Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Pattaya weekend 26.-28.09.2014 (1)

Pattaya weekend 26.-28.09.2014

Friday 26.09.2014

Bus to Pattaya. Construction work on hwy 7 causes slow traffic. Rooms in Marina Inn still 500 Baht per night (official price 720, there was no promotion posted, why did I get 500?). Meet friends from Germany for dinner.

Ask about off fee and expected tip in several bars. To my surprise, I get a short and direct answer in all cases. Off fee is 400 wherever I asked; expected short time tip in A-Bomb, Funny Boys, X-Boys Pattaya is 1500 Baht; Power Boys, Dream Boys 1000.

Few customers in gogo bars, but some beer bars are busy.

Power Boys
Enter 20:55. Orange Juice 145 Baht. All boys in red briefs or trunks (on my last visit various styles), must be a new direction from management. This seems to be a general trend: management does not provide underwear, but tells the boys which style and color they have to wear. A boy I had last time is there (and he recognized me earlier when I walked past), so I take him again (24, name Jam from Ayutthaya, 19/43/170). I could have taken number 2 or 23 as well. Total 14 boys. Power boys does not disappoint! Leave 21:20. (Update: on Sat, walking past and looking through the open door, I spotted different underwear.)

In my room 21:20-22:15, he even falls asleep in my arm during post-coital cuddling. How sweet! 1000 Baht tip well deserved.

Enter 22:50. Coke 170 Baht. 15 boys in white briefs (various styles), of which only 6-8 on stage (a waste of stage space and customer time, a boy who is not on stage doesn’t make money for the bar and doesn’t get offed, a sign of poor management). When the boys leave stage, they dress in boxers or trunks. The reverse (taking off boxers/trunks, but leave on briefs) is erotic for me (I like undressing). Leave 23:40.

Dream Boys Pattaya
Usually I wouldn’t go to a gogo bar that late (I try to be there early, to see all boys), but somehow doorman managed to entice me in (and my last visit was very positive). Enter 23:50. Soft drink 170 Baht. About 20 boys in white briefs (various styles). A mix of some effeminate gay boys and some straight boys (some boys shirtless in jeans, these seem to be the straight ones, top only). An interesting mix, as the effeminate boys are interested in (getting fucked by?) the straight boys. Some dick on display (erection in underwear or tip looking out of underwear). My favorites from last visit not there. Two cute boys (6 and 35), but I observe one of them taking toilet paper into their dressing room (and probably stuffing it in the underwear), and the other one has something in his underwear that looks like toilet paper. Fool someone else, but not me! One other customer smokes. Leave 01:35 (official closing time is 2 am, but with low number of customers they close a bit earlier).

Happy Place has been renamed to GUY and has the same owner as Wild West Boys (a boy I know from WWB sat in front and volunteered this information). Not to be confused with G.U.Y. (spelled letter for letter) which was on Walking Street and belonged to WWB. 

I do my usual walk along Beach Road and Walking Street up to Bali Hai Pier, then back to Sunee to have a chat with friends at Gurke.

Whenever I walked past Good Boys this years, what was sitting outside looked promising, but something bothered me. Finally I found out: the light! The bar is dimly lit with red light, I couldn’t have fun behind the screens with this light. I would have to take a boy home for better light, and then I can as well go into a gogo bar because the overall price will be the same.

Hot Fever Karaoke
They have some boys, but last time I checked 2:30 and no customers inside, now it’s 4:20, bottles and glasses on one table; doorman tells me they left already. This karaoke business is too late for me, go to bed.

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  1. usual great and informative report, it looks Pattaya is moving closer to Bangkok with drink prices and tip levels

  2. with the tattoos on that boys back he looks like a straight boy.
    how did he perform?

  3. Most probably straight (didn't ask him). I'm happy with his performance, twice already.

  4. i went with this boy also hes not new to the bar, been in here a year now maybe bit longer,
    i had to reduce his tip accordingly as things in the bedroom were not to plan or satisfactory, i dont feel its right to go into personal details here. but felt i should post this.


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