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My underwear collection

My underwear collection

My underwear fetish is well documented and often ridiculed in the forums. Here my collection, approximately in chronological order starting top right (oldest) to bottom left (newest). 

At first I bought underwear for own use (size M and L) and to let boys wear, but then changed to buying underwear specifically for boys (size S and M). Those I wear are usually too big for the boys and show signs of use.

All the underwear is from street stalls in Silom, I can't find the style I like anywhere else (Khao San, Sukhumvit, Pattaya all have only few briefs; dedicated underwear shops don't have styles I like; genuine underwear in department stores is too expensive). Where else can I find this style at these prices (I usually pay the 100 Baht they ask for, if I take 2 or 3, I negotiate to 90 Baht per piece; occasionally there is a promotion 50 Baht per piece). 

When I buy underwear, I put the waistband around my neck. If the ends touch, it's my size; if I buy for boys, there should be a gap of some centimenter. The sizes printed in them are a poor indication of size.

Styles come and go. I would like to buy some in a different size, or the same size again because a friend likes them, but they are no longer available!

Some generalizations: I like briefs, waistbands, height on the side about 10 to 15 cm. I like seams and rims and waistbands of different color. I don't like zippers, buckles, buttons, metal, strings, tartan pattern (some CK briefs, popular on boxers).

Now you might think every boy has to go through the whole collection, but in most cases I don't use them because we skip this step. I really have to tell the boys to completely dress again after showering so I can undress them (I find undressing more erotic than nudity, and like to slip my hands under shirts and in shorts).

Usually I don't like small waistbands, here two exceptions (from internet, forgot the source):

Usually I don't like genuine boxers (for boxing), but with the right boy, I would like to get my hands into these as well (from internet, forgot the source):

Here some of my underwear on boys:

Pattaya Krazy Dragon 2010 (the boy's underwear, and getting a peek during daytime activities and seeing that the boys wears underwear I like and knowing I would get my hands on it later - Howard's Guesthouse room 24 - was highly arousing, I bought the same style later in Silom):

Bangkok Fresh Boys (?) 2012:

Chiang Mai Adam's Apple 2012, one of the best fits:

Pattaya Sunee Plaza 2013 (waistband too high):

I wanted to re-enact this look (picture from gayromeo, contacted the boy, poor communication, then he overslept a date we had, gave up):

Saranrom 2013:

Saranrom 2013:

Pattaya Sunee Power Boys 2013 (boy left bar), not such a good fit in front (the cut of the underwear):

Pattaya Sunee Power Boys 2013 (boy left bar):

Pattaya Eros December 2014 (the boy's underwear, I bought the same later in Silom), watching him enter the bar in street clothes and undressing in the bar was highly arousing for me, have to re-enact next time in my room:

Pattaya Sunee Plaza 2014:

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  1. Lemon yellow, lime green & black look great on dark skins.:-)

  2. What, no close-ups?? Sexy photos of all those nicely filled briefs!
    Thanks, Christian.

  3. don't pay any attention to snarky comments about your underwear fetish, you are not alone. Often boys look more sexy in fancy undies than stark naked.
    Happy to report I have the same like your boy from 14.12.2013 photo.
    Keep colleecting

  4. This time you succeeded in giving us many nice pictures to look at. And a picture here indeed shows more as all these words.
    But there should be (or were? have read about police raids also) in Khao sarn-later evenings, also that (also vanished now) nightmarket Klong Lot had several erotic-brief-stands. On KSR its mostly fake-label things. Sell for 50/60 bt each.
    Once you have exhausted your explorations in east-side of river, try the many night markets around Thonburi, PATA and onward, near the Central, there are also 2 gay sauna's (Orion and Macho), massage service and (if its till there) gay club near the old Sai Thai busterminal.

  5. Yowza! Must agree in spades with previous the Anonymous post -- what an amazingly erotic set of pix, even tho just boys standing or laying around in their (your) briefs -- Christian, you're truly an underwear artiste!


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