Sunday, 27 November 2016

Dragon Coffe Korat

Dragon Coffe Korat

Thai name หุ่นเหล็กโคราช which translates as "metal man = robot Korat" (other name of Nakon Ratchasima).

14°52'09.6"N 101°45'59.5"E = 14.869337, 101.766523 
directly south of hwy2, 40 km west of Nakorn Ratchasima

The dragon statues which gives it its name can easily be seen from hwy2 when driving past:

Giant Ganesha statue made of scrap metal:

While the cafe and the Ganesha are free to enter/view, the following part has an entry fee of 50 Baht:

Sometimes they display elsewhere:

read here as well (the only English language article I found):

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