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Dating Thai boys (28) Name card case studies

Dating Thai boys (28) Name card case studies

Continuation from http://christianpfc.blogspot.com/2014/12/dating-thai-boys-23-handing-out-my.html

End of 2014
There is a Lao boy B who works as waiter and a Lao boy D who works in a shop, both about 15 minutes walk from my place. After smiling at and chatting with each other, I hand out my phone number.

Give name card to B. No call, but a week later he asks for my phone number and facebook. (He is the one who officially works 12 hours per day, but in practice from 6 am to midnight.)

Give name card to D. Calls the same day, but we cannot meet immediately.

For both boys, I found conversation on phone or Line was not forthcoming (often I can't reach them at all), best is to go to see them in person!

November 2014:
On the train to Kanchanaburi, chat with a cute boy who will go for holiday in Sangklaburi and studies in Nonthaburi. Give him my name card, he doesn't call.

December 2014:
Get a free ride on mocy by a cute boy from Klong Toey slum to Klong Toey market. I give him 50 Baht and my name card and tell him to call me when/if he wants to meet again. No call yet. A friend says I should have given 100 Baht to stress that money is no issue. I wonder if it would be a good idea to rub his upper thigh or even crotch while he is driving (probably not, that's why I refrained so far), but I put my hand around his abdomen and on his chest, no objections.

December 2014:
Ogle at some cute boys at Saphan Phut market. One of them says to his friend: the Farang is gay. A bit later I have a chat with the cute boy, they ask me if I like boys or girls, and the cute boy claims to like boys as well and asks for my phone number. Then he tells me he has no money for food and for taxi back, so I give him 100 Baht. No call yet. 

One thing I don't understand at all: the boys I prey on are no brain surgeons or rocket scientists. But when I freely give him 100 Baht, why doesn't he call me right the next day to ask for 200? Not the first time I encounter this situation. Are they really that stupid or have such a short memory? 

On the other hand, the 100 Baht was "here and now" without anything in return. A good deal for the boy. For the 200 Bath, he would have to come to my place, and I would ask for service in return.  

December 2014:
I get a call from a boy in Kanchanaburi whom I gave my phone number in November, about 7 weeks before. Even after checking my notes, I don't know who it was. Need to keep better track! But I told him I will call again when I go to Kanchanaburi in January. That will be a surprise, when/if we meet again. (Update: mystery solved. Another acquaintance called from a different number.)

December 2014: 
Chat up a cute boy in Tapan Hin railway station, he is going to Phichit, so am I! When leaving the railway station (Phichit), I find a suitable moment to give him my name card. About 9 pm, he calls to say hello and tells me he is going to bed. 11 pm he calls again (from the same number), telling me he lost his phone (now calling from his uncle's phone) and asks if I can buy him a new phone. I reject this idea. The following day, we speak again on the phone twice, but can't meet. I should not have rejected the idea of buying a new phone, rather should have made some vague promises of financial support (unspecified amount), and suggest to discuss details in person in my room.

January 2015:
I walk around in Chinatown and spot three slim Blacks (two of them cute) chatting with prostitutes on the street. I even see one of the prostitutes show ten finger and hear her say "one thousand". I follow them and ask the Blacks  what they are looking for: a cheap hotel room. They come from Kenya, speak good English and will participate in a Marathon soon. We chat for a while, then we say goodbye and I give the cute boy my phone number. 

An hour later, at Hua Lampong railway station with a Farang friend L who is expert in chatting up straight boys. We spot the three blacks sitting there and join them for a chat. They are still looking for a room and have no money for food. L tries to pry one loose from the group for beer, no way. L asks if they like Thai lady: they haven't tried yet (the point is that I would pay for the lady if I can watch and touch).

L is an expert, having sucked straight cock in 37 countries over the last decades (ok, I made this up, but he has much more success in Thailand than I have, and he doesn't speak Thai), and he says with the three in a group there is no way do to anything interesting.

They probably wonder what we were up to as much as we wonder what they were up to. It's a pity: they will have to sleep on the floor without dinner and we have to go home without dick. No phone call.

begin of Feb 2015
Give name card to "Suan Plu Soi 8 boy" (our paths crossed three times already, and each time he smiled at me and we had a chat - very good English). No call.

Give name card to "ice delivery boy" (our path have crossed weekly since May 2015, every time smile at each other, now finally exchange a few words, but he is busy working). No call. Update 02.03.2015: he tells me he has no mobile phone.

There is a boy in Suan Plu who works in an ice factory and smiles at me every time I walk past. This time I decide to chat him up (with my name card ready in my pocket). He is from Vietnam and doesn't speak English and only little Thai. While he always smiled when I walked past, chat is not forthcoming. This will lead nowhere, keep the card. 

Sat 07.03.2015
Spot a cute boy on the way from Wat Sai (Ekkachai Soi 23) to main road. Smile and chat. I am going to Central Plaza Rama 2, and the cute boy offers me a ride. But then some elders step in, first ask for 100 Baht (which I would happily pay, to the cute boy after arrival), then 200 Baht (to pay in advance to one of the elders). Then the conversation veers off, I give the boy my name card and invite him for drinking beer, playing internet and watching TV in my room, say goodbye and take a taxi (60 Baht). No call.

Sunday 16.03.2015 Chaiyaphum
A cute waiter smiles at me when I walk past a bar, and again when I walk back the other direction. Have a drink (coke 35 Bath, stay 21:30-22:40). More smiles when he walks past. After paying, wait for a suitable moment to approach him and give him my name card and tell him I will return to Bangkok tomorrow and ask when he finishes work (11 pm). Read in my room 11-12 pm. No call.  

8 no call, 2 still in negotiations (but better to see them in person, both are near my place), 2 call but leads nowhere.

I'm afraid, handing out name cards will become another chapter in my book "101 Ways how not to have sex with Thai boys".

Friends have given out their phone number and often did not get a call. In my experience, the boy calls either same or following day or never.   

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  1. A friend of mine simply has a small piece of paper (around size of 2 postage stamps) with his Line ID printed on on it...
    Seems to get him good results... (or at last a lot of them add him, which is better than not calling!)

    1. That's an idea, I will consider it. However the question is not how many calls or add on line and chat, but: How many fucks?


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