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Gay activities September 2016

Gay activities September 2016

28.8.2016 Sunday
There is a very cute boy M on (the website recently changed domain name again to avoid censorship?). Only phone number given (I don’t like to call, I prefer writing on Line). Start with an SMS: no reply. Some hours later I call: person who picks up phone doesn’t know of massage service. Then extensive search on the internet with other information provided in the profile: can’t find anything. Give up.

1.9.2016 Thursday
Déjà vu 21:25-21:45. 180 Baht entry. About 50 customers. In Karaoke room one shapely, all others too old, too fat. Sauna closed for renovation, Jacuzzi dry, steam room in operation. Show 20:30-22:00 (used to start 21:30). When I arrive, already moved to 3rd floor, too dark. No more free snacks at bar left, but still fizzy drinks.

Seed 21:58-22:25, 100 Baht entry. Underwear day observed. Total 3 customers who were all in locker room waiting for more to come. Spend some time on the internet, then leave.

Farose 2, 22:48-00:05, 160 Baht entry. Over 20 customers, increasing towards midnight. Some worth a second look. I thought visiting 3 saunas in one night is dedication, but a regular there (used to go every day when he was living in Bangkok) comes twice a month from Phetchabun (by car coming 5-9 pm, return 6-10 am). But even without success with boys, they have the most delicious coke and some lovely cats, and there is free food buffet (fancy description of what's on offer) on rooftop.

On way home by taxi (detour via Makkasan and Wireless road), I notice the area that housed Langsuan Balcony (gay karaoke, no customers whenever I had a look the years before) is now a giant construction site.

2.9.2016 Friday
Appointment with BFC3in2016 in QSNCC for travel fair. He is there earlier than I, despite having a longer trip. After a few minutes of walking around together, he is too tired to walk and sits and waits for me. Afterwards to my room, where we have a so-so wank.

3.9.2016 Saturday
The boy M from 28.8. is back on gboysiam, with same picture and same phone number, and I get a notification on Line that he has been added by phone number. Chat with him on Line and will meet in a few days (when I first saw his profile, I would have gone instantly, but now I have cooled down).

I have an appointment with Kot at 8. By 9 still no message from him, I prepare to go to sauna (party and show at Macho). He calls just when I'm leaving my room, is downstairs already 21:08. Short chat and give him 100 Baht. (Update: check again on Line, appointment was at 9. For a change, not boy late, but I made a mistake.)

Macho sauna 21:42-00:30, entry 160. No signs of party, no food left, no show, but spot two nice bodies and chat up a cute boy P, good English and interesting conversation. I would have left it at that, but he hints for room. Despite unfavorable conditions (light, temperature, I'm generally not a fan of sex in sauna) we have a great time. 

He asks me to delete all my online dating accounts, which is a bit early, and which I tell him I will not do. My gayromeo has chats with people who don't live any more, that would be lost forever if I deleted my account.

On my way home in taxi, JJ Bangna and wants to stay over night. I invite him, but no activities and no money changes hands.

5.9.2016 Monday
After the great time in sauna, meet P again as soon as possible, which is now. We meet for lunch at moonhouse, P eats everything on his plate:

I think I’m falling in love and promote him to BFC4in2016

Sightseeing together all day. Makes some drama about love/sex, I have to tell him to shut up as it's too early to discuss such matters. Then too my room, I shower and get into foreplay without him showering. The dried clean sweat on his neck is delicious, should do this more often. 

He has three hairs on his chest and I don't like the feeling of chest hair in my mouth during nipple play (although not as bad as pubic hair). Strangely, they are about 5 cm long, so I can easily pull out one of his chest hairs (I have many, but they are short, so you can't pull them out with bare fingers). He complains and won't let me pull out the remaining two.

P sets his aircon at 26°C, ex-BFC3in2016 sets his aircon at 28°C, and I usually set my aircon at 27°C. That means we are all temperature compatible, whereas many other boys I know like 22°C which is too cold for me.

6.9.2016 Tuesday
We get up 5 am, and I walk him to bus station and wait with him about 50 minutes until his bus comes. Is this love? 

Some sightseeing in Taling Chan and in afternoon meet M from gboysiam at his place. Communication in Thai ok, even speaks some English. He is home alone (shares room with brother?) and we start with dry massage. Good massage and good afters, but cold and wet skin throughout. Ponder to give 800 or 1000, but decide on 1000, good vibes throughout and my type and my style and willing and able.

Cold and wet skin must be in the genes, like hair or eye color. I once had a boy in Pattaya who didn't warm up over night in my bed. Whereas my mother usually has warm hands. So I ask M if he always has cold skin: positive answer in full sentence. That means he is aware of having cold and wet skin.

7.9.2016 Wednesday
Weeks ago, there was a cute boy on gboysiam who lives in Ladprao and all pictures and initial chat were positive:

Now I have business in Laprao and want to meet him. Chat in Line to learn that he shares a mobile phone and a Line account with a friend Por (who currently has phone and Line), and while Por is in Ladprao, Net is in Korat. Nonetheless, go to have a chat with Por (who says he remembers me from months ago in Kawaii boys in Pattaya) and get Net's facebook.

Continue to Nake sauna, reported separately:

8.9.2016 Thursday 

BFC4in2016 offers to come with me to the airport, I have to reject this idea. Arriving at or departing from an airport is like going to toilet: I prefer to do it alone. Whereas railway or bus station is fine. Anyway, there is no time, straight to check-in and through checks.

Past all checks, waiting for boarding, Kot messages me on Line and makes a desperate attempt at getting some money. Sorry, you will have to wait until I come back.

Summary 1-9 Sep 2016:
3 free sex: BFC3in2016, P=BFC4in2016 in Macho, P=BFC4in2016 in my room.
1 paid sex: M Taling Chan 1000.

No Gogo or host bars, and haven’t been to Surawong bars in my two months stay!
5 sauna:. Déjà vu, Seed, Farose 2, Macho, Nake.
3 no sex: Kot (100 Baht, my mistake wrong time), JJ Bangna, Por friend of Net.
1 massage: M Taling Chan.

Copyright 2016 ChristianPFC except pictures which were freely available on the boys' posts on gboysiam


  1. Christian, did you slow down a bit or it was simply too hot and humid during your stay?

  2. I did slow down on boys. I moved out of my room and put all my stuff into storage, which took some time and occupied my mind.


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