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Dating Thai boys (41) Blocked!

Dating Thai boys (41) Blocked!

Communication with Thai boys can be cumbersome, and sometimes I don't know if he is logged off, reads my messages but doesn't answer, doesn't read or blocked me.

For the intricacies of written communication read here:  

I've been blocked once on gayromeo, and I had to block two contacts on Line.* But what exactly happens if you block someone or more important if someone blocks me? How do I know if my messages are just not read or I am blocked?


I tried this with a friend: the blockee's messages are not shown on the blocker's Line. After unblocking, you can continue chatting as if nothing happened, the messages you sent while you were blocked are not shown on the blockee's Line and not marked as read on the blocker's Line.

I don't know if I'm blocked or the receiver just didn't read my messages.

I have some boys who don't read my messages, but their profile picture changes from time to time. I even commented on their timeline, no reply. I don't know why they would block me (and why I would still be able to comment on their pictures), and am still looking for another explanation. 

A month ago, I caught a look at a Thai friend's Line, and he had 13,621 [sic] unread messages. 

Pictures and videos on Line are stored for a certain time (some months) and then will be deleted, but text and sticker seem to remain unlimited. There is a button "keep" to keep pictures and videos longer. I found this by chance when I was looking for a picture a friend sent me months ago: it was gone! 


A Farang friend suddenly could not access the facebook of a Thai friend and was wondering if the Thai blocked him, so we tried out what happens when you block someone. I blocked my Farang friend on facebook main site (you can block someone just from sending you messages as well). That un-friended him automatically.

You cannot block someone by accident, there is a message that asks for confirmation and another that confirms you blocked someone. (His Thai friend claimed he blocked him by accident, after originally denying blocking him at all.)

When blocked, blocker and blockee can't sent messages "You cannot reply to this conversation" and you will be unable to view the profile you blocked, and the blockee will be unable to view your profile. 

I know of a few cases where boys forgot their facebook password and couldn't log in and created a new profile. 

I just noticed facebook shows only the last 16 chats, before I could access all chats. That might be because I installed facebook messenger on my phone. On my phone, I can access all messages. Annoying, I am looking for a chat I had 2 years ago and can't access it on my computer.

And once case I cannot explain: I can't open the profile, I can't message him "This person isn't receiving messages from you right now", but can still see profile picture in chat.  

I can see the profile that blocked me in my list of saved profiles, but when I want to open it I get an error message:

Error: Blocked!
XXX (Profile No. XXX) has blocked you.
Therefore you cannot view his profile.  
Block this user too 

No ambiguity, I know I am blocked!

*The boy on gayromeo blocked me after I send 2 or 3 messages (read but no answer). I had to block Z on Line after I wrote him twice that I'm busy and can't chat now and he kept messaging me. The other one was a case of "wrong number" (a friend's phone number expired and got assignes to a new SIM-card, and the buyer of that SIM-card became friend on Line via the phone number). That person - a complete stranger - kept messaging me, and after weak and strong hints that I'm not interested, I had to block her. 

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  1. 555, thanx for the topic, Christian
    Facebook, checked right now (I was blocked in August)
    - messenger at my phone: I can see the person in chats and I can see the whole our chat up until the blocking; the avatar photo has changed once in 3-6 months, so the account is still alive (in April this guy mentioned something about loosing password to his FB account, so it's not true - there is a new photo today),
    - when I try to tap "see this profile in Facebook" in messenger, the Facebook app says me "something went wrong",
    - ipad: in Safari, where I am logged in FB, I could not see/find his page; in Chrome, I am not logged in FB, I can see that the page exists, I can see the name, avatar photo (new today) and background photo, but not more. Looks like the privacy settings we changed to "show the page only to friends" when this guy blocked me.

  2. It seems pictures and videos are stored a month on Line (after further research I might be able to specify if it's 28 days, 30 days, or the same date of the following month). Attached documents only 7 days?

    One of the boys who didn't read my multiple messages (a "hello" every few weeks), but occasionally updated his profile picture, sent me an invitation for a game (probably by chance, sending it to everyone), and from there on communication resumed. I assume there is an error in Line. I had a similar case with another boy last year, he didn't receive my messages, but once he messaged me communication resumed.

  3. Blocked on hornet. If someone blocks you, you cannot see his profile any more (but it's still there, I took screenshots with profile name and a friend can find the profile from his hornet) and the chat is gone (both on the blockee's and the blocker's phone).

    Gayromeo just introduced that the blockee can't see the blocker's profile any more.

  4. More details on being blocked.

    I have several boys on Line who don't read my multiple messages, but their profile pictures changes occasionally. In my naivety I thought un-read messages can only mean the boy died, is in prison or hospital, phone lost or stolen; but changing profile picture means he is alive and kicking. But going to his profile and clicking on the "home" button (that looks like a house), you will get "no posts here yet" if the boy has blocked you. That still does not explain why this, that and the other boy blocked me when I thought everything went fine, but at least I know I was blocked and not a technical issue.

    When someone blocks you on the telephone, there will be one ring followed by beeps when you call him. The blocker will still have your blocked call in the call log. The one case where I got a message "This user has requested a temporary bar. Please call again later." must have been a technical problem.


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