Friday, 3 October 2014

Cambodia day 5 Siem Reap Nightlife

Cambodia day 5 Siem Reap Nightlife

Friday, 04.07.2014

From Ta Prom cycle back to Siem Reap 17:00-18:35, via Apsara road, High School road and bus station to have a daytime look at the massage brothels (see previous posts). I would say I have never seen that many handsome boys in one hour before as during this ride. Slim bodies, brown skin, as far as I could when cycling past.

Roads in Siem Reap are amongst the worst I have seen in my life.

Update: Pattayaland doesn't look much better.

Check Hatha blue sauna 19:10: only two customers, have dinner first and come back later. Go to sauna 20:20-21:00, entry 4 USD, 8 customers.

There is a bar “Chillax” in the same street, with a rainbow flag, but I saw no or few customers every time I walked past, so I didn’t order. But I asked staff, the place is two years old.

Observation from massage places: 7-8 pm all massage boys free, 9-10 pm all massage boys busy. 

Pub street (pictures from previous night), this is half of the nightlife Siem Reap has to offer in one picture. There is a teenage boy sifting through the garbage bag with his bare hands, taking plastic straws for recycling out of general food waste. I haven't witnessed such dire conditions elsewhere (in Bangkok, it's done by adults and not directly in the entertainment areas, meters away from tourists).

On the street opposite western end of Pub street, towards one of the night markets, I encountered the most aggressive massage ladies (and youngest, but the young ones are not the aggressive one) ever. I had ladies step into my way, and when I stepped right she stepped left (i.e. where I stepped), to block my way again. Most of the massage is foot massage in plain view, but they always mentioned "have private room upstairs

Go to Station Wine bar 21:55 and have a drink. There is one cute boy who looks a bit like Taylor Lautner. But I can’t make out if he is alone or with someone, because he chats with many other guests. Finally I can catch him alone and he is interested. But we cannot go to my place (dormitory), but he stays alone and is free. We leave 00:10 and go to his place on his mocy. Then he drives me back to my hostel. He doesn’t ask for money, but when we stop at a petrol station I ask how much it costs, and give him 5500 Riel. Later I realize that is the price per liter, whereas I wanted to pay for filling the tank. Back 2:10.

We exchange Line, but for some strange reason Line connected us only on the morning of my departure, so we couldn’t meet again (I didn’t buy a SIM card for Cambodia). I was tentatively planning to move somewhere else, where he could stay with me, but it didn’t materialize.

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  1. "Later you realise that is the price per liter" You are not a silly man Christian and I would say you fully understood how much a tank full of petrol would cost. Once again, you have took full advantage of the situation for your own financial gain. You really should be ashamed of your behaviour. That poor boy was too proud to ask for money and had to sleep with you for the price of a liter of fuel. You disgust me.


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