Friday, 31 October 2014

Gogo bars in Chiang Mai

Gogo bars in Chiang Mai

Free Guy currently (Oct 2014) closed for renovation, Adam’s Apple, Circle Pub and New My Way open.

For location see gay magazines, the bar’s websites or here: 

Generalizations: starts late, at 9 pm you can be the first customer. Shows have a ration of two acts with boys with hard cock and one act with a singing girl (simplified). All bars had a few boys who are cute by my standards. Bar are non-smoking.

Generalization for gogo bars all over Thailand: breaks between acts of the shows are too long. Acts of the show are performed by different actors, there is no reason to let your customers wait in semi-darkness with nothing to look at. Is it poor management or deliberate? It’s a waste of my precious time.

(After over a year of shunning show, for this and other reasons, I sat through a few recently in Pattaya, Bangkok and Chiang Mai.)

Friday 17.10.2014

Adam’s Apple, arrive 22:00. Pineapple juice 260 Baht, off fee 300 Baht, short time 1000 up (information from staff). Popcorn is served for free, with fill up when empty. Most boys in white briefs or trunks, mostly poorly fitting. No white light in the bar (I like brown skin, but with colored light their complexion all look the same totally unattractive to me). Aircon ok, music ranging from ok to too loud.

22:10 show starts, all boys on stage, rotation ok. 22:40 break in show, 16 boys on stage. 23:07 break in show, 23:45 break in show and 13 boys on stage. Show consists of two acts with boys with hard dicks (most of them rubber band at base, total turn off for me, but one boy without) and one act with girl singing. The boys do interesting acrobatics. The bar uses a fog machine during some parts of the show, which I dislike (smell, I want to see the boys and not fog).

Smoking room seems to be a socializing hotspot for boys and customers, good light and low music level.

The only gogo bar in Chiang Mai I consider going again and offing a boy.

Sunday 19.10.2014

Circle Pub, arrive 21:35. Nobody on stage, but staff assures me there would be boys for the show, and I spotted a shirtless boy when I entered the bar. Orange juice 240 Baht, pay immediately. Off fee 300, short time 1500 up (information from staff). I am the first customers, but the best tables near stage are reserved. A few other customers come before show starts, and everyone (customers and staff) plays on their mobile phones.

22:10 show starts. Girl singing and 3 fully clothed boys dancing. 22:15-20 parade of boys, fully clothed (!!!) at the start, shirtless at the end. No underwear in sight, not even a waistband. Nudity and hard cock during the show (two acts with boys with hard cocks, one act with singing girl). 23:05 parade of boys, show ends. 23:45 second show starts, now about 20 customers in bar.

The customer sitting next to me chats me up. He is not my type, but the cute boy next to him (who he claims is his husband) is. But I can’t remember if the boy is from the bar or if he brought him in. (There was a similar situation in Saranrom, where a tranny claimed the cute boy she just picked up is her boyfriend.) After some chat and groping (he groping me and his “husband”), and vigorous thinking if there is any gain for me (free sex with the cute boy in the course of a threesome, blogging material), I decide it’s better to leave.

Not at all my style, but obviously appeals to locals (or they haven’t been to Pattaya and don’t know better). Won’t be back soon.

Monday, 20.10.2014

New My Way, arrive 21:40. I am the first customer. Orange Juice 240 Baht. No boys on stage, they project TV programme and there is disco music. After taking my order and serving, staff leaves me alone.

Schedule: open 9 pm, show 22:15 to midnight, close 1 am. Reality: 22:25 show starts with a parade of 14 boys. 23:05 parade of 16 boys; 7 customers me included. In breaks during show, they show soft porn. That is really taking the piss of customers: charging 240 Baht for orange juice and showing soft porn in breaks.

Same as Circle Pub: Not at all my style, but obviously appeals to locals (or they haven’t been to Pattaya and don’t know better). Won’t be back soon.

Verdict: gogo bars in Chiang Mai have a completely different style than Bangkok and Pattaya, and my needs are much better served in Pattaya, and at a lower drink price.

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Thursday, 30 October 2014

Saranrom price fluctuations

Saranrom price fluctuations

I go to Saranrom about once per month, number of boys fluctuates, and recently price fluctuates, too.

Monday 13.10.2014

Arrive 21:25. There was light rain an hour before, I was considering staying home, but surprisingly high number of boys (30, estimated) that early and despite rain. A group of boys make an offer of 300 for any of them. One of them looks cute, so I take him. Another boy drives us to short time hotel (100 Baht for ride, I am generous). Everything fine, but boy a bit too fat for my taste. But now I have bragging rights that I paid less for short time than others pay a drink in Soi Twilight’s bars!

I had offers of 300 and 400 Baht before (last year), but the boys were not my type. The problem is not the price, but finding a boy who is my type. And I only ask for price when I want to take the boy. Therefore it took two years until a boy who is my type (borderline) and 300 Baht offer coincide.

Wednesday 22.10.2014

Arrive 22:25. There was no rain at night, nonetheless low number of boys for that time, estimated 20. A car drives slowly while I walk, and there are no boys, so I guess the driver is perving on me. Indeed, he/she lowers the window and I go there and say hello and follow an invitation to sit down. She speaks good English and is looking for boys, too (a pale skin Chinese looking top). She asks me which boys I like, and finally there is one, but he wants 600 and doesn’t accept 500. Anyway, I had no plan how to continue. Threesome? Who pays? So we continue our ride and finally I get out and say goodbye.

Driving there in a car is really not my style. I would even say it’s denigrating to the boys, who come to the window, you can see them but they can’t see you, and then you drive away if they are not your type, but that’s how the usual procedure is.

I walk to the place where the one cute boy was, and he is still there. He doesn’t show interest, and after some chatting with others in the group I ask him again, he doesn’t want to go with me for 500 Baht. So be it, or not as in this case. Take taxi home.
On this day, I learnt as well from my liaison officer that one of my favorite boys B is out of prison (6 months for drugs) and now works in Silom (probably meaning Soi Twilight, but doesn't know which bar). Bummer!

I lost all my favorite boys (let’s call them A, B and C in chronological order of first encounter).

A moved to Soi Twilight last year. I offed him this year and ended up paying 2000 for short time (shared with a Farang friend for a threesome) plus 100 for taxi. He had the same money grabbing attitude at Saranrom, but then it was 500 plus 100 for taxi. It will be difficult to find a replacement. If you want browner skin, you have to go to Africa!

B was in prison and now works in Silom (Soi Twilight?). Usually I avoid contact with drug addicts, but for that body and dick I guess my readers would be lenient, too.

I did happy fucking with C once per week over several months end of last year, even trained him to be on time at a place of my choice, but then it got boring. He too went to Soi Twilight and had a short stint in Hotmale, where I was his only customer in the week he worked there. If you like the concentration-camp skinny look, he is the guy to go for!
I lost my two favorite masseurs in Silom as well (different price range: about 500 Baht for 1 hour oil massage and 1000 Baht tip; compare Saranrom 500 for boy and 200 for short time hotel). I cannot contact D on Line or on the phone, have to ask at his former workplace where he went.

E is back in his home province and we talk on the phone about once per month. He tells me he has no money to come to Bangkok and asked me to send money online. I am pondering stopping in his home province on an upcoming trip to Kanchanaburi. 

Everything was fine (3 favorite boys in Saranrom, 2 favorite massage boys in Silom), now it’s back to square one.

Update 28.10.2014: My second favorite massage boy is back, has no mobile phone (that's why my calls and messages were unanswered). 

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Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Orange Man in Thaniya

Orange Man in Thaniya

Recently (Thursday 16.10.2014, around 1 am) I spotted this person in Soi Thaniya and asked if I could take a picture.

The theme seems to be orange, so I call him Orange Man. He says he goes there often, but I didn't spot him before.

There was a similar character in Pattaya: Glitterman on a bicycle. I spotted him once, and now he is back in England.

For pictures and details see here:

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Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Buddhist hell garden in Wat Mae Kaet Noi near Chiang Mai

Buddhist hell garden in Wat Mae Kaet Noi near Chiang Mai

Wat Si Don Chai Pa Tung Ngam / Wat Mae Kaet Noi วัดศรีดอนชัย ป่าตึงงาม / วัดแม่แก้ดน้อย

วัดแม่แก้ดน้อย หมู่ 5 ต.ป่าไผ่ อ.สันทราย จ.เชียงใหม่
Saturday, 18.10.2014
From Chang Phuak bus station ช้างเผือก take green (metallic green) songtheo line 1234ข (it's not straightforward, these are labeled to Rom Luang ร่มหลวง or San Sai สันทราย or Mae Jo แม่โจ้ and there is a new line สายใหม่ so there might be an old line as well, and it was not clear to me whether it would go past the wat or if I would have to walk 2 km), 10:43-11:47, 18 Baht. The songtheo goes via Warorot market ตลาดวโรรส (which is a detour, but more passengers will board there). I was lucky, the songtheo drove past the wat.
The wat itself looks like others:

The interesting part is the Buddhist hell garden south of the wat. It's the weirdest I have seen so far (7: Chonburi, Pathum Thani, Ang Thong, three in Roi Et, Khon Kaen, Chiang Mai province).

Entrance from rural road (there is a direct entrance from the wat as well):

When you insert at 10 Baht coin, there will be light / sound / movement:

Such statues are all over the place:

Some of the statues have a description in Thai, for this one it is missing (blue field right bottom). Caption?

update 19feb2019:

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Monday, 27 October 2014

Classic Boys Bangkok

Classic Boys Bangkok

Friday, 24.10.2014

Invitation by a reader: first dinner, then a drink at Banana bar (19:30-20:25, good timing to watch the boys arrive for work), then Classic Bar (drinks 350 Baht, off fee 600, short time 1500).

Check location of Fusion Pub (new gay bar) see yesterday's post.

When we enter Classic Boys 20:37, boys in costumes are dancing on stage. Beer and orange juice 350 each, further drinks the same. We are entering hyperinflation, I predict drink prices of 1000 Baht within a year. 20:45 boys in underwear (briefs or trunks, white predominates) parade on stage, all wearing shoes. Boys and customers share a toilet, a good opportunity to watch them in white light or even have a chat while they are in the bathroom putting powder on their skin. About 20 to 25 boys on stage, out of 30 working, mostly twink. Many have their mobiles in their underwear.

Smoking allowed and I can see some other customers smoke, but can’t smell it. Aircon, music and light ok.

One cute boy gets offed quickly, other cute boys are number 10 (ruled out later, a bit too fat), 14, 33 (have offed him three times starting 3 years ago, good English and pleasant company, but looking for someone new today), 45, 49.

Show starts 22:40. Show consists of the following acts (chronological order): boys dancing and girl singing, candle play, boys touching each other, girl singing, diving in the pool (with very loose swimwear), boys dancing and girl singing, boys dancing and touching, one boy nude with erection dripping wax from candle on his body. Show ends 23:27. Maximum number of customers about 20.

Numbers 45 and 49 have perfect body shape and cute face; 14 is a bit on the fat side, but compensates by smiling at me many times. Difficult to balance these factors. In addition, my current favorite messaged me while I was sitting in the bar, but didn’t say if he wants to meet. Ask mamasan: off fee 600 Baht (hyperinflation!), expected short time tip 1500. Call number 14, have a short chat, no drink, off him.

Dinner and taxi to my room. Hong (หงส์ “swan”) 19/55/170 from Ubon Ratchathani, 1 month in Classic, before waiter. Versatile, 6 inch nice shape, gets hard quickly, good kisser, warm and dry skin, a bit too much pubic hair and a bit too fat. Basic English, non-smoker, no tattoos. 1500 Baht well deserved.

His interest in me seemed genuine, or he is a very good actor. Can you imagine the bitching and lamentation if he had been a dud?

Update: Saturday, he called me from the bar shortly before closing and asked if we can meet again. I told him he is welcome to stay with me, but I won't pay for sex. Haven't heard of him again. 

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Sunday, 26 October 2014

Fusion Pub in Surawong

Fusion Pub in Surawong

Unbeknownst to me and the internet, a new gay bar "Fusion Pub" has opened in Surawong. (I have yet to get my hands on October edition of Desire and Max, maybe they have an advert - gay magazines distribution problem.)

Soft opening was October 3rd (3 ตุลาคม, wrongly translated as September 3rd in a bilingual publication in front of Hotmale beer bar, style like in Desire magazine), opening party was October 11th (chalk on the wall of Hotmale beer bar).

I learnt of this place by chance, from an advertising in front of Hotmale beer bar, on Friday 24.10.2014. 

Location is in the basement of Wall Street Tower (diagonally across Surawong road from Soi Twilight), there is one illuminated sign with no direction; on the right walk down the stairs to the basement, past a massage shop with ladies, to the end of the hallway.

Confirmed location around 20:30, music inside and I could see two people through the door (but didn't go in as I had other plans for the night). 

Update: opening time is 22:00; same owner as Hotmale.

Around midnight one member of staff at Hotmale beer bar and others outside on Surawong road (T-shirt with bar logo).

From their advertisement: show at midnight and 1:30 am; hot model, sexy coyote, cabaret show.

They are supposed to have a facebook page "ฟิวชั่นผับ" which I can't find (similarly named places elsewhere pop up).

Update (see comment):ฟิวชั่น-ผับ/744100342293359

Update 28.10.2014: finally got October issues of Desire and Max, from Tawan Bar. Fusion is mentioned in Desire. 

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Saturday, 25 October 2014

Architecture: Neo-renaissance exuberance in Chiang Mai

Architecture: Neo-renaissance exuberance in Chiang Mai

I spotted this building two years ago, it's still there and still for sale. 

Others noted the uncommon architecture as well:

update 25nov2016 more links:

Located at north-western corner of the moat (Hua Lin Corner แจ่ง
หัวลิน), inside the city wall. Address: Jang Hua Lin Nakorn House 221-223 บ้านแจ่งหัวรินนคร ๒๒๑-๒๒๓ (sic! ร instead of ล).

View from outside the moat:

View from the city wall:

Walk into the soi on the right, it gets better:

Rear side of the building:

But the real surprise is across the yard behind the white building, barely visible from the road (picture taken from second floor of white building):

Door was not locked, but jammed, so I didn't go in. But through the windows (picture above) you can see that ground floor is one large hall.

The doors of the white building were removed, but there were signs of habitation and you never know if there are dogs, so trespassing is not a good idea. But there were people in the adjacent building, so I asked if I could go in to admire the interior decoration. It looks like the building has never been finished (most rooms bare). Further signs of habitation (some closed doors, but through a hole I spotted mattress).

I talked to a friend about this building, he had a look some time ago and was chased away by angry Thais and dogs.

From the roof, you have a look at the mall and wall and moat on one side (with good weather Doi Suthep as well), and Chiang Mai (Chedi Luang sticks out) on the other side).

The adjacent building is in a similar style, unfinished, and for sale as well.

Verdict: An architectural gem (some people might call it kitsch). I hope it finds a new owner before damage from weather sets in. So far, all stained glass windows are intact. Someone has spend a lot of money and thought to build it. I wonder why it wasn't completed.

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