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Plai Noen Palace in Rama 4 / Klong Toey

Plai Noen Palace in Rama 4 / Klong Toey
พิพิธภัณฑ์ตำหนักปลายเนิน หรือ วังคลองเตย

The palace is easily accessible (Rama 4 road, less than 200 m walk from MRT Klong Toey), but open only once per year on 29 April.
I walked past many times, and this year had opportunity to visit. 

Entry is free with guided tour in Thai (I joined the 15:00-16:30 tour), drinks and food sold outside, and books about the prince and reproductions of photos and drawings by the prince. 

Information board on Rama 4 road:

Entrance on Rama 4 road (the palace is 60 m inside on the right at
13.7213709,100.5542121 = 13°43'16.9"N 100°33'15.2"E):

The palace is a rather unspectacular traditional Thai wooden house:

No photography allowed inside, but in adjacent buildings and park:

There was water, but now dry:

Verdict: for the average tourist, Suan Pakkard, Jim Thompson house or Kukrit house are a better choice; more to see and open all over the year.

April 28 is the birthday of H.R.H. Prince Narisaranuvattivongse นริศรานุวัดติวงศ์ (Prince Naris นริศ).
The palace is open on April 28 for invited guests and on April 29 for general public. (Mistake in book ASA Architectural Awards: Bangkok Walking Guide, on p274 it says open April 28th.)

further reading:พิพิธภัณฑ์ตำหนักปลายเนิน
(pictures from interior)

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