Thursday, 30 October 2014

Saranrom price fluctuations

Saranrom price fluctuations

I go to Saranrom about once per month, number of boys fluctuates, and recently price fluctuates, too.

Monday 13.10.2014

Arrive 21:25. There was light rain an hour before, I was considering staying home, but surprisingly high number of boys (30, estimated) that early and despite rain. A group of boys make an offer of 300 for any of them. One of them looks cute, so I take him. Another boy drives us to short time hotel (100 Baht for ride, I am generous). Everything fine, but boy a bit too fat for my taste. But now I have bragging rights that I paid less for short time than others pay a drink in Soi Twilight’s bars!

I had offers of 300 and 400 Baht before (last year), but the boys were not my type. The problem is not the price, but finding a boy who is my type. And I only ask for price when I want to take the boy. Therefore it took two years until a boy who is my type (borderline) and 300 Baht offer coincide.

Wednesday 22.10.2014

Arrive 22:25. There was no rain at night, nonetheless low number of boys for that time, estimated 20. A car drives slowly while I walk, and there are no boys, so I guess the driver is perving on me. Indeed, he/she lowers the window and I go there and say hello and follow an invitation to sit down. She speaks good English and is looking for boys, too (a pale skin Chinese looking top). She asks me which boys I like, and finally there is one, but he wants 600 and doesn’t accept 500. Anyway, I had no plan how to continue. Threesome? Who pays? So we continue our ride and finally I get out and say goodbye.

Driving there in a car is really not my style. I would even say it’s denigrating to the boys, who come to the window, you can see them but they can’t see you, and then you drive away if they are not your type, but that’s how the usual procedure is.

I walk to the place where the one cute boy was, and he is still there. He doesn’t show interest, and after some chatting with others in the group I ask him again, he doesn’t want to go with me for 500 Baht. So be it, or not as in this case. Take taxi home.
On this day, I learnt as well from my liaison officer that one of my favorite boys B is out of prison (6 months for drugs) and now works in Silom (probably meaning Soi Twilight, but doesn't know which bar). Bummer!

I lost all my favorite boys (let’s call them A, B and C in chronological order of first encounter).

A moved to Soi Twilight last year. I offed him this year and ended up paying 2000 for short time (shared with a Farang friend for a threesome) plus 100 for taxi. He had the same money grabbing attitude at Saranrom, but then it was 500 plus 100 for taxi. It will be difficult to find a replacement. If you want browner skin, you have to go to Africa!

B was in prison and now works in Silom (Soi Twilight?). Usually I avoid contact with drug addicts, but for that body and dick I guess my readers would be lenient, too.

I did happy fucking with C once per week over several months end of last year, even trained him to be on time at a place of my choice, but then it got boring. He too went to Soi Twilight and had a short stint in Hotmale, where I was his only customer in the week he worked there. If you like the concentration-camp skinny look, he is the guy to go for!
I lost my two favorite masseurs in Silom as well (different price range: about 500 Baht for 1 hour oil massage and 1000 Baht tip; compare Saranrom 500 for boy and 200 for short time hotel). I cannot contact D on Line or on the phone, have to ask at his former workplace where he went.

E is back in his home province and we talk on the phone about once per month. He tells me he has no money to come to Bangkok and asked me to send money online. I am pondering stopping in his home province on an upcoming trip to Kanchanaburi. 

Everything was fine (3 favorite boys in Saranrom, 2 favorite massage boys in Silom), now it’s back to square one.

Update 28.10.2014: My second favorite massage boy is back, has no mobile phone (that's why my calls and messages were unanswered). 

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  1. There are plenty of brown-skinned boys in Malaysia, skinny ones too...

  2. congratulation on a good deal you found at Saranrom.

    I wonder if such a low price is due to market forces at work / recession / or new boy trying to establish himself on the market by charging less than competition? any idea ?

  3. I have no idea, but there were three boys in a group and one of them said I could have any of them for 300. That rules out competition.

  4. I wasn't in Saranrom yet, so I can't understand how is it possible to be i the park by car

  5. Anonymous : the boys are not standing inside the park (closed at night) but outside - in fact, outside a much greater area than the park itself

  6. i had a good talk with a taxi driver outside a bkk 7-11, he told me the ladies in bkk are 300bt, so perhaps thats why the boys lower prices sometimes?


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