Saturday, 18 June 2016

Snow Rock Chonburi

Snow Rock Chonburi ภูเขาหิมะ ชลบุรี

I learnt of Snow Rock Chonburi here: and then found it's close to Grand Canyon Chonburi (upcoming post).

picture from link above

The one near Grand Canyon Chonburi is here:
13.3232714,100.9849764 = 13°19'23.8"N 100°59'05.9"E
but less impressive:

I was lucky that a fire cleared all the vegetation between Grand Canyon Chonburi and small Snow Rock Chonburi:

View of part of Grand Canyon Chonburi and Snow Rock Chonburi and Wat Nanthawan (green in the background, I have been before: from drone:

and from Grand Canyon Chonburi viewpoint (now chedi of Wat Nanthawan clearly visible in green):

Armed with the impression from my visit to Grand Canyon Chonburi and small Snow Rock Chonburi, I checked on google maps (satellite and street view), and found the big one must be here: 13.3048402,100.9783856 = 13°18'17.4"N 100°58'42.2"E

from google maps street view

The blue signs say โางโม่หินพระเสริฐศิลา บริษัท บี.อาร์.เอ็นยิเนียริ่ง จำกัด (นามประเสริฐ) and  ถนนส่วนบุคคล. "Prasert Sila Stonemill company B.R. Engineering limited" and "private property". But the fact that google street view cars went there shows that it's accessible to public. Will be back some day for the big Snow Rock Chonburi.

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  1. Hi Christian, ich lese seit einigen Monaten still mit. Immer wieder tolle Locations.

    Du hast mal nen Artikel von mir auf Faszination Südostasien verlinkt: Thailand mit 15 Euro am Tag ;)

    Den Snow Rock habe ich leider verpasst. Ich würde den gerne in nem Blogpost über Bang Saen erwähnen. Darf ich eins Deiner Bilder benutzen? Natürlich gegen Link auf

    Florian -

  2. Ja gerne. Dann bitte link als comment senden.

    1. Danke, ist jetzt online:


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