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Architecture: Neo-renaissance exuberance in Chiang Mai

Architecture: Neo-renaissance exuberance in Chiang Mai

I spotted this building two years ago, it's still there and still for sale. 

Others noted the uncommon architecture as well:

update 25nov2016 more links:

Located at north-western corner of the moat (Hua Lin Corner แจ่ง
หัวลิน), inside the city wall. Address: Jang Hua Lin Nakorn House 221-223 บ้านแจ่งหัวรินนคร ๒๒๑-๒๒๓ (sic! ร instead of ล).

View from outside the moat:

View from the city wall:

Walk into the soi on the right, it gets better:

Rear side of the building:

But the real surprise is across the yard behind the white building, barely visible from the road (picture taken from second floor of white building):

Door was not locked, but jammed, so I didn't go in. But through the windows (picture above) you can see that ground floor is one large hall.

The doors of the white building were removed, but there were signs of habitation and you never know if there are dogs, so trespassing is not a good idea. But there were people in the adjacent building, so I asked if I could go in to admire the interior decoration. It looks like the building has never been finished (most rooms bare). Further signs of habitation (some closed doors, but through a hole I spotted mattress).

I talked to a friend about this building, he had a look some time ago and was chased away by angry Thais and dogs.

From the roof, you have a look at the mall and wall and moat on one side (with good weather Doi Suthep as well), and Chiang Mai (Chedi Luang sticks out) on the other side).

The adjacent building is in a similar style, unfinished, and for sale as well.

Verdict: An architectural gem (some people might call it kitsch). I hope it finds a new owner before damage from weather sets in. So far, all stained glass windows are intact. Someone has spend a lot of money and thought to build it. I wonder why it wasn't completed.

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  1. the indeed a bit weird architecture is in fact only the outside-the carcass is just the ordinary Thai building style for those shophouses. You can pretty easily stick any weird thing you like onto it-and also take it off and replace it.
    Buildings abandoned due to money shortage or changed plans are nothing unusual-there must be 100s in BKK too. After the '97 monetary crisis it was really bad, but in the end someone buys the remains and fits something in it.

  2. Nothing beats unfinished highrise near Saphai Taksin BTS, one where Christian was stung by the bees

  3. State Tower twin? Is there a post on it?


  4. Apparently it's a ghost thing. There's a couple of blocks on the NW corner of the moat that derelict. People have tried various things there but it just doesn't fly with the Thais. Can be the most valuable real estate in town but if it's haunted.....


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