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Public transport between Bangkok and Pattaya

Public transport between Bangkok and Pattaya

(more buses and timetables; sorry, I can't help it, I lead a boring life and find these subjects exciting)

You would think this subject has been discussed ad nauseam, but only recently did I find the van from South Pattaya to Bangkok (hidden on the northern side of South Pattaya Road hidden behind advertising banners), opposite Soi 15.

I still remember reading shamelessmack’s directions how to get to Pattaya from Ekkamai, I printed them out and followed them when I first went.

1. Ekkamai to North Pattaya bus station

Big bus line 48, 124 Baht. Leaves every 30 minutes. From North Pattaya bus station, you need songtheo to South Pattaya or Jomtien. Songtheos at the bus station ask for 50 Baht to Walking Street. If you hail one down on North Pattaya road (can take 5 min wait) you can get lucky and get one that goes along Beach Road, 10 Baht. Or it turns to Naklua at Dolphin round about, change into another one, total 20 Baht.

Recent experience: Sunday 15.06.2014, 14:35 bus leaves Ekkamai, 16:50 arrives in North Pattaya, 16:55-17:00 songtheo to Dolphin roundabout 10 Baht, 17:00-17:10 songtheo to Walking street 10 Baht.

2. Suwarnaphumi to Jomtien

Big bus line 389, 134 Baht, leaves every full hour from airport or Jomtien. Was often booked out when I went last year (had to wait one hour for the next bus), you should arrive half an hour before departure to get a seat on the next bus. Bus stop on parking near Foodmart, opposite Pan Pan Italian Restaurant, in walking distance (about 500 m) to Jomtien Complex.

Recent experience: Tuesday 17.06.2014, bus to airport leaves Jomtien 14:01, arrives 15:45 (departure level of airport) 15:55 (bus center at Suvarnaphumi airport)

3. Victory Monument to South Pattaya

update 2017: all vans from Victory Monument gone, they moved to Ekkamai, Mor Chit and Southern Bus Station.

Van line 9905. Every 30 minutes. 97 Baht to Pattaya or 100 Baht to Bangkok. The northernmost station south of traffic circle around Victory Monument. Tickets sold in Bangkok are from, tickets sold in Pattaya are from, but the vans are the same, operated by The Transport Company.

Recent experience: To Pattaya, scheduled departure 16:00, real 16:06. Slow traffic on hwy 7 (road works). 17:56-18:10 stop at a petrol station near Pattaya. 18:38 get off at Tuk-Com. There were two more vans from the company at the petrol station, it seems to be a regular stop. Letting your passengers wait, that short before destination, is unacceptable by my standards. 15 passengers x 15 minutes = 225 minutes, that’s about 4 man hours, half a working day lost due to mismanagement!

Even more annoying, as these vans are first-in-last-out. You have to observe a certain order to get all passengers at the same seat, and climb over others' luggage, and take your own luggage on your lap if there is no space in the aisle, and stick your feet into crevices left between seats and luggage.

To Bangkok, departure 14:44 on South Pattaya road (opposite Soi 15, near Wat Chaimongkol and Tuk Com). Again stop at a petrol station shortly before Bangkok: 15:59-16:10. Arrive at Victory Monument 17:42.

Another operator, Pannipa Tour (พรรณ์นิภา vans have no number), operates north of Victory Monument, directly at the entrance to express way. Cost 150 Baht. They often go via Sri Ratcha, delays of more than 30 minutes due to delivering passengers to side sois in Sri Ratcha. I certainly do not want to buy a ticket for Pattaya and find myself zigzagging through Sri Ratcha for hours!

Recent experience: Friday 08.08.2014, departure 15:01 at Victory Monument (note in my diary: “messy departure” without further details), 18:05 arrive at Tuk Com.

4. From Northern or Southern Bus terminal

(Mor Chit 2 or Sai Dtai Mai) There are buses to Pattaya as well, but I haven’t been on these yet. (Update Nov 2014: Southern bus terminal to Pattaya 124 Baht.)

5. Railway

For sake of completeness. While Hua Lampong is easily accessible, railway stations in Pattaya are east of Sukhumvit road, you need other transport to get to your hotel. But the problem is there is only one train per day (except weekend, no trains) in each direction. Mon-Fri Bangkok departure 06:55, Pattaya arrival 10:35; Pattaya departure 14:21, Bangkok arrival 18:15. I did the trip Pattaya to Bangkok once, price about 33 Baht (depends on which station in Pattaya you get on the train).


The van from Victory Monument to South Pattaya is the cheapest (97 to Pattaya, 100 to Bangkok) and requires only one change (bus from or to my room, 8 Baht). Despite the stops at petrol station, this will be my future way of traveling to South Pattaya. 

update 20sep2016: good articles here: 
On the other hand, there are announcements to move all van stations from Victory Monument to other transport stations. 

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  1. subject may be boring for couch potatoes but is very useful for those with itch to travel,

    many people would like to have your kind of boring life so don't worry, you still on the right side of equation

  2. Brave man if you want to travel in those vans on a regular basics.

  3. re the big blue bus:
    these are not BoKoSo, but licensed by them, and all are run by Roong Rueng Tour, which is generally not very favorable reviewed.
    All routes to PTY are nr 48:
    from Sai Thai ev, hour mornings at .00, ev. 2 hours afternoon., Should go via the new southern bridge, but often dont.
    From Mochit very frequent, mostly transiting passengers (its both faster and cheaper to do PTY-ChMai thus s the direct bus). From there ALSO route 9905, which uses the motorway and pops into Swampy BUSterminal if booked advance (before they lve from Mochit).
    I do not currently know if any older style 2nd cl. buses (white with orange band) still run BKK-PTY-these make all stops along the road.
    VANs; these are NOT from BoKoSo itself, the orange bands tell rot ruam BoKoSo= ''private joint''.
    This morning I also saw another stand at Vict.Mon, west side,where many vans have stands, PTY 120 bt, Jomtien 150 bt.
    There are also direct vans (well-direct if lucky, i guess) from other points in big BKK-f.e. from Ram 2 in west of river, near Central/BigC. There should also be from BangNa-which for you might be quicker Bus 507 or 45 from RamIV, or maybe the often free 180 via expressway from Kl.Toey)-these will also pick up at Mega Bangna.

  4. ChristianPFC, what is the price for a motorscooter-taxi from pattaya bus station to Walking Street ? Thanks.

    1. I don't know, but from Tuk Com to Naklua starts from 80 Baht, bus station North Pattaya to Walking Street I guess around 120.

  5. I paid 150 for songtaew from bus station to Boyztown, did not bother to haggle so I guess your 120 estimation to Walking Street will be right

  6. The BIG buses are on
    To complete the picture:
    there is the train-only mo-fr-and just 1, early morning from BKK, only 3d class hard plastic seats-free for Thai, but station in PTY is far east of Sukhumvit
    NO more 2nd cl buses on 48, but one can still go by such a bus-routes 57 from Mochit-via Chachoengsao-Cholburi, or 54 from Ekamai to rayong via old Sukhumvit rd, for Sunee get off at Pattaya Thai road (south) and then normal bahtbus for 10 bt.

  7. All vans gone from Victory Monument, my trips to/from Pattaya now involve two changes instead of one. And prices have risen as well.


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