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Pattaya weekend 26.-28.09.2014 (2)

Pattaya weekend 26.-28.09.2014 (2)

Saturday 27.09.2014
A boy I have known for a while comes to visit me in the morning before he starts work 11 am. I spend the afternoon at the beach in Jomtien with friends from Germany. There are cute boys, shirtless or even swimwear, but they operate the concessions or are there with a Farang. Trees on the beach have been cut, but it looks rather like damage from a storm:

Dinner with German friends in Jomtien Complex. Walking through the complex before and after dinner, I spot several cute boys in beer bars and massage. The last daylight is much better for boy watching than artificial light after sunset (shadows, wrong colors). The complex is busy!

The holes (for manholes to access the sewer system?, I reported earlier) in the sidewalk about 2 x 1 m wide and 1 m deep between Jomtien Complex and Pan Pan restaurant are being closed. Your last chance to fall down and impale yourself on the iron bars.

Sunny Boys (ซันนี่บอยบาร์ recently opened, pronounced like sunny (windy, rainy,…) and not like Sunee สุนีย์)
Enter 20:15. About 15 boys. Orange juice 100 Baht. Boys in blue shorts with slits (interesting insights, some balls and hard cock, but I prefer briefs). Aircon and music ok, unsuitable light, slow rotation. Leave 21:15, about 20 boys.
Daytime picture:

X-Boys Pattaya
Enter 21:40 (to see the boys first, then the show at 10 pm). Boys wear what is called “retro underwear” in Silom: one size fits all, horizontal stripes of different color, basically a tube with one big hole on top and two small on the bottom, not my style). Music is too loud and fan is unpleasant (more on fans below). One customer smokes. 21:50 all boys parade on stage in “retro underwear” for 10 minutes before show starts.

22:00 show starts, total of 10 boys in big cock show, boys wear black briefs (different styles), pulled down in front (maybe then it doesn’t count as nudity? Totally un-erotic, pulled down underwear with erect dick showing). One of them has pearls implanted in his dick (he has been around for a while, and is often in front of the bar in underwear).
22:11 five boys singing and dancing (for lack of better description, if you have seen shows you know what I mean).
22:19 two boys covered in foam play with each other
22:26 four boys in shower, six boys sing and dance
22:30 B-Boys perform (two very nice bodies and not too many tattoos; one of the B-Boys is a fatty, how is that possible?)
22:35 six boys singing and dancing
22:40 fuck show two boys fucking, two boys holding a sheet of cloth to cover them about half of the time
22:44 show ends

I leave 23:04. Soft drink 240 Baht. Two years ago, I said that their show is the only one I consider watching, but now I have to say it’s lame, won’t go again for the show (this was the only show I saw in the last 2 years). Overpriced drinks, music too loud, unpleasant fan, smoking. Won’t go again soon.

Funny Boys
Enter 23:15. Pineapple juice 160 Baht. 12 boys in individual underwear. Nothing to write home about. Leave 23:55.

That’s a first. Cute boys in beer bars and massage in Jomtien Complex, but nobody to take home in 3 gogo bars. After 3 gogo bars, I couldn’t endure fatties in ugly or not fitting underwear any more.

Rating the six bars I went to, Power Boys and Dream Boys come on top, X-Boys at the bottom.

Back to Sunee to have drink and chat with friends. Krazy Dragon and Crazy Pub are closed, leaving a large gap in the soi:

I am in favor of a consolidation. Better few bars who are busy than many bars that are empty. Two of the Krazy Dragon boys from my last visit there were in Dream Boys Pattaya.

Some collected thoughts on fans and aircon:
Fan is the poor man’s aircon. Thai boys who work in bars grow up with fan, so they don’t mind. But I want a comfortable climate (temperature, humidity) and I don’t want to see, hear or feel how this is achieved. 7/11 can do this, why are bars unable? If I pay 240 Baht for a drink (X-Boys Pattaya), I don’t want no fucking fan blowing air in my face!

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  1. at least Funny Boys were open as alarming news came today that they were closed for lack of boys due to some concert. But you don't seem to be impressed with line up so it looks that bar may be on the slide down.

  2. Hi Christian, may I ask some questions. I was working some years ago in Thailand and now working in Germany again. I will visit Pattaya and Bangkok for some days in November.
    In your newest block you said Price for ST in Pattaya is 1500THB, but in the blog from some weeks/month ago you said 1000THB. What is correct ?
    As I can read you are living in BKK but often in Thailand. Are you still working in Thailand or pensioner.

  3. Boys from some bars in Boyztown (A-Bomb, Toy Boys, Funny Boys, BoyzBoyzBoyz as far as I know) now want 1500 for short time, everywhere else 1000.

    No job, traveling around.


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