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Dating Thai Boys (18) I’m just an option!

Dating Thai Boys (18) I’m just an option!

My new unified theory about Thai boys “I’m just an option” replaces all previous theories (mobile phone empty battery, doesn’t know the way, no money for bus, has someone else already, busy studying or working – I'm joking - , and what I considered my last breakthrough in research, October 2013 on the forums: "Are most Thai boys retards?"). 

Usually it was disguised in various other forms, that’s why it took me five years of research to finally see it. And then, days after this epiphany, a case where it is clearly spelled out.

Ex-boyfriend candidate 2 = Salaya boy (Mahidol University Salaya Campus in Nakhon Pathom province, last bus back to his dorm is 9 pm, a bit inconvenient for nocturnal activities in Bangkok, hence often looking for a place to stay in central Bangkok over night).

18:10     Salaya boy           U free tonight?
18:20     Salaya boy           Hi
18:21     Salaya boy           [Sticker]
18:21     christianpfc         Go to pattaya tomorrow. Free tonight.
18:22     Salaya boy           OK dinner together then I sleep with you
18:22     Salaya boy           OK?
18:22     Salaya boy           I'm in mrt now
18:24     christianpfc         Yes, but meet friend first, free in one hour.
18:25     Salaya boy           Well
18:25     Salaya boy           Where e u?
18:26     christianpfc         Near my room
18:26     Salaya boy           OK
19:05     Salaya boy           Where r u?
19:06     christianpfc         On the way. What do you want to eat?
19:07     Salaya boy           I already eaten

(First he suggests we have dinner together, then he has already eaten, acceptable in this case as he had to wait one hour until I'm free.)

19:08     Salaya boy           Too hungry
19:08     Salaya boy           [Photo]
19:08     Salaya boy           Where r u?
19:08     Salaya boy           I'm near by mrt lumpini
19:08     christianpfc         Malaysia hotel
19:09     Salaya boy           OK we meet there
19:10     Salaya boy           Where r u?
19:11     christianpfc         Front of Malaysia
19:12     Salaya boy           OK
19:12     Salaya boy           Soi gerthe now
19:20     christianpfc         Goethe

I have dinner and he has a drink in a restaurant I frequent. He shows me a profile on grindr and asks me if he should meet him. I encourage him (technically I don’t care, but then I will have my room and laptop for myself), and he leaves to Silom Complex. The interesting part is that from staying with me over night he changed his mind to using my room as a hotel (but not directly saying so), as an alternative to staying with grindr acquaintance (if it doesn’t work out). Being optimistic, he didn’t even leave his bag pack with me, but instructed me not to leave my room or switch off my phone.

If he clicks with grindr farang, he will stay with him; if not, with me. I’m just an option!

20:20     Salaya boy           I'll go back
20:20     Salaya boy           Not my type
20:20     christianpfc         Ok
20:48     Salaya boy           Feel like a bad dream
20:49     christianpfc         Why?
20:50     Salaya boy           Old tall fat (the Farang in the profile on grindr)
21:19     Salaya boy           Downstairs (I have to open the door to the street to let boys in)
21:19     christianpfc         Moment
21:20     Salaya boy           Want to peeeeee

18:01     Salaya boy           Hi
18:01     Salaya boy           How r u?
18:01     Salaya boy           R u free today? Tomorrow? After tomorrow?
18:14     Salaya boy           [Sticker]
18:14     christianpfc         Have a cold. Not free.
18:15     Salaya boy           OK
18:47     Salaya boy           Any plan tomorrow?
18:47     Salaya boy           I'll go to see you if you want
21:53     christianpfc         Not sure, still have cold.
21:55     Salaya boy           OK
21:55     Salaya boy           I'll go to see you
21:55     Salaya boy           N sleep with you

11:02     Salaya boy           Morning Christian
11:03     Salaya boy           How are you?
11:03     Salaya boy           Can I come over? I'll bring you a pair of sock too (I lent him a pair of socks two months ago)
11:15     Salaya boy           OK answer me ASAP
11:55     christianpfc         Not free, friend stays with me.
11:56     Salaya boy           OK

Why do I pull up with this? He is intelligent, and his caprices are totally different from the usual bullshit.

He asked if I would be in Bangkok for New Year’s Eve, and if he can stay with me. More precisely, he and his boyfriend who would come from Europe need a place in central Bangkok to stay (after watching fireworks), we could stay all three in my double bed (but won’t do anything sexually). If I were traveling elsewhere and would leave him my room key, that would be even better!

I don’t see this happen, but at least different from requests for money for taxi or food.

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  1. Didn't you have a post a while ago about how you have a boy waiting, and you will send him away if something better comes along ?
    Is this any different.
    You get treated the same as you treat others.

    1. Yes, that was even the same boy! Situation was a bit different, he didn't know that I read his message.

      But you have a point: I am slowly adopting traits that I criticize.

      Recently, I have been 1 hour late (the traffic, really!) to an appointment with a Thai boy, but it didn't matter, as the boy was elsewhere (already at the time of the appointment) and had other commitments.

  2. He can be just friend but dont expect to be "boyfriend". It doesnt work. As long as he doesnt try to dry your wallet, you have a friend. :)

  3. I second what second anonymous said above, your exchange with the boy quite entertaining. He is not cheating you , if he shares his grinds exploits with you it looks that he has you as a friend.

  4. Isn't it obvious that you're just a sugar daddy to most of these boys?

    1. Any boy who looks for a sugar daddy would quickly move on when he realizes how difficult it is to get money out of me.

  5. He's got a boyfriend, but he's your boyfriend candidate at the same time? What's wrong with that picture?

    That said, he comes across as honest and straight-forward.

    1. I wrote he is my "Ex-boyfriend candidate 2" (refering to my post about 3 boyfriend candidates this year), the boyfriend candidancy lasted only a day. I appreciate his honesty and straighforwardness, and many of his ideas are unique, stuff you don't get from most of the other boys I meet.

  6. Sounds like a very typical Thai boy with a typical Thai outlook.

    Crashing with a friend, including sleep in the same room and/or bed seems fairly common. Happens when they have too much to drink, don't want to ride motosai in the rain, too tired to go all the way home...and so on.

    Thais lead a much more 'free spirited' life then many Western cultures, so of course they have many "options". Just go with the flow.


  7. just saw in bus 515 from Vict.Monmt to Salaya, last bus is at 22.20


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