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Ganesha statue in Narathiwat town

Ganesha statue in Narathiwat town

6.4255158,101.8203737 = 6°25'31.9"N 101°49'13.3"E
next to Chao Mae Kow Leng Jee Shrine ศาลเจ้าแม่โก้วเล้งจี่

Official name Shri Ganesha Statue ประติมากรรมพระพิฆเนศ.

Surroundings decorated with mosaics from pebbles:

Ganesha is looking eastwards, hence best visited in the morning; in the afternoon/evening you have the sun behind the statue (I went in the evening, hence sky overexposed on pictures).

Article in Thai with more pictures: 

draft Largest and most beautiful Ganesha statues in Thailand (in no particular order, just counting)
1+2 Chachoengsao Wat Saman Rattanaram (2 statues)
3 Chachoengsao standing Ganesh metal largest in the world
4 Chachoengsao Wat Prong Akat
5 Nakon Nayok Ganesha park
6 Kanchananburi on hwy to Sanklaburi
7 Chiang Mai largest wooden Ganesha in the world
8 Ratchaburi Suan Pueng
9 Dragon Coffe Korat
10 Hat Yai
11 Chiang Rai Wat Rong Khun
12 Singburi province Wat Pikul Thong วัดพิกุลทอง 
see here as well under Ganesha 

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