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Dating Thai boys (39) You're not slim!

Dating Thai boys (39) You're not slim

Spot a very promising profile on hornet, and he is nearby, and he is interested.

7mar2017 all pictures removed, after warning from blogger; full post with pictures saved on my hard drive

With hindsight and looking at the picture on my laptop, it looks like a photo taken from a TV or computer screen. Moving conversation to Line, I check his profile pictures on Line, a clear "No, I don't want to have sex with you.".

Counterexample what an abdomen in seated position should look like:

I'm not a friend of video chat, but the boy starts a video chat which confirms that he is too fat for my taste, and background of bar or restaurant and Songkran activities.

18:00...Christian...Hello Boss from hornet. My name is Christian.
18:02...Man...video chat Calling Time 0:56
18:02...Man...You want come
18:03...Christian...I don't like loud music and water. Cannot go now.
18:03...Man...In side
18:03...Man...No have water
18:04...Christian...But I can't get there dry.
18:06...Man...You horny?
18:07...Christian...Not horny now. I like slim boys. What is you weight and height?
18:08...Christian...I'm XX years old, XX kg, XXX cm.
18:08...Man...168 55
18:09...Man...You big dick ?
18:09...Christian...X inch. And you?
18:11...Christian...See you another day when it's dry. Bye.
18:12...Man...I'm not play water
18:12...Man...Just drink
18:20...Man...U don't want to talk with me?
18:20...Christian...No sorry. I like slim boys.
18:21...Man...I'm slim
18:21...Man...Just 55

Weight without height is pointless. 55 kg at 165 cm is fat by my standards, 55 kg at 180 cm is perfect. I had similar discussions with other boys I rejected: stating their weight to prove they are slim without considering their height.

The scientific way would be to calculate the BMI https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Body_mass_index 
but to avoid multiplication and division I use the following formula: height (in cm) - weight (in kg) - 100 =
<15 too fat
15-20 have to consider other factors
20-25 perfect
>25 stick insect 
18:23...Christian...[photo from my collection as illustration]

18:23...Christian...I like slim like this.
18:24...Christian...[photo from my collection as illustration]

18:24...Christian...And six pack

That picture on Line and 1 minute video chat saved me a total of 1 hour walking around, getting wet and awkward conversation!

On Friday 22.04.2016 similar. A boy on hornet with 60 kg and 170 cm messages me, clearly too fat but looks ok, so I invite him to my room. Efficient communication and finds the way without problems. But in real life not so much my type. 

He takes a shower and falls over me in bed. I play along, but don't get hard. I could happily have a wank if I could touch someone who is my type but not so much into me, but for him as a bottom that did not seem to be an option.

The fattest I ever had sex with was a boy Kit from Cambodia in Pattaya, at 60 kg and 175 cm (from memory). But he had other qualities that compensated.

Take home message for my readers:
If possible, have a video chat before meeting someone! 

Note for my US-American readers: there are only 3 countries in the world that have not adapted the metric system: Liberia, Myanmar and the USA.

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  1. I may be wrong but 55 kg at 180 is skeleton wrapped in skin

  2. You haven't fully embraced the metric system either, seeing that you state your cock size in inches. ;)

    But what really needs to be said: Quite charming to send him sample pics of acceptable body frames. I hope the dear boy didn't commit suicide right away.

  3. I agree. No meat.

  4. Christian has the same ideas about figure as I have.

    I might be more subtle about saying why not though. In my current town, a rather overweight Asian guy of about 30 keeps asking me what I'm looking for. On obvious answer would be "slim Asian guys", but I have not yet managed to be so direct in the reply.

  5. I thought I'm too slim. I'm 170 55 22 haha

  6. A Thai friend who sometimes stays with me over night (no sex) once told me he got fat and pointed at his abdomen "I look like a hippo. A pregnant hippo. With triplets." (his words and his sense of humor), but claims to be slim in his hornet profile.

  7. 55 @ 180 is a BMI underweight not perfect.
    Your formula doesn't work for short guys try my BF's figures 147-41-100 = 6.....Using BMI calc is boarding underweight to normal.

  8. You should be very happy in Africa.
    In Asia, it's considered destitute to be that thin. LOL


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