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Weird stone at Thung Hin Tern in Nakon Sawan province

Weird stone at Thung Hin Tern in Nakon Sawan province

Two stones solitary in a field, one on top of the other with little contact area:

15°40'08.5"N 99°32'52.5"E 15.669025, 99.547930
(misspelled in English and Thai on googlemaps, submitted correction)
Thung Hin Tern (or Toen/Thoen or Turn) 
Chumtabong district, Nakon Sawan province
ทุ่งหินเทิน หมู่ 5 ต.ปางสวรรค์ อ.ชุมตาบง จ.นครสวรรค์ 

There is a small garden around the stones:

From close you can see they touch in two points (the stone is granite): 

A tree is standing in that position from where you would have the most impressive view:

No information in English on the internet, only Thai:ทุ่งหินเทิน.html  

Public transport: 
From Nakon Sawan bus station take bus 1091จ (Nakon Sawan - Lad Yao ลาดยาว) to Lad Yao (30 Baht, 9:46-10:48). From Lad Yao, bus 2270 (Lad Yao - Ban Lan บ้านลาน) and get off at intersection hwy 3473/3504 (32 Baht, 10:58-11:47). From there, walk or hitchhike; I asked for directions and was offered a ride on mocy for 100 Baht which I accepted (in hindsight expensive for 3.5 km; there is a sign that says 7 km which is wrong). Return hitchhike to intersection, songtheo 2270 (13:43-14:54, 34 Baht), then bus 1091จ (14:57-16:00, 30 Baht). 

From intersection of hwy 3473 and hwy 3504, 3.5 km north and then 600 m west. The stone can be seen from hwy 3504. Distance from Nakon Sawan bus station 74 km.

There is Wat Phrathat Hin Tern วัดพระธาตุหินเทิน on hwy 3504, the stone described above is behind the temple area. Many large stones scattered around the wat area.

Similar stones elsewhere in Thailand:

An even bigger stone, but without overlap, is in Khao Khitchakut National Park อุทยานแห่งชาติเขาคิชฌกูฏ in Chanthaburi province (I went a year ago:

and I just learnt of a similar (to Thung Hin Tern) stone near the Siamese Tulip fields in Lopburi and Chaiyaphum provinces

and there is Koh Hin Sorn เกาะหินซ้อน in Satun สตูล province and Hin Rua Bai หินเรือใบ on Similan สิมิลัน Islands in Phang Nga พังงา province.

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  1. Enjoy your trip

  2. Have a great trip, Christian... You will be missed!

  3. You are aware there is a fucking great iron rod holding these rocks together ?


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