Monday, 30 May 2016

Dating Thai boys (40) mobile phones

Dating Thai boys (40) mobile phones

Generalization from my vast experiences in dating low and mid class Thai boys for free, or entertaining money boys.
Some exaggerated and for dramatic effect.

Mobile phone conundrum

When I’m on a date with a Thai friend, he is busy with his phone. But when I try to reach him, he doesn’t pick up or is slow in replying to text messages.

Also known as ChristianPFC's first theorem of online dating:

If both you and a boy have a mobile phone it doesn't mean that you can call the boy whenever you want, it means the boy can call you whenever he wants.

(Shared here before:

Why ChristianPFC won’t buy a mobile phone for a Thai boy

I have met a few boys who don't have a phone and asked me to buy them one, and even boys who have a phone asked me to buy them a newer model. My current (Dec 2015-now) favorite boy had a phone when we first met, then lost it and now calls me from a friend's phone or from a phone box.
I once lent a phone for 2 days to a boy who didn’t have a phone, and I pondered buying a phone for another boy, but decided against it. The purpose would be that I can call the boy.

In order to make a phone call to a Thai boy, all the following conditions must be fulfilled (in the West, we don’t think about it, but here I have to list them to show my readers that the average Thai boy might struggle):

1. The Thai boy must have a phone.
2. He must have it with him.
3. The battery must be charged.
4. The phone has to be switched on.
5. A valid SIM card must be in the phone.
6. He must accept the call.
In order for the Thai boy to call me,
7. He must have credit for calling.
(I have friends and family who struggle with #2 and #4.)

The only thing I can help with is #1 and #7. If I bought the boy a cheap phone, I still would have no influence on #2-6. If I bought the boy an expensive phone, he might take it to a pawn shop.

If a boy has no mobile phone, it’s not a question of money, 

it’s because he is unable to hold onto a phone.
Variation is here:
Give a bar boy a cell phone and he’ll lose it in a day, teach a bar boy your phone number and he’ll use it for a lifetime.

I dropped a mobile phone once (spring 2001), I never lost a phone or had a phone stolen, I ran out of battery at least twice since 2000. But I lost my phone number due to expiry of SIM card three times (once for Thailand between holidays and twice for Germany because I was away long time).

To Thai boys, dropping phone, losing it or getting it stolen, running out of battery or losing phone number because SIM card expires are frequent events.

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Friday, 27 May 2016

Plai Noen Palace in Rama 4 / Klong Toey

Plai Noen Palace in Rama 4 / Klong Toey
พิพิธภัณฑ์ตำหนักปลายเนิน หรือ วังคลองเตย

The palace is easily accessible (Rama 4 road, less than 200 m walk from MRT Klong Toey), but open only once per year on 29 April.
I walked past many times, and this year had opportunity to visit. 

Entry is free with guided tour in Thai (I joined the 15:00-16:30 tour), drinks and food sold outside, and books about the prince and reproductions of photos and drawings by the prince. 

Information board on Rama 4 road:

Entrance on Rama 4 road (the palace is 60 m inside on the right at
13.7213709,100.5542121 = 13°43'16.9"N 100°33'15.2"E):

The palace is a rather unspectacular traditional Thai wooden house:

No photography allowed inside, but in adjacent buildings and park:

There was water, but now dry:

Verdict: for the average tourist, Suan Pakkard, Jim Thompson house or Kukrit house are a better choice; more to see and open all over the year.

April 28 is the birthday of H.R.H. Prince Narisaranuvattivongse นริศรานุวัดติวงศ์ (Prince Naris นริศ).
The palace is open on April 28 for invited guests and on April 29 for general public. (Mistake in book ASA Architectural Awards: Bangkok Walking Guide, on p274 it says open April 28th.)

further reading:พิพิธภัณฑ์ตำหนักปลายเนิน
(pictures from interior)

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Tuesday, 24 May 2016

Waterboy Onsen sauna in Rama 2 Soi 19

Waterboy Onsen sauna in Rama 2 Soi 19

Newest gay sauna in Bangkok: Waterboy Onsen วอเตอร์บอยออนเซ็น opened in 2015 (first facebook entry 17 Aug 2015) in Rama 2 Soi 19.

View from Rama 2 road:

Open 14-24, entry 170 Baht (under 21 year olds 99 Baht).

1st floor reception, Jacuzzi (accessible from 2nd floor)
2nd floor locker room
3rd floor sauna, steam room, gym
4th rest room, TV room
5th rest room, rooftop garden, smoking corner

Everything new and clean. Private rooms have electronic candle (a LED shines on a plastic foil that has a shape of a flame and is moved by an electromagnet? to make it move like a flame). Towels so-so (normal towel cut in half?).

Saturday 16.04.2016
Waterboy Onsen 19:00-25. About 3 other customers. Continue to Phoenix sauna.

Saturday 23.04.2016
Waterboy Onsen 18:12-40. One other customer. Jacuzzi warm but no bubbles. 

The other customer is not my type, but when he starts touching me in locker room, I let him rim and suck me as I have nothing else to do. Lie on my back and read on my mobile phone while he is working on me and I think "I could* take a video of him sucking my dick", then I notice that we are in good view of security camera and abort. Upon leaving, I can't see video of the security camera at receptionist's workplace, where is it recorded or displayed?

*possibility, not intent

Continue to Phoenix (bus 68 does not drive past Phoenix, get off at The Mall Tha Phra and walk).

Verdict: nice place and location ok, needs more customers. Others report the same:
and private communication with a friend who went multiple times. 

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Saturday, 21 May 2016

Aircraft used as decoration (2)

Aircraft used as decoration (2)

Continued from

Chachoengsao hwy 304 shortly before Prachinburi hwy 359
13.7734342,101.5238764 = 13°46'24.4"N 101°31'26.0"E
(Not yet on satellite image, nor street view, might be private property but was open from hwy 304.)

Judging by other stuff (jeep, bus, containers) standing around, the owner must have plans.


Another smaller one on the compound, Wat Charoensuk วัดเขาเจริญสุข on mountain behind.

On the premises of Metro Cat Co., Ltd. (Caterpillar?) Bangna Trat frontage road in Samut Prakan.
13.6041937,100.7818799 = 13°36'15.1"N 100°46'54.8"E
Easily visible from main road, even better from elevated tollway. Easily accessible, but security wouldn't let us enter the square with the plane.

On parking lot at ABAC university Suwarnabhumi campus.
13°36'58.4"N 100°50'09.0"E = 13°36'58.4"N 100°50'09.0"E
Difficult to see on satellite image, but clearly visible in street view. I wonder about the purpose and if it ever flew. 

Update 10sep2017: it is gone.

Pattaya Ripley's Believe It or Not!

Pattaya in front of Hollywood disco
12.9430287,100.8919539 = 12°56'34.9"N 100°53'31.0"E
(on satellite image, but not on streetview from Oct 2012).

And elsewhere in Pattaya:

And some more I drove past but couldn't take pictures:

Pahonyothin opposite National Memorial on grounds of Wiwat Ponlamuang School
13.9531821,100.6224399 = 13°57'11.5"N+100°37'20.8"E
(and white spire north of it, can't find it on satellite)
(and a small one at National Memorial).

Hua Hin on hwy 4, north of Cha-am soi 53 (7/11 on corner), south of hwy 4 km 204 on grounds of Naresuan Camp.

12.6849595,99.9533039 = 12°41'05.8"N 99°57'11.9"E 

And one inside the camp (which is open to visitors to  Maruekatayawan Palace พระราชนิเวศน์มฤคทายวัน).
12.6983626,99.959665 = 12°41'54.1"N 99°57'34.8"E 
This one is not decoration, but for parachuting training.

Udon Thani town, hwy 22 going to Sakon Nakon, northern side at°22'49.6"N+102°50'20.8"E

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Wednesday, 18 May 2016

Gay activities Mar 2016

Gay activities Mar 2016

Details about dating Thai boys, Fake Next Gen.

Wednesday 02.03.2016
On my previous trips to Sakon Nakon I met a boy Jo who lives in Song Dao (disctrict of Sakon Nakon, half way between Sakon Nakon and Udon Thani). There is enough to see in Song Dao to justify one day and one night stay, and he agreed to drive me around on his mocy.

I don’t know if Jo is gay, but we exchanged phone numbers and he called me several times asking when I will come again and wants to meet me.

Call Jo two days ago: everything fine. Call Jo  the one day ago: everything fine. Overnight train to Udon Thani, then bus to Sakon Nakon and get off the bus in Sawang Daen Din (from there another 20 km to Song Dao, no public transport) and call Jo: he is in Bueng Gan (200 km away) now!

Another example of unreliability and total lack of planning of these Thai boys I meet. The phone call was so quick and the bus stopped so long that I can get onto the same bus and continue my trip to Sakon Nakon. Call my friend in Sakon Nakon that I will be a day early: no problem. Usually I can buffer my Thai friends’ unreliability, this is one of the rare cases where I have to relay it to others.

Saturday 05.03.2016
On way back from Mekhong via Ubon Ratchathani to Srisaket (friend with car), I get out in Ubon at Relaxing Sauna, enter 21:03, leave about 22. I don’t have a hotel yet, but will make something up later (right place and time for sauna, and not much luggage). Estimated 20 customers, everything in the sauna as I remember from last visit, but now dogs and cats gone.

Spot one nice body and he shows interest, so I don’t even have time for a full tour of the sauna. We chat and decide better to find a hotel. Tong has his own car and drives me around looking for hotel and stays over night. While he is my type, sex with him is not so much my style.

Sunday 06.03.2016
Top Suk62 comes to my room, 500 for sex and 100 for haircut.

Monday 07.03.2016
Top Suk62 comes to my room, no sex, 1000 for sick mother.

Tuesday 08.03.2016
In the afternoon, make an appointment with Yoi for 8 pm in park, no show. (He has no phone, I will learn next time we meet.)

Finally get the mocy driver Doy I have been preying on for almost two years (!) to my room. Walk past his station (everyone there knows what I want already), chat with him and his friends. First 60 Baht for driving (would be 40 by taxi, but I can get my arm around his abdomen after initial resistance) and get him into my room (after negotiation and multiple confirmation of wanking for 500). I take all my clothes off, he refuses to undress even after I ask him multiple times.

Just zipper open, underwear pulled down and cock out, which is not at all my style. He then makes me suck him and comes quickly. At least I can confirm what I could only guess before: great body, warm and dry skin, nice cock medium size and hairless balls.

I wank myself, he reluctantly lets me put my hand under his shirt, but keeps talking about his older brother who is Muay Thai fighter and will come soon to pick him up or whatever. And he has to go back quickly. Under these circumstances, there is no way I can enjoy a wank, didn’t even get hard. Give him the 500 and he is out 5 minutes after entering my room (that’s an hourly wage of 6000 Baht!), the shortest short time I ever had.

Technically a total waste of time and money, but now he knows there is nothing to fear*, and next time I can tell what exactly I have in mind and get him to agree. (Pants off, then underwear play and then my hands all over his body, ending in mutual wanking.)

*I didn’t get this at first, but several boys were interested, but afraid! I couldn’t find out of what, most probably that I wouldn’t pay them, showing 500 Baht note to confirm I have the money probably did the trick.

I will have to train him quickly or abort. He might be one of those who are not born to be a prostitute. You can find them even in bars; last year I had one from screwboys who is gorgeous, but a dead fish in bed. I can’t work with that.

Others are too mercenary. I had one who kept asking for more money throughout the encounter. I can’t work with that either.

I message Pong on Line 21:34, immediate answer and he happens to be in Silom (lives in Minburi) and is free, arrives 21:54, and out with 800 Baht 22:33. That’s another record, fastest arrival and out just 59 minutes after initial contact. Today in nice black Calvin Klein trunks (usually hideous boxers), but has stomach problems so I can’t fuck him. (I once had a boy in Pattaya, it took him one hour to come to my room, and then I found out he lives across the street!)

Parallel to this, 21:39 Yoi replies on facebook messenger and wants to come to my room. Five minutes too late! I tell him I’m busy, meet next occasion.

And yet another one! Re-established communication with the boy Boss/Tang who works in Tesco Lotus Rama 4 and whom I went to see there after work on 11.11.2015. My messages on Line and hornet were unread, I even went to his workplace once but he was not in. Suddenly he is back on hornet and has a new Line. From expressing desire to meet me at my place 22:28 it takes until 00:21 for him to arrive.

Then to my room, some general chat. Light smell of cigarette. He works every day and earns 320 Baht. He takes a shower, asks me for boxers and plays on my computer for a while. Then joins me in bed and is already hard before we even start. That is a turn-on, even I get hard just hours after having had sex with Pong. Boss/Tang sucks me, then grabs a condom from the bag of condoms and lube I have on my desk and fucks me. (I might put that elsewhere, everyone who comes to my room and is a bit observant can see it and draw conclusions.)

Afterwards a lot of talking (he in Thai, I’m tired and reply only if absolutely necessary). Some sob stories: he lost his phone (that was the reason for the long break), mocy stolen (?), lives with three friends in On Nut (bus to work in Rama 4 every day) and wants me to pay rent for a room near his workplace (?).

I give him 200 Baht for taxi (trip should cost about 80), he asks for 100 more which I give him. And that’s not all: he doesn’t want to go home in his work clothes, so I give him a T-shirt (choose wisely, I will probably not get it back). At least I can recover my boxers (otherwise he would have taken them as well). Upon leaving, he spots my collection of various cookies on the table and asks if he can have one, but he didn’t mean one cookie, an entire bag!

That puts him in the ขี้ขอ category (demanding)

Finally out 01:33 so I can sleep. Hope to see him again some day.

Thus I got more or less 3 times sex in one day!

Wednesday 09.03.2016 - Monday 14.03.2016 
Saigon Vietnam will be published separately.

Monday 14.03.2016
Message an old acquaintance Mix, he wants 2000, then agrees to 1000, then tells me tomorrow would be better.

In such case I agree, but tomorrow I might have something completely different, which was the case here, and not bring it up again.

Message or call some more, finally get Boss Vipa16 to come to my room for 700 Baht.

Thursday 17.03.2016
Want to meet Yoi again for 500 Baht and walk past the spot where he usually is in the evening, but not there today. He has no phone, and writing in facebook only possible when he is in internet cafe. Continue to Screwboys, details were posted separately.

Saturday 19.03.2016
Travel to Koh Si Chang to meet an old friend who lives there.

Sunday 20.03.2016
Friend shows me porn on his phone and gets hard, asks me to take some dick pics (but no face) with my phone. Then shows me pics of a boy who is bi and likes him and has a big cock. I wouldn’t reject the idea of a threesome next time.

Sunday 20.03.2016 to Tuesday 22.03.2016
Pattaya trip in separate report published already.

Tuesday 22.03.2016 Bangkok
Top Suk62 calls and wants to meet, invite him to my room. Has a new job, 7 am to 7 pm, no day off, 12 kTHB per month. But still no phone, he puts his SIM into a friend’s phone to call me. This might be just a trick, but I won’t buy him a phone. I’m not horny, so leave it at some small talk and hugging and give him 500 Baht. Appointment for tomorrow after work.

Wednesday 23.03.2016
Meet a Farang friend for dinner, he tells about his porn searches on the internet and wants to show me what’s available. We are the only customers in the restaurant and I’m too lazy to type, so we use voice search and speak “interracial gay emo creampie” into my phone in increasing volume, until voice search finally recognizes correctly.

Call Top Suk62 around 19:40, no signal (because his SIM is not in a phone?).

Seed 23:44-01:03. Between 5 and 10 customers throughout. Participate in group activities in dark room, then exchange Line with a cute boy Xor from Nonthaburi.

(Update: My “Hello” was read, but that was the last acknowledgement. Several further messages days or weeks apart not read. But occasionally changes profile picture. What is going on here? Same situation with another boy.)

Farose 2 01:24-03:04. 160 Baht entry, 7 cats at feeding time, less than 50 customers, 4 nice bodies. Meet a Chinese who is not my type, but interesting conversation, exchange Line.

Friday 25.03.2016
Get Yoi in my room 22:25-58 via facebook messanger, Yoi has no mobile phone and uses internet café. Actually appointment was 21:30, but I was just back and showering, and he saw the light, but went back to internet café, and around 22 I thought he cannot be that much late and messaged him again.

Sunday 27.03.2016
R3 sauna 19:47-21:10.
 Entry 160 Baht. Towel about 32 cm short side and ratio 1:6*; like a normal towel cut in half (hence towel “soso” in my sauna overview. About 50 customers throughout, no other Farang.

*How do I know that exact? An A4 paper is 210mm x 297 mm, and the short side of the towel was about 2 cm longer than an A4 paper. And by folding several times, I found the long side to be 6 times longer than the short side.

Top calls just when I am thinking of him! Stays 23:00-58, 500 Baht.

Tuesday 29.03.2016
Top Suk62 calls and wants to meet. He doesn’t say he misses me, he says he ran out of money. At least I now know he thinks of me when he has no money. I’m not free before Friday, try again on Friday.

A Farang friend F in Sathorn takes every dick up his arse as long as it’s attached to a living male. I call a Thai acquaintance Jame who might be interested in earning 500 Baht for fucking F. Jame comes and brings a friend and we chat on the parking lot of Malaysia hotel. My plan is to lure the boys into F’s room; once beer is open and everyone is sitting and I get naked we will be able to make something up. But the boys are suspicious, so I tell the truth: 500 Baht for fucking F. After inquiring further details, they are not interested and we say goodbye.

In the evening, visit an old acquaintance at his workplace in Silom Soi 4. Pointless as there is nothing we can do apart from “Hello” and I don’t like Soi 4. But at least show my commitment after 3 months of chat without meeting.

Fake Next Gen 00:07-03:10. Get stamp on wrist. Singha 330 ml 150 Baht. Estimated 500 customers, all tables full, but still can walk around easily. Spotted 3 Farang during my stay. Spot 2 boys I know from bars (Tana, Ley). When I enter, life music too loud and not my style. Band leaves 00:47, music gets better. 00:55 Happy Birthday for some customers. 01:06 coyote boys in golden costumes appear, up to 12 on main stage, total about 20. Coyote boys leave 01:32, customers dance on stage. There was a note “no photography, video, mobile phone” during show. Water pressure in toilet is low, when you wash your hands it’s just a trickle.

There are some cute boys (maybe 5 out of 500), and some show interest when I walk past. Spot one marriage material soon after arriving, in the course of my stay find his table, sidle up and wait for a moment to approach him: not interested.

Leave 02:45 and wait outside in case closing is 3 am, but at 03:10 still going. Outside, I noticed once again how much foul language these gay Thai boys use. It’s a turn-off for me.

Taxi home, pass App Arena Ratchada Soi 4: no taxis and no people outside, that confirms what a friend told me: App Arena is closed! Hollywood disco is gone, too, and there is a vast empty space, probably for some new construction?

In the course of March, I had a promising start with various boys on gayromeo or hornet, then to Line, poor communication, then total breakdown.

6 gogo bars: Screwboys, Eros, Toy Boys, Kawaii Boys, Vassa, Power Boys.
5 no show: Jo, Yoi, Top Suk62, Faker on gayromeo Pattaya, Top Suk62.
4 Sauna: Relaxing, (Vietnam not included), Seed, Farose 2, R3.
1 massage with sex: Royal House Pattaya.
1 online: JJ on hornet in Pattaya.
1 disco: Fake Next Gen.

2 free sex: Tong from Relaxing, Xor in Seed.
1 unclear: Tang/Boss 300 + T-shirt.
9 paid sex: Top Suk62 600, Doy 500, Pong 800, Boss Vipa16 700, Kiw Screwboys 1700, Royal House Pattaya Kit 1000, JJ Pattaya 1000, Yoi 500, Top Suk62 500 => 7300 (More than average, but it includes a trip to Pattaya. The numbers are only direct payments to boys for sex, if you include travel costs, drinks, off fees or massage fees, and support for boys even if I don’t have sex with them, number would be considerably higher.)

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Sunday, 15 May 2016

Wat Nakhon Nueang Khet in Chachoengsao province

Wat Nakhon Nueang Khet in Chachoengsao province
วัดนครเนื่องเขต (วัดต้นตาล) อำเภอเมืองฉะเชิงเทรา

13.7296892,101.047449 = 13°43'46.9"N 101°02'50.8"E

1.2 km by road north-east of hwy 304 (Suwinthatwong road ถนนสุวินทวงศ์), 6 km by road north of Chachoengsao ฉะเชิงเทรา railway station.

On a previous trip in Chachoengsao province, I drove past (on hwy 304) an entrance gate covered in brown tiles that raised my interest.

The gates gives an idea of the architecture and decoration of the wat, and indeed the ubosot is covered in brown tiles:

Aerial pictures by a friend's drone:


For a list of more wats in brown tiles see here:

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