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Wat Ban Na Mueang in Ubon Ratchathani วัดบ้านนาเมือง อุบลราชธานี

Wat Ban Na Mueang in Ubon Ratchathani วัดบ้านนาเมือง อุบลราชธานี

Also known as Wat Sa Prasan Suk วัดสระประสานสุข.

Ordination hall is shaped like a royal barge (but on dry land) and covered in brown tiles. Assembly hall is shaped like a boat and in a a pond. Entry gate is a statue of an elephant.

From clock tower, you have a good view: 

The doors were locked, so I couldn't see inside. The other building is boat shaped and in a lake. Open, but nothing special.

You can walk around the lake and take better pictures from the other side, but strong rain prevented me from doing so.

Accessible by bus line 12 or line 1462 (to ตระการพืชผล Trakan Phuet Phon), 15 minutes walk from hwy 2050.

There are two other wats with boat-shaped buildings I know of: Wat Yannawa in Bangkok near BTS Saphan Taksin - have been several times - and Wat Sombon / Wat Pa Neranchara Wanaram วัดป่าเนรัญชราวนาราม in Srisaket province - haven't been yet. 

Update 28.10.2014: one more in Kanchanaburi / www.วัดสระลงเรือ.com

There are two other wats with brown tiles I know of, Wat Samma-Chanyawas in Bangkok (วัดสัมมาชัญญาวาส - drove past on a mocy - and  Wat Phu Khao Kaew in Ubon Ratchathani province - haven't been yet.

Update 02.03.2015: more brown tiles at 
Wat Si Pradu วัดศรีประดู่

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  1. Me thinks there is also a similar one somewhere in Nonthburi province, but west of the river. Sorry, right now+here have no further details. Its not all uncommon, so I guess there should be more, esp. in areas with many fishermen and closeby the sea.

    1. Finally found it: Wat Chalor วัดชลอ in Bang Kruai (Nonthaburi).


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