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X-Size Wednesday 08.10.2014

X-Size Wednesday 08.10.2014

My first gogo bar visit in Soi Twilight this year! They have one of their promotions (200 Baht drink and 300 Baht off fee, has been going on for over a year:, which I find worthy of support. Enter 21:40, leave 23:22.

I met two boys recently who work in X-Size, none of them in. I remember two boys from last year, none of them in. But a boy I met in DJ station last year, and who is still on adverts for Screw Boys, now works in X-Size.

Inquire about prices: drink 200 (no catch), off fee 300 (usually 500), short time room (massage room?) including off fee 700, expected short time tip 1500 (and I thought boys in all bars now want 2000 for short time, have to check other bars as well), long time 2000.

When I enter only 5 customers, during show up to about 35 customers, most of them Asian, several females. About 25 Boys throughout the time, most of them on stage, some sitting with customers. I applaud them for having all boys on stage (unless sitting with a customer). During rotation they wear shoes and socks, during show bare feet. Central stage allows you to see boys from front and back. All in individual underwear (briefs and boxers, mostly poorly fitting). Boys don't wear numbers. A few boys I would take for free, wouldn’t pay 300 Baht off fee for any of them.

Aircon, music, light, rotation ok. Smoking (staff, boys, customers) not a problem at the beginning, but later (during show), won’t go again soon. Apart from that, pleasant atmosphere.

The show (22:31-23:14, some dancing, some molten wax) is merely an excuse to show above average size male reproductive organs in erect state, however all with a contraption at the base to prevent flow of blood (total turn off for me). Flimsy or no attire during show. No genuine or simulated intercourse. Up to 4 boys in each part of the show, at the end 8 boys roaming the audience unclothed for a grope and a tip. (In the current political situation, is it wise to write about this, even in this form that is not picked up by common search phrases for this kind of show?)

Update: price for boy drinks is 350 Baht regardless of promotion:

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  1. it looks that slowly but surely shows are going back to format they had before recent happiness / morality campaign. I like idea of boys roaming naked for a grope and a tip, cheap thrill and some source of income for adventurous


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