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Lalu rocks in Sakaeo province

Lalu rocks in Sakaeo province
ละลุ อำเภอตาพระยา จังหวัดสระแก้ว

There are some spectacular rock formations in Sakaeo province, Tha Phraya district. No public transport anywhere near, I went as a side trip on way from Buriram to Bangkok with a friend who has a car. There are signs on the road that lead to a visitor center and car park, from there it's about 1.3 km to the rock formations.

visitor center and car park:
14.0420112,102.5756733 = 14°02'31.2"N 102°34'32.4"E
the rock formations are around here:
14.0528273,102.5749256 = 14°03'10.2"N 102°34'29.7"E

At the visitor center, they have a shuttle service with guided tour (about 1 hour), foreign tourists 300 Baht and Thai tourists 200 Baht per car (picture below). With hindsight, one could drive or walk. (My friend asked if he can pay the fee and drive his car with aircon, it was denied. However the road is ok, and if we had just driven past the visitor center, I guess nobody would have stopped us.)

View from close:

How it starts:

Aerial pictures from my friend's drone:

Verdict: spectacular, not to be missed.

There are similar rock formations elsewhere in Thailand:
Pong Yup โป่งยุบ in Ratchaburi province, Suan Phueng district.โป่งยุบ-ราชบุรี
Phae Mueang Phi แพะเมืองผี in Phrae province, Mueang district.
Sao Din Na Noi ( Hom Chom ) Lae Khok Suea เสาดินนาน้อย(ฮ่อมจ๊อม)และคอกเสือ in Nan province, Na Noi district.

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