Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Book review: A Guidebook to Offbeat Thailand

Book review: A Guidebook to Offbeat Thailand

Last year, I met fellow blogger Chris Backe ( in Khon Kaen and had mutually beneficial discussion about off-the-beaten-track places all over Thailand. Chris wrote a book about such places, and I had the chance to read this book before publication (which will be on 04.04.2015, digital and in print).

Everyone (even timmberty!) is invited to the release party

After Bangkok off the grid (which I praised here, there is now a guidebook with a selection of weird and off-the-beaten-track places for entire Thailand, the only one I know of. Names of places are given in Romanization and in Thai, which is praiseworthy (I can't take books serious that have only Romanization and no Thai). I will get a copy! 

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