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Pattaya Dinosaur Adventure

Pattaya Dinosaur Adventure

One of the lesser known tourist attractions in Pattaya is Dinosaur Adventure, a dinosaur park opposite floating market, easily accessible by songtheo along Sukhumvit Road. I went with a Thai friend who has a motorbike on Wednesday 16.07.2014.

There is a crocodile pond and some tigers and deer in cages. 

The dinosaur park could do with a bit of gardening and watering.

Entry for park is 100 Baht, park and magical show 200, we went to both. Magical show was interesting, both of us enjoyed it. Part of the show involves the audience (which was just us two); being part of the trick I could see how the trick works.

There were few walk-in customers. They must get customers from tour groups. There were buses parked, there is a snake show on the right side and an ATV course on the left and I saw over 10 elephants with mahouts.

Reviews elsewhere are few and negative:

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