Tuesday, 21 June 2016

Grand Canyon Chonburi

Grand Canyon Chonburi แกรนแคนยอน ชลบุรี

Grand Canyon Chonburi is an abandoned quarry with a lake:

The lake is here (not on map, but on satellite image):
13.3219603,100.9820512 = 13°19'19.1"N 100°58'55.4"E
It's best accessed from the south. There are roads to the north parallel to railway track on both sides, but these are in poor condition.

Signs in Thai to parking lot (left path leads closer to Grand Canyon Chonburi than right path).

View point (sign translates: view point, don't lean on the fence) with stalls that sell food and drink.


Railway (double track) passes very close. I drove past on train twice, but didn't notice.

I guess there was a rockslide that affected the railway track and was repaired with a lot of concrete (material from rock slide now green with vegetation, whereas rock elsewhere bare):

Aerial pictures by a friend's drone (whole Grand Canyon Chonburi, railway line, half of Snow Rock Chonburi
(details in previous post), north is down):

Detail railway track, rockslide repaired with concrete, view point (right side under the trees):

There are more places named "Grand Canyon" in Thailand:
Pha Cho ผาช่อ in Chiang Mai province (natural)
abandoned quarry in Chiang Mai province (artificial)
Sam Pan Bok สามพันโบก in Ubon Ratchathani province (natural)
abandoned quarry in Ubon Ratchathani province (artificial)

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