2nd and 3rd floor. One hour foot massage 150 Baht, tip 200 Baht.

On return, walk past Mind Sauna: open (but I don’t go in, just refute scare mongering on CFS crusingforsex that it is closed).

Pong comes in the evening 20:40-21:10, I fuck him, 1000 Baht

Saturday 14.03.-Tuesday 17.03.2015
Khon Kaen and Chaiyaphum, separate post.

Tuesday 17.03.2015
Message several boys on Line, no reply or not free. Saranrom about 23:30 to 1:00 about 35 boys, take one to hotel, might meet again some day; total about 3 h and 800 Baht spent.

Wednesday 18.03.2015
Stroll through Soi Twilight, Soi 6, Soi 4. Last time I was in Silom was 12.02., that's 5 weeks! Then to DJ station 00:50 (i.e. Thursday morning) to 3:10, almost hook up (a Cambodian who is in Bangkok for holiday smells like money boy, anyway after smoking (negative) he came back but not to me, chat with friends (?) nearby instead), exchange a few looks with another cute boy, go home alone. Total 4 h and 150 Baht spent.

Thursday 19.03.2015
At Hua Lampong railway station, a man Tae chats me up. He is chatty and speaks some English and is gay. I buy him a beer (i.e. he leads me to a shop, asks me for a beer, I give him 100 Baht, he pays, doesn't give change to me) and we walk in Chinatown and Hua Lampong (he is a good walker).

He often holds my hand which I find weird, in addition he had a mocy accident with injuries on his fingers, covered by band-aids that should have been changed a week ago, and we disagree about the right moment to cross the street (he wants to cross, I want to wait).

He offers to chat up cute boy for me, and indeed we sit, drink and chat with two local boys (one of them cute), but nothing ensues.

He is fishing for an invitation to my room, no way! He stays in a nearby hotel with a friend (waiting for train the following morning), confirmed by going to his room.

By chance, meet a Farang friend from 2013 again at the railway station (in 2013 we exchanged phone number and email, but didn’t find time to meet again).

Finally, after over 4 hours and 400 Baht spent, I say goodbye and go home alone. Tae is from Nakon Sawan, where I will go one week later. Exchange phone numbers to meet again in Nakon Sawan.

Friday 20.03.2015
Have dinner (19:10-21:50) at Maxi’s with a Farang friend T. Several cute boys walk past. I think I recognize the other cute boy from DJ station two days ago. I have to go to Soi Twilight more often, so I recognize moneyboys from there in discos or online.

Super A 22:10-45. Soft drink 100 Baht. 8 boys, of which 6 in underwear (poorly fitting) and two shirtless in jeans. A discomforting development (boys in jeans in gogo bars). Boys in flip-flops or bare feet. Several other customers. Smoking allowed.

Nature boys 22:50-23:40. Soft drink 150 Baht. 6 boys in underwear, bare feet or flip flop. Only customer when I enter, one other customer later.

The boys descend on me, dicks out (that includes mine after one boy opens my zipper and belt), a little slice of Eros (Pattaya bar) in Bangkok! The boy with the best body is too hairy. One boy (Nong 26/60/175) sticks out: good English and entertaining, but body-wise a bordercase. Skin too cold (from aircon or fan in the bar), but nice hairless balls. After long pondering, and a lot of enticement, I decide to off him. 400 Baht off fee. I freely admit: if he hadn’t been such a good talker and entertainer, I wouldn’t have offed him based on his face and boy. If such a case arises again, ask the boy if he smokes, and don't take him if he is a smoker.

He has a mocy and we go to my room on his mocy (that’s a first!), both with safety helmet. Can do everything (sucking confirmed, fucking not confirmed). Willing and able, highly recommended! In addition, he works daytime as a mocy taxi driver in Sathorn, which means is available any time.

Sat 21.03.2015
Koh Si Chang island over night (off the shore of Sri Ratcha), my friend there fucks me.

Sun 22.03.-Tue 24.03.
Pattaya separate post.

Wednesday 25.03.2015
Drink in Banana Bar in Soi Twilight with a Farang friend. Heavy rain, slow business. Loud music, cigarette smoke from another customer. Horrible place.

Walk home, past a group of Thai men drinking. I spot a cute boy among them, so I follow invitiation for a drink (22:50-23:15). Why does the cute boy (youngest in the group), who is the reason why I join, always moves to a peripheral position? In previous encounters elsewhere the reason was obscured by larger number of people and some of them standing, but here it is crystal clear: we are 6 people and there are 5 chairs, like musical chairs, but here the cute boy has to move so I can sit! I noticed before that the cute boy is sent away to get drink or food.

I have a magazine of general content with me, into which I put gay magazine and map which got wet during rain. When leafing through the general magazine, my neighbor gets a glimpse of the gay magazine and asks if I am gay. I admit. He says he is top only. They then note that I have interest in the cute boy, who is ridiculed (putting my hand on his crotch, telling me that he is a virgin – the head of his penis is red color because he has never fucked a woman?).

All this will not endear me to him. With hindsight, the situation was similar in encounters elsewhere. My participation was always at the expense of the cute boy for which I joined the group. A devastating discovery!

Friday 27.03.2015 Nakon Sawan
Arrive in Nakon Sawan, call Tae: busy. Two hours later ( 21:20) T calls me, he is free and can come to bus station (where I am) to meet me. 22:05 still no sign, call him: no connection.

Walk around town, there is a motor show with music festival. One day for female beauty pageant, one day for male beauty pageant.

Chat up a single cute boy near the music festival. He is waiting for his brother, who is playing in the festival. If the music wasn’t deafening, I could ask him if he wants to come to my room, but without the music he wouldn’t be there!

It’s all fucked up! There are gay saunas, but they are mostly so dark that I can’t see others; there are mobile phones, but boys don’t answer or battery not charged or whatever; there are gogo bars but prices in Bangkok are prohibitively expensive; there are gay discos, but people go there to drink and dance, and when you get a phone number (see above); many more, you get my point.

Saturday 28.03.2015 Nakon Sawan
In the evening, walk through town and park around the lake. The island in the lake is not illuminated. Spot a single man who behaves suspicious. And indeed, when I ask him for the way, it turns out he is cruising. Spot 5 more, 4 of them cruising confirmed (they chat me up and do not beat about the bush).

Chat with a boy on hornet, he is free and not far from me. Communication ok. He writes “no sex”, but many a great fuck started as “I’m not looking for sex”. I walk to meeting point, some confusion, finally meet (he comes by mocy). My type! He offers me a ride back to my hotel. I get off his mocy and look around where he can park it, but he tells me he will go back for eating. Half an hour walk, exchange a few sentences, five minutes ride back, goodbye! Not sure what to make of this. Update: we are still in contact, and in three months I will go to Nakon Sawan again, hope we can do more then.

What to do with a Saturday evening? Call Tae: he is in Bangkok now! What the fuck is he doing in Bangkok when I come to Nakon Sawan to meet him? (I would have gone to Nakon Sawan anyway, but should we meet again I will make some drama.)

Nakon Sawan was meant as a stop on the way to Mae Sot, invitation by Burmese Woman. Can’t reach her on Line or phone for final confirmation that she is there. Message a common friend: she is still in Birma! (Compare similar situation two weeks before!) If it was a Thai friend I would not hesitate to call him a retard, however with her I think it is really a misunderstanding (but now twice already?).

Someone tell me please: Is this crazy and I am normal or is this normal and I am crazy? I feel like the protagonist in a Kafka novel. For my readers, it must be like watching a train wreck?

Sunday 29.03.2015
Back in Bangkok, message several boys on Line: no answer or not free. Go to Fab sauna (former Bangkok 10, Si Phraya): handwritten note, closed this Sunday. Walk around Hua Lampong and Chinatown, some new contacts.

Monday 30.03.2015
A money boy friend is free, appointment 11:00, arrives 11:40 and leaves 12:20. I fuck him, 1000 Baht.

Tuesday 31.03.2015
Check three toilets in The Mall Bangkapi 17:20-30, no activity.

In March, I spent about 3 hours on Camfrog and gboysiam, two contacts on Camfrog.

5 gogo bars (Super A, Nature Boy, Kawaii, Eros, Power Boys)
4 saunas (GG twice, Male Box, Seed; Fab was closed doesn’t count)
2 discos (G-Star, DJ Station)
Meet 3 not money boys (one in Minburi not so much my type; one from Suan Plu comes to my room not so much my type, one in Nakon Sawan my type but no time)
1 visit to Saranrom

8 times paid sex (1100+6*1000+500+7600 Baht) out of which 3 with the same boy, 4 times free (however twice with a boy who is not so much my type and tricked his way into my bed, and one wanking in Seed; two encounters where the boy came but I didn’t do not count). None of these overwhelming.

March leaves me once again disillusioned and disappointed and wondering if anything good will ever come out of my dating activities.

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  1. Maybe a train wreck, but a very entertaining one!

  2. Thanks for the excellent post, Christian! I don't think that 'train wreck' is the right description at all. It's great that you do so much, go so many places & meet so many guys (which a lot of gay farang- myself included- don't do).

    I hope that your luck improves as your search continues!

  3. Very good read but can't help to notice that your search for the right one is not focused enough and too hasty. 11.40-12.20 it's just 40 minutes, give boy a chance to shine.

    I still hope one day you will fell silent for a while and shortly after we learn that reason fort that is that you fell in love

    1. 40 minutes: former massage boy (now unemployed), neither skillful at massage nor happy ending. The boy had several chances to shine, but didn't. But great body, nice ass and cock and cute face make me invite him again.

  4. I'm guessing you are in your 30s.
    You might strike lucky and find a cute young boyfriend, however to consistently have sex with the cutest young adults, it is necessary to pay them.
    As you get older, you either need to accept older partners, or pay them.

    Perhaps you might be better off searching out a lucrative job in somewhere like Berlin. There you have a gay scene, some Thai masseurs and you should earn enough money to hit the gogo bars every single night when taking holidays in Thailand.

    Whilst you are still in Thailand, if you're not working, you DO have time to waste chasing boys, so why not waste it?

    Anyhow, please keep up the blog, it is a great read.


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