Wednesday, 15 October 2014

ChristianPFC gets hit by a car

ChristianPFC gets hit by a car

Lame attention grabbing, no injury, I am fine. No reason to rejoice for those who don't like my lifestyle, my writing style or the mere fact that I stay in Thailand.

Sunday 11.10.2014

Walking along Ramkhamhaeng Soi 53 (one of the many sois in Bangkok that have no sidewalk or the sidewalk is completely blocked by parked cars or mocy or street stalls). I am walking on the road, on the left side, i.e. I don’t see cars coming from behind, but they can see me.

A car drives past and touches me (elbow, hip, calf). I am fine (slight discoloration of skin on elbow and calf, the following days I have an unpleasant feeling when poke my finger into my hip), but the side mirror of the car hangs down (and I can see that part of the plastic is broken). The driver stops and excuses, I say I am fine (in Thai and English, driver speaks English), and after showing my elbow and calf as proof I continue my way. No exchange of contact details.

The driver came from behind me, so he must have seen me, I am totally innocent by my standards. But let me get out of this situation as long as I am the victim, before the driver decides I jumped in front of his car, broke his side mirror and now owe him a new car.

This is the first time I got hit by a car. Better to walk on the right side (so I can see oncoming traffic) and carry my bag away from the road (to prevent snatch theft or the straps of my bag getting caught in a car or mocy, which would pull me to the ground and drag me along).

The writing is on the wall: pedestrians live dangerously in Bangkok, and one day will get hit again while looking at a cute boy or playing on my mobile phone. 

A note on jaywalking: Crossing a multi-lane street in vicinity of a pedestrian overpass is not worth it. Dangerous and you have to wait longer for a gap than walking to the overpass (personal experience).

2 years in Thailand:
Almost got robbed twice, almost got bitten by soi dog twice, got hit by a car once.

32 years in Europe:
None of the above.

That can be mainly attributed to different lifestyle.

Health-wise, a similar picture. In Thailand two ear infections that required medical attention, in Europe one. I got as many colds in Thailand (about 10) as the rest of my life in Europe. As many sunburns in Thailand (about 5 to 10) as the rest of my life in Europe. I remember one diarrhea in Europe, and had 5 to 10 (mostly mild, one but one required medical attention) in Thailand.

There is one positive: I haven't vomited once in Thailand, but about 5 times in Europe (one alcohol overdose, others food related). 

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  1. Were there witnesses?
    Did you fall?
    Was the driver alone, drunk?

    1. There were witnesses. I didn't fall. Driver wasn't drunk and there was at least one other person in the car, on the seat next to the driver (didn't look at back seats).

  2. Thanks for the medical update.

  3. Thanks for warning, I also always walk on the left if walking on the street / road without pavement, habit grounded by living in country driving on the right.

    This can be dangerous in left driving place as your misfortune shows.

  4. It's all a question of luck or karma, depending on what you choose to believe. Some drivers are just unbelievable, no matter what precautions you take they might well hit you nevertheless. As for your accident, luckily it could have been worse.

    My stats after 8 years: Zero accidents, zero illnesses that required medical attention, zero robbery attempts, BUT countless hangovers to screw up my vomit counter.

  5. Christian: Sorry to hear about your accident & glad to hear that it was not too serious. Take care & stay healthy!

  6. You have been lucky to have to deal with a level headed driver. You could have come across a crazy one who could have threatened you in a very bad way.

  7. This could have turned out much worse. I'm just glad you're okay Christian!


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