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Dating Thai boys (40) mobile phones

Dating Thai boys (40) mobile phones

Generalization from my vast experiences in dating low and mid class Thai boys for free, or entertaining money boys.
Some exaggerated and for dramatic effect.

Mobile phone conundrum

When I’m on a date with a Thai friend, he is busy with his phone. But when I try to reach him, he doesn’t pick up or is slow in replying to text messages.

Also known as ChristianPFC's first theorem of online dating:

If both you and a boy have a mobile phone it doesn't mean that you can call the boy whenever you want, it means the boy can call you whenever he wants.

(Shared here before:

Why ChristianPFC won’t buy a mobile phone for a Thai boy

I have met a few boys who don't have a phone and asked me to buy them one, and even boys who have a phone asked me to buy them a newer model. My current (Dec 2015-now) favorite boy had a phone when we first met, then lost it and now calls me from a friend's phone or from a phone box.
I once lent a phone for 2 days to a boy who didn’t have a phone, and I pondered buying a phone for another boy, but decided against it. The purpose would be that I can call the boy.

In order to make a phone call to a Thai boy, all the following conditions must be fulfilled (in the West, we don’t think about it, but here I have to list them to show my readers that the average Thai boy might struggle):

1. The Thai boy must have a phone.
2. He must have it with him.
3. The battery must be charged.
4. The phone has to be switched on.
5. A valid SIM card must be in the phone.
6. He must accept the call.
In order for the Thai boy to call me,
7. He must have credit for calling.
(I have friends and family who struggle with #2 and #4.)

The only thing I can help with is #1 and #7. If I bought the boy a cheap phone, I still would have no influence on #2-6. If I bought the boy an expensive phone, he might take it to a pawn shop.

If a boy has no mobile phone, it’s not a question of money, 

it’s because he is unable to hold onto a phone.
Variation is here:
Give a bar boy a cell phone and he’ll lose it in a day, teach a bar boy your phone number and he’ll use it for a lifetime.

I dropped a mobile phone once (spring 2001), I never lost a phone or had a phone stolen, I ran out of battery at least twice since 2000. But I lost my phone number due to expiry of SIM card three times (once for Thailand between holidays and twice for Germany because I was away long time).

To Thai boys, dropping phone, losing it or getting it stolen, running out of battery or losing phone number because SIM card expires are frequent events.

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