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Gogo bars in Chiang Mai

Gogo bars in Chiang Mai

Free Guy currently (Oct 2014) closed for renovation, Adam’s Apple, Circle Pub and New My Way open.

For location see gay magazines, the bar’s websites or here: 

Generalizations: starts late, at 9 pm you can be the first customer. Shows have a ration of two acts with boys with hard cock and one act with a singing girl (simplified). All bars had a few boys who are cute by my standards. Bar are non-smoking.

Generalization for gogo bars all over Thailand: breaks between acts of the shows are too long. Acts of the show are performed by different actors, there is no reason to let your customers wait in semi-darkness with nothing to look at. Is it poor management or deliberate? It’s a waste of my precious time.

(After over a year of shunning show, for this and other reasons, I sat through a few recently in Pattaya, Bangkok and Chiang Mai.)

Friday 17.10.2014

Adam’s Apple, arrive 22:00. Pineapple juice 260 Baht, off fee 300 Baht, short time 1000 up (information from staff). Popcorn is served for free, with fill up when empty. Most boys in white briefs or trunks, mostly poorly fitting. No white light in the bar (I like brown skin, but with colored light their complexion all look the same totally unattractive to me). Aircon ok, music ranging from ok to too loud.

22:10 show starts, all boys on stage, rotation ok. 22:40 break in show, 16 boys on stage. 23:07 break in show, 23:45 break in show and 13 boys on stage. Show consists of two acts with boys with hard dicks (most of them rubber band at base, total turn off for me, but one boy without) and one act with girl singing. The boys do interesting acrobatics. The bar uses a fog machine during some parts of the show, which I dislike (smell, I want to see the boys and not fog).

Smoking room seems to be a socializing hotspot for boys and customers, good light and low music level.

The only gogo bar in Chiang Mai I consider going again and offing a boy.

Sunday 19.10.2014

Circle Pub, arrive 21:35. Nobody on stage, but staff assures me there would be boys for the show, and I spotted a shirtless boy when I entered the bar. Orange juice 240 Baht, pay immediately. Off fee 300, short time 1500 up (information from staff). I am the first customers, but the best tables near stage are reserved. A few other customers come before show starts, and everyone (customers and staff) plays on their mobile phones.

22:10 show starts. Girl singing and 3 fully clothed boys dancing. 22:15-20 parade of boys, fully clothed (!!!) at the start, shirtless at the end. No underwear in sight, not even a waistband. Nudity and hard cock during the show (two acts with boys with hard cocks, one act with singing girl). 23:05 parade of boys, show ends. 23:45 second show starts, now about 20 customers in bar.

The customer sitting next to me chats me up. He is not my type, but the cute boy next to him (who he claims is his husband) is. But I can’t remember if the boy is from the bar or if he brought him in. (There was a similar situation in Saranrom, where a tranny claimed the cute boy she just picked up is her boyfriend.) After some chat and groping (he groping me and his “husband”), and vigorous thinking if there is any gain for me (free sex with the cute boy in the course of a threesome, blogging material), I decide it’s better to leave.

Not at all my style, but obviously appeals to locals (or they haven’t been to Pattaya and don’t know better). Won’t be back soon.

Monday, 20.10.2014

New My Way, arrive 21:40. I am the first customer. Orange Juice 240 Baht. No boys on stage, they project TV programme and there is disco music. After taking my order and serving, staff leaves me alone.

Schedule: open 9 pm, show 22:15 to midnight, close 1 am. Reality: 22:25 show starts with a parade of 14 boys. 23:05 parade of 16 boys; 7 customers me included. In breaks during show, they show soft porn. That is really taking the piss of customers: charging 240 Baht for orange juice and showing soft porn in breaks.

Same as Circle Pub: Not at all my style, but obviously appeals to locals (or they haven’t been to Pattaya and don’t know better). Won’t be back soon.

Verdict: gogo bars in Chiang Mai have a completely different style than Bangkok and Pattaya, and my needs are much better served in Pattaya, and at a lower drink price.

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