Sunday, 26 October 2014

Fusion Pub in Surawong

Fusion Pub in Surawong

Unbeknownst to me and the internet, a new gay bar "Fusion Pub" has opened in Surawong. (I have yet to get my hands on October edition of Desire and Max, maybe they have an advert - gay magazines distribution problem.)

Soft opening was October 3rd (3 ตุลาคม, wrongly translated as September 3rd in a bilingual publication in front of Hotmale beer bar, style like in Desire magazine), opening party was October 11th (chalk on the wall of Hotmale beer bar).

I learnt of this place by chance, from an advertising in front of Hotmale beer bar, on Friday 24.10.2014. 

Location is in the basement of Wall Street Tower (diagonally across Surawong road from Soi Twilight), there is one illuminated sign with no direction; on the right walk down the stairs to the basement, past a massage shop with ladies, to the end of the hallway.

Confirmed location around 20:30, music inside and I could see two people through the door (but didn't go in as I had other plans for the night). 

Update: opening time is 22:00; same owner as Hotmale.

Around midnight one member of staff at Hotmale beer bar and others outside on Surawong road (T-shirt with bar logo).

From their advertisement: show at midnight and 1:30 am; hot model, sexy coyote, cabaret show.

They are supposed to have a facebook page "ฟิวชั่นผับ" which I can't find (similarly named places elsewhere pop up).

Update (see comment):ฟิวชั่น-ผับ/744100342293359

Update 28.10.2014: finally got October issues of Desire and Max, from Tawan Bar. Fusion is mentioned in Desire. 

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  1. you can just take those free mags at Tawan-after about 20.00 when they open. They will/may ask for 20 bt-just laugh and wish them good time.

  2. Their Facebook community page:ฟิวชั่น-ผับ/744100342293359

    I haven't visited yet, too...

  3. Monday, 03.11.2014, 22:55 open, drink price 200 Baht posted, according to manager 7 coyote boys present, but I can't have a free look, I have to buy a drink if I want to enter!


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