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Old trains in Thailand

Old trains in Thailand

ChristianPFC is interested in anything technical, and after several posts “Aircraft used as decoration” now old trains.

This can be split into two categories: trains used as decoration and train cemeteries. There are no real aircraft cemeteries in Thailand that I know of, the aircraft were brought somewhere for use, and then abandoned when money ran out.

Whereas for trains, there are four places I know of where the trains have been parked and left to rot.

Train cemetery near Mahachai = Samut Sakon railway sation
A friend sent me the following link, and I will go there some day, but there is nothing I can add:

Train cemetery in Bang Sue
Inspired by above articles, I finally went to Bang Sue train cemetery after driving past many times: http://christianpfc.blogspot.com/2016/11/train-cemetery-in-bang-sue.html

Train cemetery in Makkasan railway depot
I learnt of this place here and will go some day.

Train cemetery near Thung Song junction Surat Thani
Spotted it when driving past by train and made a mental note, can be seen on satellite image as well.

Train cemetery near Chachoengsao railway station
Coming from Bangkok, about 500 m before Chachoengsao railway station, there are plenty of old rolling stock parked and left to rot. However nothing of particular interest.

Trains used as decoration or museum or library
Plenty of places, usually near railway stations, beyond the scope of my blog, but read here:

I know three cases where trains are used to house libraries:
and a now abandoned library in train in Bang Sue, 
and one operational near Hua Lampong.

The train markets (Talad Rot Fai ตลาดรถไฟ originally in Chatuchak, then moved to Srinakarin, and now a new branch in Kaset-Navamin) derive their name from originally being on the grounds of the SRT (State Railway of Thailand), but have not much to do with trains.

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  1. Thanks for the leads and links from undersigned former railwayman


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