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Aircraft used as decoration (2)

Aircraft used as decoration (2)

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Chachoengsao hwy 304 shortly before Prachinburi hwy 359
13.7734342,101.5238764 = 13°46'24.4"N 101°31'26.0"E
(Not yet on satellite image, nor street view, might be private property but was open from hwy 304.)

Judging by other stuff (jeep, bus, containers) standing around, the owner must have plans.


Another smaller one on the compound, Wat Charoensuk วัดเขาเจริญสุข on mountain behind.

On the premises of Metro Cat Co., Ltd. (Caterpillar?) Bangna Trat frontage road in Samut Prakan.
13.6041937,100.7818799 = 13°36'15.1"N 100°46'54.8"E
Easily visible from main road, even better from elevated tollway. Easily accessible, but security wouldn't let us enter the square with the plane.

On parking lot at ABAC university Suwarnabhumi campus.
13°36'58.4"N 100°50'09.0"E = 13°36'58.4"N 100°50'09.0"E
Difficult to see on satellite image, but clearly visible in street view. I wonder about the purpose and if it ever flew. 

Update 10sep2017: it is gone.

Pattaya Ripley's Believe It or Not!

Pattaya in front of Hollywood disco
12.9430287,100.8919539 = 12°56'34.9"N 100°53'31.0"E
(on satellite image, but not on streetview from Oct 2012).

And elsewhere in Pattaya:

And some more I drove past but couldn't take pictures:

Pahonyothin opposite National Memorial on grounds of Wiwat Ponlamuang School
13.9531821,100.6224399 = 13°57'11.5"N+100°37'20.8"E
(and white spire north of it, can't find it on satellite)
(and a small one at National Memorial).

Hua Hin on hwy 4, north of Cha-am soi 53 (7/11 on corner), south of hwy 4 km 204 on grounds of Naresuan Camp.

12.6849595,99.9533039 = 12°41'05.8"N 99°57'11.9"E 

And one inside the camp (which is open to visitors to  Maruekatayawan Palace พระราชนิเวศน์มฤคทายวัน).
12.6983626,99.959665 = 12°41'54.1"N 99°57'34.8"E 
This one is not decoration, but for parachuting training.

Udon Thani town, hwy 22 going to Sakon Nakon, northern side at°22'49.6"N+102°50'20.8"E

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  1. The picture taken at theparking lot at ABAC university Suwarnabhumi campus is a fuselage of a Pilatus Porter.


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