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Gay activities April 2016 (1)

Gay activities April 2016 (1)

Fri 01.04.2016
A friend Nus/Nut who is a freelance moneyboy in Pattaya is in Bangkok for a few days. In early 2015, we had a great first encounter, followed by a poor second encounter, details here: Now third encounter so-so. Still great body and cute face, but boring in bed, will probably not meet again.

Seed 23:51-00:34. Nude day not enforced, everyone in towel or underwear. They covered the windows in group rooms, now too dark (there was enough light from road before so at least you didn’t bump into others inadvertently). Over 20 customers, none of them my type. But when I leave one cute boy fully dressed in locker room, plays on his phone, sit next to him and touch his knee, he moves away.

Farose 2, stay 00:58-02:25. About 100 customers throughout. Some nice bodies or nice underwear or nice face, but I’m more tired than horny, and none of them approaches me. Even if I have no sex, their freshly draft coke is delicious (coke in itself and similar drinks are evil, but from time to time I like it, but not from bottle or can!), and can play with their cats.

Mon 04.-Wed 06.04.2016 Uthai Thani
Travel with a Thai friend Win from Nakon Sawan who has a car and his brother (gay as well and bordercase). Tue morning threesome. After 3 days and 2 nights together with both of them, I can confirm my judgement from previous encounter: no character flaws, but I can’t imagine spending the rest of my life with them. Hence no boyfriend, but surely will see them again and invite for trips (I pay for petrol, hotel, food, Win drives us in his car).

Thursday 07.04.2016
Boss (hornet, works in Tesco Lotus Rama 4) arrives 00:18, then we sleep around 00:30. I wake up around 10 and have some cuddling with him until around 11, then let him sleep until he finally wakes up 15:00 and has just time to shower and dress to leave for work 15:30 with 300 Baht for taxi! I can do without sex, but such encounters can screw up my entire day!

Chat with JJ on Line, no show.

Friday 08.04.2016
After over a week without message, Top Suk62 calls. That suits me well. He is near Lotus Rama 4, so I go to wait for him at the pedestrian overpass. Wait 20:26-50 with a confirmation call in between. MISTAKE! Should have gone home and waited in my room, he knows the way.

Long hugging and cuddling, but let’s face it: I don’t get hard from simply hugging him like the first encounters, and he isn’t hard when I take off is pants. Both of us need physical stimulation. I stop before cumming, better to save for sauna visit later.

Seed 00:47-01:47. Nude day not enforced. About 15 customers throughout. At the end one cute boy (the one not interested in changing room last time). Have a grope at the cute boy in dark room: promising.

Farose2, stay 02:10-03:30. Over 50 customers, one clearly my type and several bordercases. Some Chinese. Get blowjob by hairy (in darkness I can live with body hair, just touch somewhere else as long as skin is warm and dry).

Saturday 09.04.2016
Name card to cute boy at book shop in QSNCC, no call. Chat on hornet with a boy Nicky from beyond Minburi. He asks for 2000 taxi money but then pedals back when I ask if he is a money boy. It seems he left his place 19:50 and arrives 22:34, after a detour to Victory Monument to change taxi because first taxi didn’t know the way to Sathorn. Ok in bed, I can live with the big tattoo on back and the pimples (from dirty water in his home province Sukhothai).

He stays over night (if you can call leaving at 4:50 am to go back to work “stay over night”). I give him 1000 (600 taxi coming, 300 taxi return, he can keep the change).

Update June 2016: many chats on Line, but he was not that good that I would give him 1000 Baht for taxi again, and he does not know how to use buses in Bangkok, we didn’t get together again. I am still wondering if he is a moneyboy or really does not know his way in Bangkok, I think it’s the latter. Now no messages for 2 months, I will move on.

Sunday 10.04.2016

Monday 11.04.2016
Dinner with B and N, invite Top Suk62. Shortly after he arrives, he gets a phone call: he has to go to work immediately? Accompany him outside to a dark corner for a goodbye hug and kiss and pass him 200 Baht for taxi.

Chat on Line with Lee (I think he is illiterate, that makes it interesting). Call him 22:05, he is drinking with friends in Ratchada, order him to my room for 23:00. No show. 23:51 call again: no reply.

Wed 13.-Thu 14.04.2016
Spend Songkran with a Farang friend in Suphanburi and Kanchanaburi.

Fri 15.04.2016
Chat with a boy who looks slim on hornet, but then fat in Line and on videochat. Abort! Details here:

Saturday 16.04.2016
Win from Nakon Sawan asks for 1000 Baht online to repair tire. The first time I send money online to a boy, but in this case you can construct a connection (we have driven over 500 km together on our trip in Uthai Thani) and this is the first money request from him.

Yoi comes for wanking for 500. I ask about one of his friends Nat: Nat is in love with his girlfriend and not interested, nor is any other of his friends!

Then continue to Phoenix 20:18-53. Cute boy is leaving just when I enter. Cute boy’s friend chats me up and is interested. None of the other about 15 customers my type.

Monday 18.04.2016
After many chats with the boy Kiw whom I offed from Screwboys, finally both of us are free to meet. But he wants 1700, and does not accept the 1000 I offer. Should have asked that earlier! Would have saved us all the chatting.

But X comes and stays for internet and sex. We haven’t meet for months, so I give him the 800 he asks for.

I have been exchanging smiles with a cute boy at Klong Toey market many times, finally ask for his name and give him my name card: no call.

Tuesday 19.04.2016
Win from Nakon Sawan asks for another 1000 online for his sick brother. Again you can construct a connection: we had threesomes twice. I send him the money, and without prompting he sends a receipt from doctor.

Update June 2016: You would guess the money requests come quicker and the amounts get higher and the reasons become esoteric, but to my surprise, no further money requests!

Tue-Thu 19.-21.04.2016 Hua Hin with JJ
Trip to Hua Hin to visit German friend B and stay in his condo. Invite JJ and offer 1000 Baht for 3 day 2 night trip to Hua Hin, and surprise: after endless chat and several no show in the preceding weeks, he wants to join. Meet at Hua Lampong and take train together.

At night in bed, I am in the mood for sex and indicate so by touching him. But JJ is chatting on his phone with several Farang on several social network and dating apps. I can look over his shoulder and read part of his conversation. Great insight why it often takes so long until I get a reply, and that reply might not answer my question. Shows how disloyal (chatting with someone else while lying next to me, and trip paid by me) and illogical (what’s the point of chatting with someone in Bangkok – and I spotted even Pattaya! – when you are in Hua Hin and won’t be back before next day?).

After one hour, I give up and sleep. B later confirms my judgment: cute face, nice body, but brain dead. Update June 2016: B says JJ often messages him and wants to become his boyfriend or visit him in Germany.

Thursday 21.04.2016
Talk with Top Suk62 on phone, wait for him to call back to come to my room: no call.

Saranrom 22:35-23:57. Promising, count 20 boys during one full round and 12 during a partial round (some the same as in full round). There is a slim boy with brown skin who is chatty, he offers me to grope his dick for 100 Baht, I accept: small dick, 3 fang mook, skin not warm and dry.

Friday 22.04.2016
Chat on hornet with a boy C (from Cambodia, but can read and write Thai) lives nearby and comes to see me, too fat as I already thought from pictures. And make-up which I don’t like. After exchanging a few sentences in my room (good English), he takes shower before I can come up with a reason not to have sex. Afterwards we get naked and fool around, but I don’t get hard. Say goodbye, no money changes hands.

Chat on Line with Kiw screwboys and agree on 1000. The chat was 18:01-19:15, he said he is on the way, but then tells me has to go to see a doctor. Thus, I lose one hour of valuable Friday evening time. I was in my room so I could read and play on internet, but I couldn't arrange anything with other boys or make other plans.

Nature Boys 20:37. 4 Boys fully dressed outside, manager Nong inside, don’t order drink. (Info from Nature Boys regular customer: too early, more boys later.)

Golden Cock 20:38. 2 Boys outside and 5 boys inside, all fully dressed. Some look cute. Don’t order drink.

Super A 20:40-21:20. So-so. 6 Boys in underwear, at least 6 fully dressed staff, 3 customers. Too hot. Music and light ok. Smoking allowed and it smells. One boy with nice bulge, one boy with cute face but man boobs.

The Sun 1 hour oil massage 500 Baht + happy ending 1000 Baht. Massage and afters ok, but have to adjust aircon several times (I don’t like airflow).

Maxi’s 22:40-00:00. By chance, a friend is there, otherwise I would just have walked through Soi Twilight. Noise and second hand smoke. Fresh Boys and X-Boys look promising when walking past. 

Saturday 23.04.2016

Waterboy Onsen 18:12-40. Jacuzzi warm but no bubbles, the single other customer gives me blowjob in locker room.

Phoenix 19:45-21:08. About 25 customers, 2 cute and 1 bordercase. One cute boy I know from last time (not interetested), follow other cute boy to darkroom and chat him up: not interested.

Seed 23:58-00:28. Nude day not enforced, all other customers in towel and 3 fully dressed sitting in locker room for long time. Behind stairs on ground floor, there is an inflatable pool (left from songkran?). Structural changes on several floors, busy in darkroom, but it’s dangerously dark. Balconies are blocked with garbage, poor airflow for heat exchanger and cannot access balcony.

Farose 2, stay 00:50-01:40. Pool in garden no more light and water play, Jacuzzi has current but water cold and no bubbles, over 100 customers, excessive smoking in disco and garden, 3 Farang customers (one Bruce Willis look-alike), some bordercase cute Thais, some nice bodies or underwear.

4 Saunas in one night, but nobody for me.

End of April in next report together with begin of May.

Summary (Apr 1st to 23rd):
6 paid sex: Nus/Nat 1000, Top Suk62 500, Yoi 500, X 800, JJ 1000, massage The Sun 1000 = 4800.
4 free sex: Win+Bom, Farose 2, Nicky (but 1000 for taxi), Waterboy Onsen.
3 no sex: Boss 300, Top Suk62 200, feel dick in Saranrom 100, hornet C = 600.
5 no show: JJ, Lee, Kiw (didn't accept 1000), Top Suk62, Kiw (agreed on 1000)

10 saunas: Seed, Farose 2, Seed, Farose 2, Waterboy Onsen, Phoenix, Waterboys Onsen, Phoenix, Seed, Farose 2.
3 gogo: Classic Boys, X-Size, Super A.
2 massage: Bank Lao 500+300 (no sex), The Sun 500+1000.
2 hornet: Thai boy too fat (don’t even meet), C meet in my room: too fat.
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