Wednesday, 30 November 2016

Baan Hun Lek Ang Thong

Baan Hun Lek Ang Thong

Thai name บ้านหุ่นเหล็กอ่างทอง translates as "House of the metal men = robots in Ang Thong" (with the name of the province อ่างทอง Ang Thong meaning "golden basin").

14.6274133,100.4731769 = 14°37'38.7"N 100°28'23.4"E
directly east of hwy32 at km 56

Entry is 20 Baht (only 10 Baht coins accepted at turnstile), however the exit gate was wide open so we slipped in through the exit for free.



Their workshop:

Shop with items manufactured there for sale (food and drink for sale elsewhere on the premises as well):

  Pictures made of nails:

And animal statues made of old car tyres:

  Read here as well:

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Sunday, 27 November 2016

Dragon Coffe Korat

Dragon Coffe Korat

Thai name หุ่นเหล็กโคราช which translates as "metal man = robot Korat" (other name of Nakon Ratchasima).

14°52'09.6"N 101°45'59.5"E = 14.869337, 101.766523 
directly south of hwy2, 40 km west of Nakorn Ratchasima

The dragon statues which gives it its name can easily be seen from hwy2 when driving past:

Giant Ganesha statue made of scrap metal:

While the cafe and the Ganesha are free to enter/view, the following part has an entry fee of 50 Baht:

Sometimes they display elsewhere:

read here as well (the only English language article I found):

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Thursday, 24 November 2016

Gay activities Oct 2016

Gay activities Oct 2016

Thursday 20oct2016
Arrive in Bangkok, put my stuff in a friend’s room where I will sleep the first night and go out to look for new rom (I gave up my room of May2014-Sep2016 and put my stuff in a friend’s room). Cross paths with a Black money boy (details separately). 

Friday 21oct2016
Books or boys, what is more important? An easy to answer question. (Some day might post a list “Why books are better than boys”, for straights there are already lists “Why beer is better than women”). Spend the day at 21st National Book Exhibition in QSNCC. At night, meet BFC4in2016 for a walk around the Royal Palace. By chance, he found my blog! But still wants to see me.

At the end, chat becomes too emotional and gives me headache. It’s like listening to a foreign language when your level is intermediate, however in this case my English is better than his. Or another comparison talking about grammar, him talking to me about emotional stuff is like me asking an average native speaker about grammar intricacies.

We separate and will meet some day in Korat (his stay in Bangkok was only temporary).

Saturday 22oct2016
The cute boy who chatted me up in front of 7-Eleven near my room in Sep 2016 is on Line and now lives in Putthamonton Sai 3 wants to meet me in Central Plaza Rama 2 at 3 pm. I agree, but other business in Sathorn delays my departure and in addition, bus 141 doesn’t come. While waiting for bus 14:35-15:20 I message him about delay, messages not read. By the time bus 141 finally comes 15:20, I have made up my mind: ABORT!

Without reliable means of communication (boy is very slow on Line and has no phone?) it’s pointless going to Central Plaza Rama 2, even if he is there, it would be difficult to find him without agreeing on a meeting point. Spent one hour to/from bus stop and waiting for bus, will move on to someone closer and more reliable communication.

My current favorite boy Top Suk 62 has not been on Line for weeks. Call his phone numbers and after 5 calls to 3 different numbers/people, I can finally get him on the phone. He is still in a temple in Sakaeo (was supposed to be back in Bangkok end of lent).

I save phone number with “Name–location of boy-month-year” and then go back from most recent number. Sometimes he calls from friend’s phone, then I ask friend for his current location and current phone number.

Babylon Sauna 17:15-18:50. Entry 260 Baht. Over 100 customers, half White, half Asian, and 3 Black. One boy who is clearly my type passes, and spot several border cases, but no action for me today.

Seed 21:28-22:30. Entry 100. Spend most of the time on internet. About 15 customers throughout, some look promising. At the end, hook up with J who speaks good English and lives nearby and invites me to stay overnight. Skip Farose 2 and go with him. J tells me you can keep your key when you leave Seed and come back later and don’t have to pay entry again.

Sunday 23.10.2016
When I wake up, J tells me that my clothes were smelling and they are now in the washing machine and then will need one hour to dry. And indeed, the contents of my pockets is neatly piled up on the table. An inacceptable breach of my privacy. Rules him out as boyfriend candidate. But an intellectual match: master student of veterinary medicine and fluent in English (and had Farang boyfriend before).

Another visit to book expo in QSNCC.

Laem Tong sex cinema is on the way home and time is right. Details there as comment, nothing to write home about.

Have the masseur Lek Lao come to see me in my room. Everything fine as last time.

Seed 22:04-56. Less than 10 customers throughout, none my type. On both Sat and Sun there was a note that you can enter fully dressed, seems theme days abolished (naked day wasn’t observed anyway).

Farose 2 23:20-01:35. Increases from less than 50 to more than 50 customers. One other Farang. No more cats, but still one dog. 4 bordercases, one follows me so we have a wank. Slim and brown, but a bit too hairy. Don’t exchange phone numbers. To put it poetic: our liaison would not have survived the next morning’s daylight. Of the other border cases, I find one sleeping (passed out from alcohol?) and put my hand up his shorts: hairy upper thigh, no way!

They put a towels over the doors to prevent slamming, how clever!

Tue 25 to Thu 27oct2016 Pattaya separately: 

Thursday 27oct2016
A Cambodian boy J had messaged me on gayromeo. Profile looks promising, so I follow his invitation to meet in Telephone bar (after asking if he is moneyboy: no). All fine, but more PDA (public display of affection) from his side than I am comfortable with. As I just moved, my room is untidy, so we have a look at his place first. He actually works in Pattaya and is in Bangkok for holiday over the weekend and stays at EVE guesthouse near Soi Twilight. No aircon and shared bathroom on the floor. At 700 per night, this place is overpriced, will point him to something cheaper and better or even let him stay with me next time he is in Bangkok.

Taxi to my room where we have a good time. In fact, the wildest sex I remember. Almost lost my dental fillings. Will need some days rest after that.

Friday 28oct2016
Sake disco 23:26-01:58. Meet a Farang friend there. When I arrive, only about 20% full, but midnight fills up. There is a show 00:26-01:18. First ladyboys, lipsynch and dancing, then 00:55 about 10 coyote boys (none of them my type) who later mingle with audience.

Some boys are worth a second look, but a boy NCS65 I have met on hornet months ago and been chatting with is in Khao San, so I go to see him there.

Around 2 am disassembly at Khao San and places closing. Have dinner with NCS65 and he wants to come to my room. We go to bed and try to sleep, with the occasional touching, then finally around 4 am have sex. The following morning another round. My type and my style, BFC5in2016.

Take bus to Victory Monument and split there. He goes home and I go sightseeing.

And that’s the last I have seen or heard of him. Messages on Line not answered, can’t find his profile on hornet and our chat is gone.

Sat 29 to Mon 31oct2016
Now really take a break from boys, do some sightseeing and tidy up my room.

Summary 20-31oct2016:
6 gogo bars: Nice Boys, Dream Boys, 360 Degree, Vassa, Power Boys, Kawaii.
5 free sex: Seed, Farose 2, J Cambodia and NCS65 twice.
4 saunas: Babylon, Seed, Seed, Farose 2.
2 paid sex: Lek Lao massage 1000, Kawaii.
1 no sex BFC4in2016.
1 no show: boy in Putthamonthon 3 / Central Rama 2.

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Monday, 21 November 2016

Black money boy in Bangkok

Black money boy in Bangkok

I like Blacks almost as much as Asian. In brown skin, they even score higher, but body hair can be a problem.

In 2013, there was Black Woman (lost contact in 2015), who was interested, but not my type.

In the same year, there was a Black twink, who said he was in Bangkok to study, but spent much more time in Silom Soi 4 and DJ-station that can be reconciled with studying. We once met for dinner, and after ordering he told me had forgotten his wallet and if I could lend him the money. A poor start. During later by-chance encounters (Soi 4, DJ-station), no hint of paying back, and slightly drunk, at the end I lost interest.

And now, Oct/Nov 2016, a new opportunity to have sex with a Black. While I deal with south-east Asian money boys routinely, this is a new situation and has me asking for advice: 

A week ago [on 20oct2016], I crossed paths with a Black (from Senegal) in Soi Sri Bam Pen, and when he noticed I'm ogling at him, he chatted me up and we exchanged phone number and facebook (shirtless pics on facebook look promising). 

[Skin temperature check, poking my elbow in his lower arm and handshake, was negative.] 

Yesterday night, I saw him sitting alone in Telephone bar. But I haven't seen him on gayromeo or hornet. We figured out the details (1000 Baht, we can't go to his room - I just moved and have stuff standing around so I have to tidy up my room before I can invite someone). Now my indecisiveness kicks in, combined with the fact that I never had anything with a Black (but it has been on my wish list for years).

Any experiences or anything to look out for? He looks pretty macho and probably top only. Of my size and weight. I had one Cambodian and one Vietnamese money boy who refused to leave my room over a money argument, I simply shoved them out. That wouldn't work here. 

Chat from facebook, CPFC = ChristianPFC, BMB = Black money boy, comments in italic.

Oct 20th2016, 4:17pm
CPFC Hello
CPFC I'm busy today. And tired from flight. Arrived just this morning from Germany.
BMB Ho yeah do you want massage

Almost to the point, I like that! It would have taken me a lot of beating around the bush to get to this point.

CPFC Good idea. Do you have a room? I will move into new room tomorrow, so my room will be messy some days.

Oct 20th, 7:11pm
BMB Sorry. Is not possibl
CPFC Then wait until my room is ready.
BMB ok but I work if you want I can come have a good time with you, you may have to give me money pat this here life is too dificult for me

And again to the point! Saved me a lot of beating around the bush. And “you may have to give me money” is a funny wording for being a moneyboy.

Oct 21st, 9:41am
CPFC Yes, I can help you. Good night.
Oct 21st, 3:40pm
BMB ok so if we see how much you will give me
Oct 22nd, 9:45am
CPFC 1000 Baht
Oct 22nd, 1:39pm
BMB I worth more than you have me look good

Oct 22nd, 4:21pm
CPFC Sorry, I can't pay more than 1000.
BMB ha ok give me 1500 beats veins if you want I go with you a good time
CPFC 1000 but now I'm going to Babylon sauna, probably get someone there for free.
BMB ok 1000 beats agree on how to actually see
CPFC I will message or call when I'm free. Not today.
BMB Ok. I wait you

I have a lot of other business, and not sure if I should let someone who is bigger and stronger than me in my room. But my friend Bill in Malaysia hotel is interested, that would solve all security problems. 

Nov 7thMon 10:46am
CPFC Hello
CPFC Hello
CPFC Still in Bangkok?
BMB Yess
CPFC Free this afternoon 13:30?
CPFC Then we can meet. My friend Bill from America likes to get fucked and I want to watch. 1200 for three some. In Malaysia hotel.
BMB 1200 what?
BMB No. Sorry but I never fuck for 1200
CPFC What do you like for sex?
BMB Sorry but I can not talk too much about her with you in what you pay for bad sex
Mon 1:14pm
CPFC So do you want to come?
BMB Your price is no good for me 

(End of conversation) Then good luck to find someone who pays you more. I made a reasonable offer and that’s it. BYE.

I don’t understand these boys. Sure I would prefer one customer at 2000 than two at 1000, however the supply and demand is rather one customer at 1500 or two at 1000.

But I can rejoice: the situation is asymmetric. I can wank to black porn on my computer or mobile phone (free, instant, any time), but he can’t get money for food or rent out of his computer or mobile phone.

Score ChristianPFC:Black is 0:2 (one owes me 318 Baht for dinner, the other one wants too much money for sex), but keep trying!

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Friday, 18 November 2016

Pattaya 25-27oct2016

Pattaya 25-27oct2016

Tuesday 25oct2016
Bangkok to Pattaya by public transport after van stations moved from Victory Monument. Bus 149 from Rama 4 Road to Ekkamai bus station 16:09-32. Buy ticket 108 Baht (down from 124 two years ago) for bus 48, scheduled and real departure 16:50. Stops at bus station Bangna 17:19-26 (that means if bus 46 comes before 149 on Rama 4 Road, I can go there, and a friend says buses from Southern Bus Terminal stop there as well so frequency is higher). Arrives in North Pattaya Bus Station 19:08. Don’t fall for the songtheos at the bus station who want 50 Baht to Walking Street, instead hail one down at North Pattaya Road (one might have to wait a bit), and in this case I was lucky that it didn’t turn to Naklua, but continued along Beach Road, 10 Baht and 19:15-30.

Have dinner and stroll through Sunee, chat with two Farang friends.

Nice Boys 21:00-57. Orange juice 150 Baht. 16 boys and 3 customers. Boys in individual underwear and closed shoes. I would take 5 of them for free. Dicks on display. Music, temperature, light ok. The cute waiter New whom I remember from last times is still there and once again I’m close to offing him. Next time I will visit Power Boys last, so I can off him (at the beginning it would be a waste of time and energy to come to Pattaya and off someone whom I haven’t even seen in underwear at the beginning of the night).

Have a look into Power Boys, 7 boys and 3 customers, none of the boys my type, come back tomorrow.

Dream Boys 22:35-23:02. Water 170. 13 boys and no customer. Boys in individual black underwear and closed shoes. Music, temperature, light ok. I would take #2 or #7 for free. Tip #7 100 Baht.

360 degree bar 23:15-00:03. New place (where Lucky 777 and X-Boys Pattaya used to be), my first visit. Read here as well: Pineapple juice 200. About 10 boys in white individual underwear and closed shoes. About 5 boys on stage, about 5 boys sitting around. No boy my type. No other customer. Music, temperature, light ok.

Mama Noy (she spelled her name N-O-Y) sits next to me and talks to me (that must be the feared Mama Noy, former Leila, see link above), but leaves me alone after she realizes that her charms are wasted on me.

Show starts on time 23:30 and ends 23:57. External performers (singing, dancing, big cock show). In the big cock show is one boy who would be the one for me tonight (cute face, great body, I can live with the tattoos on back and owl tattoo on chest, big cock curved down, no hairs on balls as far as I can see from first row). But he doesn’t pay any attention to me or the other customer. And when he is not on stage, then he is behind stage. When show is over, appears fully dressed and leaves. I quickly pay and leave to find him and the others outside, fully absorbed in chat and before I can chat him up, on motorbike and gone.

Now after 3 hours and 3 bars and finding the boy I would take tonight, but not getting him, it would be admit defeat and go home. But it’s just midnight, and for research purposes I continue.

Kawaii only 5 boys at 00:05. They say they close 1 am. Skip.

Vassa 00:10- 1:11. Pineapple juice 160. 10 boys 0 customers, but later a big spender comes. Individual white underwear and bare feet. Music and temperature ok, light poor. I would take 4 boys for free, Dew (used to work in Wild West Boys and took him from there twice, but became boring) and Add.

I haven’t used gayromeo or hornet in Pattaya for over a year for fear of getting inundated with propositions, and I can do online dating with a good chance to get someone for free in Bangkok, whereas I go to Pattaya to enjoy the bars. But now for market research set my location to Pattaya, and number of messages is reasonable. Among them an old acquaintance JJ (new hornet profile and new Line).

JJ in a disco in Walking Street and invites me to join him. Go there and join his table, no pressure to order drink. But this is not my style (too loud, too late, mixed audience) and fortunately shortly after he wants to go to see a friend elsewhere. So we go to another bar near Walking Street. I have seen his friend somewhere in Sunee as waiter or host.

Around 2 am I am tired and tell JJ I will go home and sleep and can join (for free), but after short pondering he and his friend continue touring around and at the same time looking for a customer on the apps. Good luck!

Wednesday 26oct2016
Extensive brunch (over 2 hours) with a Farang friend. Afterwards I want to go to visit two second hand bookshops east of Sukhumvit road, but get only to Canterbury Tales (Soi Lengkee / Soi Bua Khao) when it starts to rain heavily. When the rain gets lighter, walk back and notice flooding everywhere (details separate post). Abort all sightseeing, but the flooding was worth it!

Notice water coming out of the sewer (bottom center of picture), and visibility a few cm. Crossing at Tuk-Com with water about 40 cm deep took me a minute.

Now having time to spare, go for a massage near Tuk-Com. Not horny, but look out for a cute boy, you never know. After passing some places without spotting a cute boy, I get lucky at Suwon Thai Massage (in a font that fuses u and w, only from Thai name ซูวอน could I construct the name). 1 hour oil massage 300. Only cold water for showering. Good massage and gets me hard towards the end and offers handjob. However boy is fully dressed and sitting over my legs out of reach, so I decline. Tip 200.

There is a new shop G Body sexy underwear opposite south-western corner of Tuk-Com. Styles that you can find at Silom street market, but at 200 Baht per piece twice as expensive.

Power Boys 20:50-21:25. Apple juice 145 (but I had ordered pineapple!). 11 boys and 0 customers when I enter. Individual underwear, bare feet. Music, temperature, light ok. #3 is cute (despite several tattoos: round tattoo on left chest, looks like a temporary tattoo from distance, and two lines of writing as tattoo on right lower arm), and I would take #9 for free.

Kawaii 21:41-22:18. 150 hot tea. 9 boys 2 customers. Individual underwear, bare feet. #8 and #13 and #21 cute, and when I leave another one arrives. After some consideration, decide to off #13. Invite him Arm from Ubon to sit with me, and waiter asks boy in Thai what he wants to drink (coke 170), but doesn’t confirm with me. Should I make a fuss and refuse to pay the boy drink? I decide against it. After small talk, ask Arm in English “Do you want to go with me tonight?” – “Yes.”. I expect him to get up and get dressed, but nothing happens, minutes later waiter comes and asks if I would like to off Arm. I confirm, and Arm gets up and dressed. From there on conversation in Thai. Off fee 400.

In my room everything fine. Great body, big cock and balls (I would have thought the underwear is stuffed, it is not). Kisses only with lips closed, lets me touch his butt cheeks, but not further. Cooperative, but no initiative (which gets boring after a while but nonetheless, might off him again). Then during post-coital cuddling (mine; he didn’t cum but next will tell him I want to see him cum) falls asleep and finally we part 00:30. 1000 Baht well deserved.

A last stroll around Sunee before going to sleep. Several offers for free sex (but that might just mean I don’t have to pay the off fee as the place is closing, but still a tip will be expected, I fell for that on my first trip to Pattaya in Jan 2010; not my idea of free sex).

Thursday 27oct2016
No vans from South Pattaya to Victory Monument any more, only to Mor Chit, price 100. Buy ticket 13:05, departure 13:30. Petrol stop 14:09-15 (same place as before). Toilet and cigarette stop for driver at toll booth near Ramkhamhaeng Soi 4 (had this before and got off there as that place suited me). Stops at Din Daeng 16:05-07 (so people heading to Victory Monument can get off). Via Vipavadi Rangsit road to Mor Chit, arrives 16:32.

General note on customer count: number of customers except me, regardless of their race (not politically correct, but then I never aspired to be politically correct). In 90% it’s white, in 10% white + Asian, mostly Thai or neighboring country money boy or boyfriend, means if it wasn’t by the White’s invitation, the Asian wouldn’t be there either.

Summary: many bars very quiet but still plenty of cute boys around.

For a more exciting report on Pattaya read here: 

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